Monday, June 20, 2011

Plans and Schemes

The "Locked in with a Succubus" mini-serial is over, so now it's time to move onto pastures new. Here's my current todo list.
  • Write story for Literotica's Nude Day contest. This may involve weres. It may actually appear in this year's contest. Bearing in mind I originally intended Locked in with a Succubus as a Valentine's contest entrant it's probably safer to assume it'll appear next year.
  • Write story for an eXcessica anthology due out middle of next year. This has a hard deadline of July 17th. Time to start sweating...
  • Clean up Succubus Summoning 1o1 and get it ready for publication. My first novel, yay! I'll be adding a lot of extra scenes to develop Phil's character a bit.
  • Gather enough stories from my stockpile to put a 4th collection together in time to go out first half of 2012. A little hampered in that the current stockpile is a bit lacking in stock.
  • Complete Succubus Summoning 201. I suspect the only item in the list some of you care about. I kind of feel all GRRM about it as it's been clattered all over my schedule because I'm always behind with other things. Thankfully, I have most of the plot planned out in my head and it will be everything you hoped it would be :D.
  • Anthology collection #5 for Halloween 2012. (yeah, right. Dream on snail-pace writing boy!)
Of course, most of this won't actually appear until 2012, which is kind of in the way-too-far in the future category. What about the right here and right fucking now. Here's the 2011 run down.
  • There's the Literotica Nude Day contest story (assuming I finish it in time). You can also expect to see me mount equally fruitless challenges against the unstoppable juggernaut of HEA romance (with or without vampires) in:
  • Literotica Halloween contest. Because all my stories qualify.
  • Literotica Christmas contest. Because it's already written (naughty, naughty elves!).
  • A Summer Dance with a Succubus is in one of eXcessica's forthcoming anthologies. Oh dear, some readers are going to be in for a shock if they go on from that to my other stories. Oh well, everyone has to get a little Unretrofied now and again ;)
  • A Succubus for Halloween. Collection #3. Yum. Lots of new goodies including a brand new Nicole story. Be warned, it fits Halloween well. Horror-head is awfully hard to rein in for that time of the year. Halloween NĂ¿te is in there and it isn't even the most fucked-up, nastiest story.
I enjoyed writing the Locked in mini-serial, so I can see myself doing something similar around Halloween to promote the book. Not sure on what yet. Giving away stuff is fun, but I've got to keep some things back otherwise my writing career will be extremely short-lived ;)


  1. You spoil your readers! ;3 <3

  2. I dunno. I think they would rather I wrote more quickly and got back to an adventure involving a certain hapless warlock :)

  3. Thanks to HBO, I now know what "GRRM" is a reference to. You better not pull one of those!

  4. A 6 year break, youch... though to be fair writing about Phil probably isn't easy since it's preplanned writing rather than garden grown.

  5. It won't be 6 years. I hope! :)