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Locked in with a Succubus, part 12

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A day later than planned, but never mind.

“I lied,” she said.

George stared at her.

Nicole smiled. She traced a circle around his nipple with a coquettish nail. “I’m a demon, what did you expect?”

George deflated inside. She was never going to let him go.

“Aww, such a hurt look,” Nicole teased.

“It’s not fair,” he said.

Nicole laughed. “Oh come on. You’re thirty-four. You must know by now the world isn’t a fair place.”

She reached over and retrieved the bottle of wine from the shelf.

“It’s a pity,” she said. “If there were a few more like you, maybe it would be better.”

“Then I suppose you’re doing your job,” George said. “Servant of Satan and all that.”

He felt so stupid. He’d thrown everything into that last bout of sex. He felt so drained he didn’t even have the energy to lift his head from the mattress. He’d played right into her claws, again. She was a demon; of course she wasn’t going to keep her word. He was such an idiot.

Nicole looked at the wine bottle. Her eyes became a little distant. She smiled.

“Yes, I suppose I am,” she said.

She brought the bottle to George’s lips and he greedily gulped it down. It was so delicious. The wine settled in his stomach and emitted a warm glow. All of a sudden he didn’t feel quite so exhausted. What was in it—crack? His mouth even followed the bottle as she took it away. Don’t, she’d only make him beg for it next time.

If there was a next time.

Nicole shook the bottle with a frown on her face. There was barely a swallow left in the bottle.

“Oh well,” Nicole said. “All good things must come to an end.”

She poured the last dribbles between George’s parched lips and tossed the now empty bottle over the side of the bed.

“Mmm, I was saving this for last,” Nicole said.

She lay down on George and then rolled them both until she was lying on her back in the centre of the large, circular waterbed with him on top of her. The classic missionary position, although George didn’t feel like he had any control.

His erection didn’t get a chance to go down from his last bout of ejaculations either. The moist lips of Nicole’s vagina wrapped around the head and sucked his whole length down inside her. The soft walls of her sex pulsed and undulated around him. He was back to full hardness and trembling in a matter of moments.

Nicole’s legs wrapped around him. Her arms went around his neck. Her great black wings unfurled and then folded around his back like a latex cloak.

“This is nice,” Nicole said. “Relaxing.”

George felt weak, like a kitten, but pleasantly so. He slumped on top of Nicole, his chest resting on the soft pillows of her breasts. There was a pleasant tingling sensation wherever Nicole’s smooth skin came into contact with his. It had a strange draining effect that left him relaxed to the point of immobility. Every breath he took was filled with the sensual perfume of her body.

“You don’t have to do anything at all,” she sighed, her breath whispering through the hairs on the back of his neck.

The walls of her vagina bunched up around his shaft and then rolled down, giving him a pleasant little tug. Her soft lips brushed against his tender throat. Her thighs squeezed his sides. Her membranous wings stretched across his back, hugging him closer.

“You’re mine,” Nicole whispered in his ear. “There’s no escape. I’m going to drag you down into deep, delectable darkness.”

She’d wrapped him all up in her body. There was no way George could get free. He sighed as her pussy contracted around his cock and gave him a teasing little suck.

He wasn’t even sure he wanted to get free.

“How does it feel to have your favourite fantasy made flesh?”

Her vagina squeezed again. The moist walls, soft like sumptuous cushions, rubbed against his glans.

What fantasy?

“Haven’t you always wanted to be enthralled by a creature of the night?” Nicole whispered in his ear. “You like to watch the horror movies with the sexy vampiresses. They arouse you.”

George had told no one about those fantasies. Reeves as Harker in the castle of Dracula. “How’d—”

Nicole cut off his question with a luscious kiss.

“A guess,” she said. “But an easy one. A good succubus is adept at sensing the desires of her prey. I heard your heart quicken when you saw my fangs and wings, and you haven’t exactly put up much of a fight.”

George sagged. Was it true? He knew he found her incredibly sexy, but surely he didn’t want this—his death?

“Now it’s real,” Nicole said, her soft breath tickling against his ear. “Here you are, drawn into the embrace of a dark beauty. Mesmerised, seduced and helpless as she folds her wings around you and puts her fangs in your neck.”

Oh god, it was true. Her words sent a thrill of pleasure through him. His manhood swelled and twitched inside her snug sheath.

Nicole chuckled. Her hot lips brushed his throat.

“I can bite you,” she whispered, soft and barely audible. “I have fangs. Would you like me to sink them into your throat?”

George felt two sharp pinpricks. He panicked and started to squirm.

The pinpricks went away. Nicole laughed.

“The bite doesn’t interest you,” she said. “It’s the feeling of being seduced and overwhelmed by a dark temptress. That’s the turn-on.”

She hugged him tighter and writhed beneath him, rubbing her breasts against his chest.

“A good thing,” she said. “Biting’s messy. Blood goes everywhere. Not very sexy.”

Nicole crossed her ankles behind his buttocks and squeezed, pulling him down deeper into her velvet depths. The fleshy walls of her sex throbbed and pulsed against his twitching erection.

“A succubus drains her victim in a much more pleasurable manner.”

Her luscious vagina squeezed around his cock. She stimulated the head with rhythmic tugs of her flesh. George tensed up right away. Pleasure and anticipation thrummed along nerves as taut as piano wires.

“Can you hold on?” Nicole teased.

George groaned. He felt like he was vibrating like a struck tuning fork. Her fleshy tunnel squeezed and sucked on his cock, enveloping his member with hot, wet kisses. Her moist walls slid over his pulsing hard-on like the finest silk.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

George’s balls felt like they were boiling. He trembled as he tried to deny the instincts of his body.

“Oh yes, you’re close. My vagina’s going to slurp you all up.”

Gngh-no, George thought. Her pussy gripped the base of his cock and pulled him deeper into her. Fleshy walls sucked on him like a mouth.

It was her mouth.

Nicole hugged him closer, enfolding him in the heat and scent of her body. Her pussy sucked on him with rhythmic pulses. Too much. He was welling up.

“Mmm, time to drink.”

A gasp of air escaped George’s mouth. The molten flesh of her pussy stimulated him beyond the limits of his resistance. He came.

It was like no ejaculation he’d experienced before. It was like a river of mud—slow and constant—running from his cock with slow, deep throbs. Each throb was a spike of purest ecstasy, each almost a separate orgasm in themselves, all running together as one.

“Ooh,” Nicole sighed. She ground her hips against him, stimulating the flow to continue.

Her vagina pulsed around him with slow, steady contractions, pumping the semen from his body. Pumping his fluids—his life—while he was kept helpless and overwhelmed with sensations of purest bliss.

“It won’t hurt,” Nicole said, her voice soft. “You’ll fall right asleep.”

George slumped on top of her. His energy was ebbing away. She pumped it from his body and into the ravenous pit of her sex along with his seed.

“You’re like most shy guys. You want the wanton temptress to give you the sexual release you’re too nervous to ask for, but you’re so insecure, the fantasy only works if you make her the femme fatale—interested only in your blood.”

Nicole let his head fall over her shoulder, into the black silk sheets of the bed. She placed a hand on the back of his head, and let her smooth cheek brush against his.

“So silly. You’re far more of a man than the shallow peacocks you envy.”

Nicole sighed. Hot sticky fluids bubbled up around his spurting penis.

“And far far tastier,” Nicole purred. “The nice gentlemen always taste the best.”

Her vagina continued to pulse around him with long, slow throbs—like a great velvet heart. He felt the beats flow through him, a pleasure which washed away all other sensation. His ejaculations were long slow waves rolling through his body. He was pouring, emptying, into her and—god help him—he couldn’t bear for it to end. His eyelids drooped shut. He felt tired now—drained and sleepy. There was no fear or panic. His only thoughts were a constant series of sighs and moans—the soundtrack to a hundred porn films all overlaid on top of each other.

“This brings back memories . . .” Nicole said, “. . . of times past, when the world was larger and existence was simpler. A chapter long closed. As it should be.”

George felt like he was sinking. Like the bed was growing softer and softer and, wrapped in Nicole’s embrace, he was sinking into its depths. Pleasure enveloped and surrounded him in a second skin. It saturated all his tissues.

“Mmm, I do so enjoy playing the wicked sensual predator.”

Nicole hugged him tight and dragged him down into deep, delectable darkness. George closed his eyes and the darkness welcomed him into its embrace.

Oh Nicole. To be concluded . . .

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