Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snared, Sucked and Slurped - Pt3: Slurped

It's the final part of the little Sea Anemone girl tale.  And now we're onto the... er...  Well I guess this screen from Monster Girl Quest might be appropriate:

If you see this very bad things are happening to poor Luka

Yep, time for the Sea Anemone girl to get her delicious breakfast.  If vore ain't your thing you might want to look away now and imagine your own ending with Rob having plenty of naughty happy-happy joy-joy fun with his new gal on the sea bed.

Snared, Sucked and Slurped - Pt3: Slurped

Rob watched and felt it happen through a thick, comfortable fog.  Like it was nothing more than a weird erotic dream.

She gently kissed his nipple and tickled the nub with a moist tongue.  Her lips left behind a tingling warm ring of pleasure.  Lascivious tentacles turned inwards and rubbed against his body in lewd caresses.

“Time to gobble you up.”

The fleshy base of her body swayed and pulsed.  Rob slid around inside a moist elastic cavity as bands of muscle squeezed and manipulated him.  His erection pressed up against an indentation that gave and drew his entire length into a warm tunnel lined with a thick layer of flesh as soft as the most luxurious of cushions.  Muscles squeezed and he felt peristaltic suction ripple up his engulfed member.

His gasp of bliss was caught by her mouth as she wrapped her luscious lips around his in a kiss.  Again he felt that strange prickling pleasure, like microscopic needles were injecting an aphrodisiac drug into his lips, causing them to swell and magnify the pleasure he felt a hundredfold.  He felt the same sensation across his chest as she pressed her soft boobs against him.  His body went slack and she held him in her arms as the stub of her sea anemone body swelled and gulped more of him down into the fleshy sac within her.

She pulled back as the thick cushion of flesh lining the orifice at the center of her body stretched over his shoulders and then contracted to form a collar around his neck.  Rob felt strangely relaxed, as if he was wallowing in pleasure.  Her warmth and softness enveloped him completely.

“All caught now,” the girl said.  “Time to suck out your baby juice.”

Her lower body swelled and he felt a rippling pull on his cock that travelled down his shaft until he felt it in his balls.  His penis was buried in a fleshy cuff that squeezed and tugged and took him to peaks of pleasure he hadn’t known existed.  The sea anemone girl’s black eyes shone in triumph as she lay back on a round fleshy stump that resembled a bed.  She rocked and swayed with the pulsing motions as her inner walls massaged and caressed him.

He heard gurgling sounds as warm wet mucus was secreted from her inner walls and rubbed into his naked flesh.  More fluids trickled out of the moist lining, forming puddles around his feet.  It felt like a luxurious bath.  He was sitting in a luxurious hot bath and fucking a gorgeous girl with big round titties.

The girl moaned and her big breasts rocked and swayed with her body as she thrust against him.  The fleshy base of her sea anemone lower body swelled and throbbed with greater force and frequency.  Rob was rocked back and forth by its motions, but barely noticed as the sensation of his aroused cock plunging in and out of a deliciously juicy vagina overwhelmed everything.

The girl threw back her arms and head and released an unfettered cry of climax.  Rob’s cock sank all the way into the fleshy cuff and was held there as rippling undulations of soft pressure tugged at him...tugged and sucked until a dam broke and a wave of ecstatic pleasure flowed from his balls and he emptied their contents into her quivering flesh.

And that wasn’t the end of it.  The sea anemone girl sat up on her elbows and stared at him with eyes like black pebbles.  Her upper body rocked with the motions beneath her—slow steady throbs that enveloped Rob’s sex and pumped semen out of him with irresistible pulses.  His body convulsed with helpless ecstasy as each pulse triggered another orgasm.

* * * *

The sea anemone girl lay back and relaxed.  The human quivered helplessly within her as her venom seized control of his reproduction organs and stimulated them into overdrive.  Her body pulsed with slow, rhythmic throbs as she pumped the semen from his body.

Good seed.  It would give her many young.

His body empty now, she expanded and drew the rest of him down inside her.  Her tissues secreted other fluids and she throbbed and churned as she rubbed them into his flesh.

Seed wasn’t all she needed.  She needed meat, to give her children strong bodies.  The human would feel no pain.  His mind was already gone, burnt out by the pleasures she’d induced in him.

She curled up and folded inwards.  To the outside eye she looked no different to any other boulder lying on the sea bed.  Even the coastguard retrieving the wreck of Rob’s boat didn’t notice she was there.

After a month of lying dormant she opened out like a flower.  Her central cavity gaped and a jet of tiny wriggling motes was expelled up into the water column.  They formed a cloud spreading out across the bay, each looking for an inviting spot to settle and grow.




  1. Ouch. Poor Rob.
    Makes you wonder though - are there any demonic starlets in H-Space that only want you for your spunk?

    I suppose it wouldn't really justify the H if there were.
    That said, we've seen ones that only want your spunk and soul, and now one that only wants your spunk and carcass. Perhaps there's one out there that only needs delicious semen.

    Oh wait. It's the Crab-Centaur Girls. I'm out. That story was the only one I've read that gave me actual nightmares.

    1. Ooh, glad to hear that for Crab-Centaur Girls. I was worried I'd buggered that one up between 2nd draft and 3rd draft/editing. I was hoping the imagery would work at the end (I don't ask the brain where it comes from and the brain doesn't tell me and we get along fine...)

      H-Space is definitely where the really bad demon starlets hang out. No Nicoles or Amandas as of yet, but that might change.

  2. I thought the flowers from "Don't Fuck the Flowera" were just interested in spunk.

    And I'm still waiting to find out what happened to the "bull stud" from "Trent the Traitor"

    1. 1st draft is done on that one. Should be in the next collection coming out November if everything goes to plan.

      It's a little...uh...yeah...probably shouldn't let any psychiatrists see that one.

  3. That's true - I forgot about DFTF. I meant more without shrivelling you into a raisin though.

    As for the bull stud in Trent's story... You know the 'Oh? Oh! Oh...' scene in Futurama when they're told they're sentenced to Death by Snoo Snoo? That was my reaction to the bull stud scene.

    This story's kind of unusual I guess in that the, er, 'draining' part isn't fatal. Only the nom is.

  4. Well i managed to finish my first story, i uploaded it under the pseudonym of Headley_ got a score of 4.25 or so at the moment :D

    1. Cool. I'll check that out when I get a chance. Always good to get that first story out there!