Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 11

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

After saving the fairy world from eternal winter it’s back to the basement of the inn and Pops shows up to drag our ass off to the next location.  We get there through a tunnel under a river that was closed off earlier and the destination is a big royal palace.  Pops is famous and we’re ushered right into the presence of the king.  While they’re chatting we’re told to bugger off and find Prince Henry, whoever that is.

Yep, it’s more of that talking to everyone to try and hit the trigger event to move the story along.

When I was rushing through without really reading the text the castle section was a complete nightmare.  It took me a while to figure things out.  I don’t think I was the only one as someone asked the same question in the MGU forums.

As it happens it’s fairly straightforward.  Talk to the green-haired kid in the east room.  He asks if you’ll be his friend.  Then go and open the empty chest in the room south of him.  When you come back Prince Henry will be gone and underneath the stool he was sitting on is a stairway to the room below.  Going down there will trigger the next story event – Prince Henry is kidnapped by some rogues and you leave the castle to chase after them.  This puts us back out on the world map with – hopefully – some new naughty girls to play with.

First up we do get a new girl and I recognise her as a monster-girl-arized version of Dragon Quest’s slime knight.  She’s very bouncy and possibly quite mad.  I guess bouncing around all day on a googly-eyed blob of protoplasm will do that to a gal.

Then we hit more palette swaps.

There’s a version of the bug (mole cricket?) girl with blue hair.  The encounter plays out pretty much as it did before.

The bouncing cactus girl comes back in a shade of red.  The Bad End is a little toned down this time and has no mention of her spiky bits.  Given the risk of impalement I guess she’s one for the masochists and danger lovers.

The mad plant comes back and the red incarnation isn’t quite so loopy.  She also has the same switch-to-cowgirl attack.  It looks good but it’s very much blink and you’ll miss it and they don’t use it in the Bad End, sadly.  The Bad End is longer for red plant girl, but – like most of them in DramaraQuest V – it’s easily forgotten.

Then we get a new girl – a ghost mouse/rat.  Despite her mousey appearance, once the Bad End gets rolling she’s very keen on Luka-clone being ‘obedient’ while his sperm tank is drained.

You’d think, given how close we are to the royal castle, they’d have cleared the local territory of monster girl bandits.  Maybe not.  Maybe they treat it as a tourist attraction.  Here’s a slime rider – boing boing boing.

You’d go.  Admit it.

Anyway, after Luka-clone bonks his way through the whole countryside it’s time to head up to the northeast where the not-so-secret villain hideaway is located.  As for what devilish delights are contained within . . . come back next time.

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