Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 12

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

Last time we found the kidnapper’s hideout up in the northeast (it was not very well hidden).  To enter it we cross a bridge across some water.  Inside we can see Pops battling out with a bunch of monster girls on a lower level.  I’m guessing the goal is to make our way through the maze to him.

This was where the first DramaraQuest was thoroughly anti-climactic.  All the monsters in the final dungeon were palette-swapped versions of previously seen encounters.  Thankfully, the follow-up avoids this with four brand new wandering encounters to enjoy.

You know I said DramaraQuest was relatively tame and it was mostly ‘animal ears’ monster girls rather than the full monstery monster girls of Monster Girl Quest and the like.


I wonder if Dark Eye failed an audition for Violated Hero on account of being too creepy even for them.

Oh wait.  The weird eye goes away if you use the clothing break magic spell on her.  Or you could bonk her like she is.  Some people might be into that sort of thing.

The Bad End isn’t quite as weird.  Like all the others she tells us how comfortable her pussy is, how thick and dark our semen is, and how she’s going to keep going until we’re empty.

Deeper into the maze there’s a loli in the bag.  That’s one place to keep them I suppose.

A little further along we have that fantasy staple – a skeleton.  Only skeletons are a little difficult to incorporate in a hentai game on account of being defined by their lack of soft fleshy bits.  DramaraQuest gets around this by giving us a petite little maiden in an old-fashioned costume and a skull for a mask (this comes off when half her HP is knocked off).

She also seems a little juicy for a skeleton, given how her Bad End has her ecstatically announce how her pussy is overflowing with love juices.

The kidnappers, or rather the henchman, are located in a room near bony.  They’re sitting around a table and talking about selling Prince Henry into slavery.  They don’t do anything about us as they appear to be inexplicably frightened by the decidedly-not-threatening Baby Panther.  We don’t fight them because of . . . well you know how fights work in this universe.  That’s fine by me.  I’m still recovering from Dark Eye.  The last thing I need to see is pixellated pork sausage sliding between hairy bum cheeks.

Further north is the last of the wandering mooks (at least according to the recollection room).  She’s a girl in brown stockings with what appears to be a brass tap on her head.

As an aside, I actually curious to play the original Dragon Quest to see what the hell these monster girls were in their original non-monster-girl-arized forms.

Prince Henry is locked in a cell we can’t reach without a boat.  This means going to Pops first.  We arrive just as he defeats the group of enemies before him.  Given how enemies are ‘defeated’ in this universe I suspect Luka-clone will need several years of therapy after walking in on that.  Wallow in it, Luka-clone buddy.  You’ve been doing the same all game.

Pops temporarily joins the party for his single role of kicking down the cell door and then holding off a horde of sexy green-skinned babes while we escape.

Hey, can we switch roles?  I’m totally fine with heroically giving up my body to hold off the hordes of sexy green-skinned babes.  Really.

Oh well.  Guess we have to go and fight the hot end-boss instead.  That’s up next.


  1. Dark semen? That's... not healthy.

  2. Seriously, I finished all of Monster Girl Quest, so I like to think I can deal with whatever they dish out, but that eye. I.. I just can't..