Friday, November 07, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 2

Hmm, a little later than planned - some real life turmoil to sort out at the moment.

This is part two of my playthrough of monster girl hentai game, DramaraQuest V.  Part 1 can be found here.

After Luka-clone is stickily molested by the slime girl, we wake up in the hut by the sea none the worst for wear (and possibly with a big grin).  After a swift rematch it’s time to march off into the great wide . . .

Or apparently not.  Pops rushes out and drags us off to the next village.

Aw Dad, we’re 18 now (okay, I’m not totally sure on this, but I’m going to treat it as such otherwise all the sexy snu-snu starts to feel a little icky.  We’re here for the monster girl boobies after all).  We can go out on our own.

Pops doesn’t seem to think so.  He drags us all round the village to introduce us to everyone.  Family visits in the game world are just as much as a drag as they are in real life.  Then the daughter of the innkeeper, Bianca, drags us upstairs and shows him a book full of naughty pictures.  The rest is predictable . . .

Hmm.  That never used to happen to me on family visits.

The protagonist of DramaraQuest 1 had a girl in every town if I remember correctly.  I suppose it makes a change from running away from the girls that want to have sex with you.

Then we get control back and it’s time for the usual JRPG chore of running around the village talking to everyone.

Churches tell you how much XP is required for the next level (I think this is a feature of the original Dragon Quest series).

North of the village a river enters a cave.  The right side is blocked off by a dude in the doorway to house full of books.  The left side is open.  Taking a peek in reveals the first monster visible is a slime girl.  This is one upgrade from the first game.  Rather than the black clouds or circular portraits we get little chibi sprites of the monster girls roaming the land.  As it’s a slime girl, I’m guessing this is the next dungeon to visit, but I’ll walk around the rest of the village first.

The exit out of the village is blocked by a soldier, so I guess the only thing to do is enter the cave.  Looks like we’re on rails for now.

Time for a new monster and she looks a little prickly.  Thorn girl.  Are you about to go all Violated Hero on us here, DramaraQuest?  Nope, no THORN PUSSY! in the Bad End.  DramaraQuest is a lot more vanilla than other monster girl games.  The monster girls are largely ‘animal ears’ monster girls (normal hot babes in a monster girl costumes that are discarded when it’s time for the fucky-fucky).

For thorn girl we need to use that magic spell to remove her undies.  As with most of these games, get their HP down below half and the tits come out.

Some observations on the main screen menu options after the battle:  Masturbating (1st option) restores HP.  Going to the recollection room (3rd option) causes wandering mooks to respawn.

A little deeper and it’s monster girl number 3.  It’s a crazy girl in an executioner’s hood and armed with a mallet . . . with a sex toy in it.

Fair play, that’s imaginative.  I’m guessing she’s the monster-girl-erized version of this fella:

This is one of the fun things about the DramaraQuest games – seeing how they'd converted some of the weirder Dragon Quest monsters into monster girls.

Hammergal puts her mallet to good use in the fight and carries on using it in the Bad End.  After giving us a proper malleting she moves onto the fucky-fucky until our hero collapses in happy exhaustion.

Insert obligatory "Hammer time!" reference

There doesn’t appear to be any cost to throwing these ‘fights’.  A friendly neighbourhood soldier drags you out of the caves after the monster girl has had her naughty way with you.

Hmm, in that case I might as well go back in and throw a few more ‘fights’.

Come back next time as we penetrate deeper into this dark, wet cave (oo er, missus).


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  2. Lol xD I love how the artists come up with these ideas. Here we have an executioner who uses a hammer that can milk you. I mean it looks like a fleshlight on a stick. Ingenious conversion :)