Friday, November 21, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 7

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

Back in the village we pick up the little girl being bullied earlier and she joins the party (not that new additions to the party actually do anything other than follow us around blindly on the world map).  The new girl’s name is Baby Panther or something like that.  There was a series of yes/no’s, which I think I screwed up navigating.  After that we leave Bianca behind while Pops drags us back to the first village.

(At first I thought I screwed this up.  Later on I realised I was missing an NPC sex scene as there was a gap in the recollection room.  I thought it might have been here, so I used an old save game to go back and check.  But no, same as before regardless of which options I take.  Hmm, definitely missed someone somewhere.  Never mind.)

a sad empty space where a mucky pic should be

I’m not sure why Baby Panther is following us around.  I think she exists in the game purely because there’s a similar character in the original Dragon Quest V.  (A quick google check reveals that there was, and it was an actual baby big cat that ended up joining the hero’s party).

Hmm.  What now?  The right-side entrance to the caves is still blocked by the book house dude.  Talking to the new dodgy priest who’s appeared next to the church doesn’t help much either.  All he does is rob us of our shiny gold globe.  That doesn’t trigger anything new either.

This is the part of JRPGs I really hate.  It’s just as bad when the text is all in English.

Eventually we find a fairy hiding out on the second floor of an inn.  Rather pointlessly she relocates to the basement of the inn, forcing us to trudge back to there to trigger the next event.  Down in the darkness she asks us for a favour.  She warns us it’s a little bit dirty . . .

Yeah, we know what that means.

She needs this to return to fairyland.  Any old excuse . . .

Again I’m wondering what the other girl in the party is doing while Luka-clone is vigorously banging the fairy.  Poor lass is going to need several years of therapy once this little adventure is done.

Then it’s off to . . . colourless land?

There’s another sprite on a throne.  This time she’s friendly.

Ah, the reason everything is whited out is because fairyland is stuck in perpetual winter.  Cue next quest segment – find some kind of magic flute to trigger the start of spring.

There are a few friendly monster girls in the fairy village, including a slime girl making a snowman (Hmm, shouldn’t she be frozen?  Do slime girls freeze?)

Then it’s off out into a new world map – ice world.  What winsome enchantresses are waiting for our intrepid protagonist in this winter wonderland?  Find out next time.


  1. Some go to heaven, and some go to fairyland xD. For some reason this whole fairyland concept reminded me of Kenkou Cross., since MG's are involved. On a side note, that dude would probably have gained the passive ability of ''permanent erection''

  2. Thanks, I got stuck here but managed to beat the game after this info. The scene you're missing is likely panther girl - you have to select the first menu option (Party?), then the second sub-option to get her sex scene. I think you can do this with any girl in your party, and it full heals you.

    The rest of the scenes are fairly straightforward, but after the 2 girl scene and credits the remaining 6 girls are in that ice world map. I still didn't get to the other side of the first cave though, maybe it unlocks after you get all the girl scenes? I'm going to check that out.