Monday, December 01, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 13

This is the final part of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

Last up we busted Prince Green-Haired Kid out of jail.  Now all we need to do is hightail it across the bridge and back to . . .

Who’s that?

It’s the End Boss.  Her name is Gema and I’m guessing she’s some kind of evil sorceress.  This being a battlefuck universe her elaborate red cloak is swiftly discarded and it’s onto business.

She has a nice special attack where she winks, hearts appear and Luka-clone is charmed.  In this state our attacks do damage to us instead of her.  Of course I make Luka-clone keep on attacking, for . . . um . . . reasons.

I found this battle a lot more hawt than most of the rest of the game.  Probably because that charm attack makes Gema appear more succubus-y while the other monster girls seemed a little too generic.

Oh, the fight is also unwinnable.  After reducing Gema’s health to zero she plonked a huge fireball on my ass for the grand total of this-will-definitely-defeat you 999 damage.  That’s how the game represents it visually.  In the description it sounds like a very special trick she does with her pussy and the fireball is really going off in Luka-clone’s blown brain.

In the Bad End scene she does a lot more special tricks with her pussy while taunting us we never had a chance of defeating her.  Give that she can propel fireballs out of her pussy I think she has a valid point.

This is so powerful it even defeats the rest of the party (who weren’t even involved in the fight) because . . . reasons.  Pops shows up to save the day and Gema summons two helpers – Jami and Gonzu – to take care of him.

That doesn’t work out too well as Pops spanks them right to the floor.  At this point Gema threatens to do the deadly dirty with the helpless Luka-clone.  This means that Pops has to stay quiet and let Jami and Gonzu do their special attack on him.  Obviously this is sexual in nature.

And . . . sex scene!

Pops gets double death paizuri from the stupendously well-endowed Jami and Gonzu.

(Hey, we’re the star of this game.  Why don’t we get to stick our dick between the giant boobies.)

The theme music is rather familiar here.  I think this is maybe the 3rd or 4th game I’ve heard it crop in.  Time to retire this piece of open source soundtrack methinks.  (That I’ve been around enough to hear this from multiple sources is better not dwelled upon.)

After much globular rubbing Pops spatters Jami and Gonzu’s faces and promptly expires.  Having your sprite fall over, flash a bit and then vanish is usually an indication you’ve just departed the JRPG world.  As I said – double death paizuri.  There are worse ways to go I suppose.  RIP Pops.

Hey wait.  Who’s going to save us now?

Maybe this is what propels our heroic Luka-clone to go all limit-breaky and trigger the real End Boss battle.

Nope.  We’re carted off into slavery to build a big temple somewhere.

The End.

What!?  That’s it.  That sucks.

Hmm.  Another check of the Dragon Quest V wikipedia page reveals DramaraQuest is continuing to slavishly follow the plot.  Apparently the hero is abducted into slavery after about a 3rd of the game and there’s a time skip of about 10 years followed by his continuing adventures after he escapes.  Ah, so DramaraQuest V is a fairly accurate (weirdly slavishly accurate as some of you have pointed out to me) porn parody of Dragon Quest V.  The downer ending makes sense in that context.  I wonder if that means there will be a DramaraQuest V: parts 2 & 3?

And where the hell were the puff-puff attacks?  Come on, this is Dragon Quest we’re talking about here.  No self-respecting porn parodist can miss that opportunity.

Overall not a bad little monster girl battlefuck game, but not an exceptional one either.

All that remains is to go over some extras.

The NPC I was missing was Baby Panther.  As someone kindly pointed out in the comments you get her scene by selecting the new option that pops up beneath the ‘masturbate’ option from the first menu option while wandering around.  This heals you back to full health.  Hey, sex is good for you.

A later version of the game (which can be downloaded from dlsite if you purchased the original) includes an additional 6 monster girls.  Or rather just girls in this case.  I think they’re supposed to represent various character classes from the game.  They can be found by returning to the fairy realm (the fairy is still in the inn basement) after the end credits play out.

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