Sunday, May 20, 2018

CYOA Testing Stuff

Test Link


This is just a test to see what a twine story looks like when hosted (And in this case is a bit of test code I wrote to randomise some choices).  I didn't want to post the demo and then find out it got scrambled on the the upload.

Current hosting site is  Not massively enthusiastic about this considering they wanted me to use my twitter handle to login with.  I suspect it's also a platform I might be booted off at any time and will continue with the expectation of that happening at any moment.

I did want to post it here, but Blogger is not really geared up for this type of thing from what I gathered when looking into it.

The real demo is near completion.  I'm just ironing out some bugs and adding text for any segments I might have missed.  Bear in mind, this is a demo, so it will look like ass.  Hopefully the text will make up for it and you'll enjoy your (brief) time with L'hesperusa.


Fuck.  Played 294 times.  Didn't I tell you not to get excited.  There's nothing there at the moment.  It's just some test code I threw together to check random choices work.  The real thing will be along in a couple of days hopefully.


  1. Hmmm. Sorry, the excitement is still strong, even if we have to wait for the full thing.

  2. You cannot just offer this up after your writing sample for it and not expect people to get excited. C'mon now.

  3. Hey a Twine based game is a really cool idea for some of your content, there are some other great Twine games like BeanBean's Stacked Justice, and Free Cities.

  4. We wanted to test it out for bugs. At least I did.

    1. Ah my bad. I should have specified it was a test code fragment just to check how it would look on the hosting site. The real thing should be going up this afternoon and I will be encouraging people to test for bugs! :D