Friday, October 01, 2021

HoHH ver0.024 Delayed Due to Computer Crash

As I reported to patrons yesterday, I wasn't able to put out my regular monthly release.  My computer crashed while I was in the middle of working on a repeat scenario for Osculia Suffocati.  This managed to corrupt the story file and I wasn't able to retrieve it.

Thankfully I have backups (I backup to an external hard drive at the beginning of every month) and was able to also find a more recent automated backup.

Unfortunately, I still lost the last 3 weeks of work I'd done in Twine.  As I told patrons, this was only the coding work.  All raw texts are in MS .docs, so they were fine.  I also typed the new selection algorithm in notepad first (because the Twine editor runs very slowly now that the project is as big as it is), so I still have that.

I did lose a lot of the QoL changes I made as well as the implementation of the two harlots I was planning to add with v0.024.  This is a massive nuisance as I'll have to redo them, but it is what it is.  No sense crying about it.

I estimate it'll take about a week or two to get caught up again.  Depending on where I am in the month, I'll either put the release out then, or hold it back and treat it as a bumper release for October.

I'm planning for this to be the new public demo as it removes a lot of the repetition on restarts (especially the Barman's intro), moves a few of the dangerous harlots back to later rounds so they're not murdering noobies on Round 1, and a proper demo ending checkpoint rather than the nonsensical "we've run out of harlots" message the Madam currently gives you.

As for guarding against this happening again, now that I know Twine handles hardware crashes very badly, I'll switch my archive policy to after every new feature.


  1. Oh no! Sorry that the crash happened. I know how it feels for your computer to crash and you lose some data, especially important ones. Thank you for answering my strange question about Phil’s succubi showing up in MGQ. TBH, they’ll fit right in as they are no different from Alma or Minagi as they can drain a man to death through sex.

    However, it would be a much different story if they showed up in KC’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia world…

    KC’s World: Succubi are wholesome and seek to find a good man to marry, have children, and be loyal sexy wives.


    Yeah, quite the contrast. It’s like comparing Animal Crossing to Bloodborne…

    1. Haha, yeah. There is a contrast.

      I don't know how true it is, but I think I remember hearing KC created the MGE to help him get through a rough spot in his life, and that's why he doesn't like fanfiction that either makes his creations more murdery or have 40K-style 'humans exterminate the xenos' themes.

      Personally, I have an unhealthy attraction to super-dominant femme fatale types, which is why H-space is as it is. :D

      I don't think there's anything wrong with both approaches to be honest.

      I suspect I'd be more popular if I toned down the horror, but what I can say. I adore horror. :D

  2. Computer issues are also something I've had to learn about the hard way. I haven't played HoHH, but I wish you luck with your work.

    By the way, if you're still interested in games, have you tried out v2.40 of MGQ: Paradox yet? It adds a ton of new content. Also, LustGrimm Again recently got fully translated (though the game itself isn't complete yet).

    1. I'll probably wait until part 3 of Paradox comes out then go through everything. I can't remember where I left my old save file and those are loong games to play through. :)

      I'm pleased to hear Lust Grimm Again has a translation. I liked the original, so I'll give that a look.

  3. Shit man...its making me think of the time my computer fucked up on me. Does this mean we won't get a Halloween one shot for this October, MEH? Are you really behind?

    Also please keep the succubi evil. I love my daemon girls to be wicked and naughty. Its the reason why I love them.

    About Rosa eyes. Did Cerulea straight up stole Rosa's red eyes and forced her to have blue eyes? The succubi represent a color.
    Verde is green.
    Cerulea is blue.
    Nurse Honey is white.
    Ntyle is black.
    Rosa is red but doesn't have red eyes.

    Why did Cerulea switch their eyes man? I don't get it.

    1. I'm behind, but not as far as I feared. Halloween story is still a maybe. I have an old one typed up to 4,000 words. I might see if I can finish it and enter that, but I don't want a situation like last year, where I took a break to write a new story and ended up not working on HoHH for 4 months and having people start to worry I'd abandoned the project.

      If I can get ver0.024 out early this week I might give myself a week to finish the short story off. I like entering Lit's Halloween competition if only to show I'm still alive.

      Cerulea switched the eyes over for unfathomable reasons that probably only make sense to her.

  4. Lol if the space marines or imperial guardsmen were to meet Mr Hydra's succubi, they'll just think that they are slaneeshi daemons.

    Do you think your succubi is a anything like them or different?

    I can see Ntye and maybe Physalia being considered slaneeshi deamonettes.

    1. Probably very similar.

      My Warhammer/40K lore is very rusty. I guess the Dominion of Lust or hellspace could be seen as what a Slaanesh-run region would look like if GW writers had complete freedom to go for it. :D

      I never really understood the crab claw motifs for GW Slaanesh. I suppose that's a nod to them needing some sort of combat capabilities given they're in a wargame setting. If I was writing the lore for them, I'd probably use tentacles instead and give them focus on weapons that capture, contain and non-lethally incapacitate. Slaanesh daemons feel like they'd be more interested in capturing their opponents to have 'fun' with later.

  5. It's unfortunate how often content creators suffer computer crashes, isn't it?

    I've used computers all my life and never lost data. Guess creators are just especially unlucky.

    1. I think that's good luck and/or very diligent backup policies.

      I'm usually fairly rigorous. Just got caught out by unexpected behaviour (although, to be fair, if my computer had died completely, it would have also had the same outcome, which makes me think I need to tighten my backup policies).

      Fortunately, only a temporary setback. A nuisance, but the new version should be out this week.