Wednesday, October 06, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots v0.024 (to be new public demo) released

I was able to recover from the computer crash mishap a little faster than I was anticipating.  This means "House of Hellish Harlots" ver0.024 is now ready for release for patrons at:

This is what I'm hoping will be the new public demo.  It covers the first 5 rounds and ends after the first 'special' round.  I'm going to release it here first to check there aren't any obvious bugs, and then put it up on the public website in a week or so.

Here are details of the new additions:

Just the one new harlot this month (because of all the other changes). Pel-V is one of the Doctoress's artificial beings.  She's inspired by the watermelon girl from Monmusu Quest crossed with Pel-O.  Her scenario is vore-y.  You have been warned!

Osculia gets a new repeat scenario.  This follows right after her first and makes her a lot more dangerous.

The reason there are only the two new scenarios is I had to make a lot of other changes last month, which I'll list below:

Now with even more acceleration.  I added The Madam's explanation of mulligan tokens to the list of things that can be skipped for subsequent playthroughs.  This option will use up 3 actions, but introduce all of the NPCs and fastforward through explanations of some of The Madam's functions.  It still leaves one action left for the player to grab an emergency potion from The Doctoress, etc.

As part of the implentation for this, I cleaned up the transition going from The Madam presenting the next round of harlots to the Club Activities phase (visiting the various NPCs before pucking a harlot).  This gives me a spot to add little warnings from The Barman to indicate he has new information to impart.  (In this case, a warning before Round 5).

I also fixed the bug where using a mulligan token in the 1st round would force the player to go through the Barman's full intro (again).

As also requested, I added an option to the Buxom Lolibaba where a player can have the option of buying any charm for the cost of a mulligan token (similar to the select any harlot option The Madam offers).  I doubt this will be in the finished game, but it's probably useful now for testing purposes.

I tweaked this to allow some repeat visits to show up more frequently and also to give harlots the ability to schedule future round appearances.  You'll see what I mean if you run into Osculia.  You won't have to wait long for her to show up again for her repeat visit!

I also designated some rounds to be special rounds with slightly different selection criteria.  These are primarily for the mini-boss harlots when I get around to writing them.  In the meantime, it's a good place to dump the late-game harlots that require stricter conditions to survive.  From the player's perspective, it means they're less likely now to get an unwinnable combination of harlots on the 1st round. 

I fixed a few things that readers have pointed out.  The major one is that gifts now have an .isSingular attribute.  Items like 'grapes' should now be referred to as 'them' rather than 'it'.  It's a minor change, but I know it was bothering some folks before.

Overall, the game shouold now feel like a proper demo that covers the 1st third of the game and has an ending message should the player survive the first 5 rounds.

Unfortunately, I couldn't fit everything in, so this was what I had to cut and hold back for a future release:

I have about 5K words typed up and just one scene to finish.  She should be showing up in the next release and will also bring a friend.  As with Osculia she has a more dangerous follow-up scenario and putting her back a month will give me a chance to finish that as well.

Along with the round 5 warning, I was going to give the Barman new advice he could give out on the relative strengths of harlots.  Then I realised having him talk about Tier 1 harlots after the player would stop seeing them didn't make a lot of sense.  I'll look to have him speak briefly to the player at the beginning of Round 2 and that unlock advice on harlot tiers.

They're still on the way.  For the moment, high tier harlots like Hiru and Tete can fill that role.

This is currently delayed until the beginning of the next round because the round the player buys it causes an issue when they'd see Anna Boa as a human during the introductions and then as a lamia when they went back to stage to make their choice.  If this happens, they should comment on it!

Also, a more unfortunate oversight:

This makes Osculia's new scenario a little more dangerous than I originally intended. (I forgot I only added implementation for the ailments currently in use and didn't update to add Lips Fixation.)

Once I've fixed this and any other bugs patrons have noticed I'll update the public demo on the website.  (In a week or so, at a guess).


  1. Thank you, Hydra, for giving more information that the Barman offers. I hope to see the “bar scenes” of the PC talking with the other guys in the bar, or eavesdropping on what the patrons and their lust daemon “dates” are saying. However, I’m confused about the Boob Fairy. How is she supposed to tit fuck a man with her tiny body?

    I do love the fairies the most; they are like mini-succubi, and I do love how you gave them little horns to show that they are more than just slutty Tinker Bells.

    Speaking of the other succubus fairies, where in Hell do they come from? What House or Sanctum does Balla-Balla, Ceis, and Sgriosar come from in the Dominion of Lust?

    Also I read an older post and you were planning on adding a “fluffy tail” harlot. How will a kitsune work in Hell? Would a lust daemon kitsune basically be adult Tamamo from Monmusu Quest?

    Thank you and I’m glad you bounced back so quickly.

    1. The fairies come from somewhere within the Dominion of Lust, probably multiple places. Bits of lore I haven't filled in yet. I'm quite happy with how they've turned out. Fairies are a monster girl type I don't write very often.

      A kitsune would be fairly standard I think. A bit of the lore behind the various dominions is that demons/yokai/etc are daemons that have made it over to Earth(s).

      I'm not sure what a HoHH Kitsune would be like. Fluffy tails seems the obvious feature to play up.

  2. *Billy*

    Does the Madam do any pat downs? Like say a man carrying a hidden pistol, knife, and bullet proof vest goes inside the whore house, would the Madam or any succubi working there would take away the man's weapons and armor?

    Also who gets rid of the cars? Since most men die in the whore house, what the Madam is going to do about the cars that the men use to drive there?

    1. "Since most men die in the whore house, what the Madam is going to do about the cars that the men use to drive there?"

      How do you think they finance this place when they don't have any returning patrons?

    2. They probably wouldn't care. An entranced man isn't doing anything, no matter how well armed. Man pulling a knife on one of the low-level harlots is potentially feasible. I'd guess the Madam would send in the Hounds.

      I don't think the Madam cares too much about money. Daemons are also fairly adept at making sure disappeared people are forgotten.

  3. The names of the daemons are interesting but why do some of them have human names? Rosa and Nicole are pretty generic compared to the names Ntyle, Ballla Balla an Buchar, and Temptacia.

    Where do you get your inspiration from when naming a daemon? In fact, does Rosa and Nicole have real names?

    1. Most of the HoHH names are bad puns in different languages (that probably miss because I used google translate, which isn't always accurate).

      What's common in one language looks odd in another. Nicole is UK-based and been here for a while, so she uses a generic name. They probably all have multiple different names depending on how long they've lived.

  4. Rosa is from Elemental Plane of Consumas Infernum? Found in succubus summoning 211. Verde also come from here? What is this plane? Mean Elemental Plane of Consumas Infernum. + you could write about plane-s? What is their strongest /weakest part meaning in lust dominion.

  5. *Billy*

    Rosa isn't a fire elemental succubus, she's just good at fire magic. It does make sense that a kitsune can be a lust daemon as kitsunes were notorious in appearing as attractive "fox" women that seduces and manipulates men.

    Also will Lois from "What Kevin Did Last Summer" would be taught sex skills like Sammy?

  6. > in a week or so, at a guess

    *3 weeks later*

    1. Had a host of technical problems this month including having to replace a computer. :'(