Friday, May 27, 2022

Story Inspiration - A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day

And it's onto the last of my collections - the 6th one, "A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day".  This is another of the irregular Q'n'A posts I've been doing.  If you have any questions about stories in this collection or anywhere else, fire away below.

As a reminder, here are the stories from that collection:

1) A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day *
2) The High-School Sweetheart Removal Agency
3) A Special Tube of Lube *
4) A Real-Life Goo Girl
5) Busted Bankster
6) Number 66 *
7) Rogue vs Lamia *
8) The First Time
9) Snared, Sucked and Slurped
10) Pussy-Wrapped
11) The Night Doyle Lowry Saw a Terrible Thing and was Sucked into a Quagmire of Sensual Depravity *
12) Crabs **
13) Joe Boyega Picks a Bad Night to Become a Rapist *

* exclusive to this collection
** also appeared in one of eXcessica's anthologies

This was still from that 'hot' period where I was outputting a lot of conventional short stories.  Unfortunately, after this I got a little distracted with my blog and a few failed novel attempts.  I did create a lot of H-space Bestiary short stories, but those need work to make them publishable (which is a plan I have at some point).

I didn't quite get ahead of the monthly HoHH work.  That's probably going to go right to the end of the month.  I still need to take some time off to get the collections back up.  I think I might use June for that and maybe also see if I can finally get that 7th collection together.


  1. -MACE-

    Oh boy. This one was quite spicy, ME Hydra. You hurt my heart with that Sweetheart Removal one, man. I want to be happy when I jerk off, not depressed. But oh well, I got over it.

    Anyway, let’s just jump right into the Q of the Q and A:

    1.) Since you will have posh succubi in the House, what faction would “succubi nuns/priests” be in? Would they be posh too, or would they fall into a unique “Demonic Sex Church” faction? After all, when you are given a tour of the House, there was a quick glance at a succubus nun on the stage riding a big dildo and since you made a succubus nurse (Nurse Honey), succubi dommies (Ntye, Muchadh sisters, Bebi etc), and even a succubus nature gal hippie (Verde), what would a succubus nun/priest be like, Hydra?

    2.) Why did the rich guys throw the doomed MC under the bus in (Busted Bankster)? What did he do that was so bad that they sentenced him to die to a succubus? Or was he just the yearly human sacrifice?

    3.) Are you going to make the succubus in (Busted Bankster) be a harlot in the House? Or will you just create an expy of her for the House? Did you base her off Alma Elma with the whole succubus that knows hand-to-hand combat and wears a cape idea?

    4.) Will you make the succubus in the building and the Earth succubus that was hiding in the mud pit be harlots at the House in the Doyle Lowry story? (Jesus, that name for the story is too long; it’s less a title and more a sentence, like Isekai anime Light Novel title long…)

    5.) Are the “dick crabs” in the story (Crabs) a type of lust daemon parasite that comes from Hell? If so, will there be a future harlot that can infect you with it? Nurse Honey did say that lust daemons can pass over soul draining parasites via sex. Also how did the women die after the dude with the infected dick banged them?

    6.) Given what happens to the girl in (Serving the Earth Mother) doesn’t this mean that Sam can actually become a succubus?

    7.) What kind of succubus is the Elegant Woman? I have a feeling she’s a high-tier Posh succubus that uses pheromones.

    8.) What would a succubus influenced by the Wrath dominion be like? Would she basically be a female Carny that gives you rough sex and likes chasing after fleeing humans?

    (Not gonna lie, a succubus version of Carny would be hella hot. Don’t judge me, I like Rule 63…)

    9.) What if Nicole met face to face with all of Phil’s succubi? What would she think of them, and would she be scared of Cerluea?

    10.) Why did Nicole spare Joe? He threatened her with a knife and forced her to bang him without paying, even activated her feeding phase. So why does he live, but Neil in (Summer Dance with a Succubus) gets killed when she has more control in that story?

    11.) Why don’t you like Good vs Evil conflict? You don’t like the clear good guys and clear bad guys? Do you think stories would be more interesting if it was Black vs Gray or Gray vs Gray? Do you dislike superheroes and Lawful/Chaotic Good characters? If that’s the case, you would most likely love “The Boys”.

    1. 1) The smother faction has elements of it. While I haven't finalised it, their first 'mini-boss' will likely be some kind of smothering black slime girl in nun gear.

      2) He was a sacrificial offering to give the rich'n'powerful breathing space from the mob. I was a little more overtly political than normal with that story.

      3) She was in a Patreon poll, but beaten by multiple other succubi from my stories. Maybe, if the right idea comes, but I suspect her slot will be taken by something that fits in better with the idea I have for that scenario.

      4) More likely to be expies covering the same ideas as those succubi are under direct control (for now) of Annette Brite.

      5) Maybe. Not sure if that story fits in with all the others or is just a standalone in its own setting. The girls were eaten from the inside by crabs passed onto them by the protagonist. (Horror head was in the driving seat for that tale.)

      6) Not in the way Sam has been lied to. What Annette Brite is doing is a little different. I'd have to check my notes to make sure everything is consistent. There might be ways to become some kind of lust daemon hybrid, but it likely won't be very good for the human half. I really hate the Vampirism as Superpower trope and try to avoid it where possible.

      7) She's pretty high-tier. I need to give her a scene at some point. Smoke is her theme, and she's fairly powerful.

      8) That type of succubus would like it rough and love a good fight. I wanted that to partially be the theme of the wrestling faction, but a lot of the ideas I have seem more on the ambush and control side. A wrath-tinged succubus would love a more even scrap.

      9) Nicole and Cerulea. Ah. There are plans there I've had written down for a while. Obviously can't spoil them here ;)

      10) The story is meant to parallel aspects of the two characters. The main theme of most of the Nicole stories is that what you are now is not what you have to be tomorrow. For a true morality tale, Joe should have been offed as - as bleak as his circumstances are - he's still crossed a line. However, Nicole is on a path and sparing him proves to herself she's moving further along the path. As for Joe. He gets a second chance and a realisation that he doesn't have to be what everyone else thinks he is. (There's also a sneaky hint that a certain someone will be along to help him down that road.)

      11) This is something I'm torn on. I came out of an era where it was more interesting and fun to write tales that blurred Black and White morality. Unfortunately, I think that has seeped into big mainstream franchises and properties where it doesn't really fit and I think audiences are starting to get fed up with being told their hero actually isn't, so maybe we need to go back and have a phase of simple Good vs Evil stories again. I'm writing in a niche area, so I can still continue to write more gray vs gray stories, but even with those I like to include some hopeful elements (Nicole and others).

      My own personal like is Evil vs Evil. Cosmic evil punishing banal human evil tends to be quite satisfying in stories. I like that aspect of the first Hellraiser movie. The Silent Hill film also has similar themes where the burned girl forms an alliance with a demonic entity. That's a disappointing film as it is poor overall, but there's definitely the kernel of a good film in there somewhere.

      I do like "The Boys", but mainly from the comic series. Garth Ennis is one of my favourite comics writers. I've only watched the first series of the show. It's fun, but deviates quite a lot from the source material. (That might not be a bad thing - the ending of the comic run is understandable given the characters, but also a bit of a downer.)

  2. So if Verde is summoned and told to hunt down and kill a human, she would do it without hesitation? I want to see like a chase scene of a man running from her while she pursues him with a lewd grin never leaving her face.

    Since she's a nature gal, having her chase a human through a forest/woodlands would be really fitting.

    Since Verde is not a fighter, would she be more brave in chasing down a human she knows that cant fight back?

    1. Verde does like chasing men through forest/woodlands. If it's her forest, then the men have the plants to worry about as well. At least it will be very pleasurable if they do get caught.

  3. I got it Anon. I don't know why the website keeps eating comments recently, but if I can catch the email notification, I'll cut'n'paste them in myself.

    Unfortunately on crunch at the moment to get HoHH out. I'll post your comment here, and then get back to answer it once I've put the regular monthly release of HoHH out.


    I agree Hydra about the superhero thing. Most modern heroes these days are not afraid to kill nameless goons and the boss bad guy; it’s actually rare that we have a hero who doesn’t want to kill anybody. The only superhero that still follows that no kill rule is Spiderman. These “modern heroes” tend to be antiheroes, or are dealing with a lot of past trauma and mental issues.

    I guess that’s why the “Superman and Lois” show was a hit because it finally featured a hero that didn’t kill anyone and was full of hope and inspiration. Too many heroes these days feel like Batman/Punisher/Ironman/John Wick/Jack Reacher.

    However, since Hydra is writing Erotic Horror, he can’t dip his toes too much into the White (good) side, since there won’t be any horror if the goody hero beats up the evil daemons and humans. I do want to see more heroic humans though that can actually put up a fight and aren’t just snacks or helpless victims.

    The only “Final Girl” character we got that survived a succubus attack was the German guard in Nazi vs Succubus.

    There are two sides to Hydra when writing a story from what I noticed: Horror Head and Hydra’s Dick.

    Stories like Crabs, Subway Succubus, Sweetheart Removal, the SS 101 chapter of Nyte ripping apart Joey, and McHooligans were definitely written by Horror Head.

    Stories written by Hydra’s Dick is all Nicole stories and every now and then a story of a monster girl/succubus releasing a man. Like the snake girl massager, or the Asian gal that was giving the dude a massage and saved him from getting eaten by another sex monster but was deadly and malicious, or the Succubus Heart Squad.

    1.) In Chad’s Challenge, who was the invisible audience and who was the girl on the mic? Did Koontz make all of that?

    2.) If it was Rosa that was summoned instead of Nyte in Halloween Nyte, would Rosa set the dude with the bat and the two guys on fire for wasting her time? She’s violent and strong willed, I don’t see her running from a dude with a bat.

    3.) What would Nyte do to a random human that wasn’t a warlock that was wandering around her area in the castle? Would she “play” with that human, even if the human asks her for help?

    4.) What if the warlock didn’t throw a fireball at Verde and kissed her? Would Nurse Honey join them if she encountered them banging?

    5.) Why didn’t Nurse Honey seduce and try to “absorb” the warlock that was looking for his friend? She was in her “true form” and everything after all.

    That’s all I got. But if its true about Nicole sparing Joe, then she has came a long way of controlling herself if the Boyega story was written AFTER Summer Dance.

    1. I think a lot of the culture problems stem from overuse. If every hero is a goody two-shoes, then the vigilante type that isn't afraid to get their hands bloody stands out as different and cool. Likewise, if every hero is a morally dubious vigilante killer type, the goody two-shoes start to look refreshingly different again.

      I do like my horror. I like put horror head in the driving seat for some stories. I try to make sure there is always some sexy aspect as well.

      1) Not Koontz. At the moment I've left that open. I might come back and include them again.

      2) Rosa would get the bat to the face and be sent back to hell with a headache. That's probably in keeping with her character as I do tend to like using her for comic relief from time to time. She'd bitch about it for a while and then likely go back and incinerate everyone involved for payback.

      3) Nyte is fairly complex on that. If she felt it was unfair how they ended up there, she might give them an outside chance to escape. Otherwise, she'd probably play with them, which again can vary from usual sexy succubus stuff, to outright torture and dismemberment.

      4) Probably only if Verde invited her to join in. Most succubi have a fairly strict code of not stealing 'prey' and Phil's bunch are no different.

      5) Darvill had passed his 'test'. If he was foolish enough to attack her, then that would be it. She recognised him as a warlock with potential and daemons like to keep those around (but sadly not the ones following the Scrote's orders).

  4. Why does Elegant Lady hate Amoura so much, Hydra?

    1. They're both fairly powerful succubi within the House. There's a bit of mean-girl comedic rivalry between that type of succubus. The Elegant Woman doesn't like Vete Piege for the same reason (although Vete is far weaker).

      I wanted the Elegant Woman to be like the old classic movie stars that were incredibly vicious and jealous of the hot new starlets. It's not quite the same as the Elegant Woman is powerful enough for them to not really be a threat to her status. She's a lot of fun to write because of all her waspish putdowns.

  5. Do you know what the next succubus tablet story is going to be about? Will there be a full story about her past? Will there be an end to her story?(like her being freed? Can still have more stories taking place before or after)

    Are you planning to add a bedmistress or someone from one of the other major houses to the house?

    Who were all the options in the port a character poll?

    What would the posh faction be like?
    Will there be a shared gameplay element to the standard succubus faction?

    Slime nun miniboss. Will she be related to the queen?

    1. Not sure on the succubus tablet story. I have some ideas. One might even make a full novel in its own right.

      Maybe on the bedmistress. I'm still annoyed at myself for not making them a faction in their own right. I might come back to that later - one faction is currently just a mixture of various conventional succubi.

      It was a mix of 'fight'-type succubi that I thought would fit in an erotic wrestling themed faction and a few oddballs I already had ideas for. The succubus from Oil Wrestling a Succubus came top and Eve Satana from The Biggest Tits in the World. The H-space suckerboob was on there as well and will probably be getting a scenario anyway because I've had the mechanics planned out for a while.

      The posh faction might become the bedmistress faction. There is a sort of shared mechanic to the 4th faction, but it might be tricky to spot.

      Slime nun is a deacon/priest type to the 'pope' queen.

  6. Do you play any recent horror games? What do you think of Poppy Playtime and have you played it?

    1. Know about it, but haven't played it. Weirdly, as much as I like horror, I'm not a fan of the typical jump-scare-heavy streamer-bait games. I prefer the more active role games such as Resident Evil. Indie strategy games like Darkest Dungeon are more my gaming bread'n'butter nowadays (as well as FromSoft Dark Souls games on console).

  7. If I may add. When you make the decor of a huntress succubus room, can you add a picture of a succubus standing over a captured and "defeated" human male (like the pictures of human Hunters standing over and smiling over the animal they killed) and maybe throw in "human trophies" as well.

    What is a human trophy to a huntress succubus? Human ears or their dried up dicks?

    1. I did come close. Huntress Diana should be in the public version now. She has the posh hunter's smoking room with pictures of succubi hunting men on the wall. I did miss the trophy pose, though, that would have been a good one to describe.

      As for trophies, I don't know. I think that would vary from succubus to succubus. I suspect a lot wouldn't be that interested - it's the sex once they've caught someone that they're into. There is a lot of horror potential to one that does like to take trophies. That might be fun to write!

  8. A slime girl nun? Can we get a conventional succubus nun first? Slimes are boring.

    1. The other smother succubi are sort of that already. The idea I have is a little different to regular slime girls. She's more like molten latex rather than a blue blob.

    2. Now I'm imaging a slime that covers the victim like a second skin, leaving him complete freedom to do anything but no way to save himself, while he's being eaten...