Saturday, May 07, 2022

Art of Khanara Anandanum (from House of Hellish Harlots)

Here is some nice art of Khanara Anandanum, one of the stranger harlots in the House of Hellish Harlots. She's the slime/slug/lamia monster girl that wraps her lower body around the player and overwhelms them with bliss.  This is a nice teasing pin-up of her upper body.  The dress is billowing, but we can't see what's beneath...

Credit and thanks again to Mark45 for having this commissioned.  He is also responsible for the Pori the Love Sponge piece and the lovely Nurse Honey pieces.  So again, many thanks.  You can find a gallery of the other work he's had commissioned on Eka's Portal here.

The artist this time is Marwmellow.  They have a gallery on DeviantArt here and can be found on twitter @kaputemachine.  I quite like their soft focus, slightly more realistic anime style.

I notice quite a few lovely lamias in that gallery.  I might put in some enquiries and see if I can get a pic of Queen Colubridis commissioned...


  1. She looks fantastic Hydra! Also since we are dealing with eldtrich sex daemons, how are you going to do the Madness factor?

    Like the PC bangs a succubus but she is so ancient and powerful that sex with her is driving the human into insanity. Will you needed to pass her with high enough Willpower and a Charm?

    The closest thing to a human getting his mind destroyed when banging a sex daemon is what happened to Phil when he had his first sex scene with Cerluea

    So im wondering how you're going to do one for the House.

    1. Probably not madness as such. If a succubus breaks a player's will it's usually represented in game by them making forced choices that lead to their doom.

      The Queen/Goddess of the sensuality faction might stray into that territory. I still have problems nailing that faction down. The queen being able to drive people mad with pleasure with just a caress or whisper is an idea I'm playing around with.

      The Queens are still a long way off. I'm getting close to the first round of mini-bosses, though. I need to rattle off a few erotic wrestling scenarios first, then I want to tackle Temptacia and others.

  2. Anon. It looks like your comment has been eaten by the filters. I'll answer what I was notified of by email.

    1) "Why are the Queens in the House? If they are so powerful, regal, and ancient, why are they at a brothel? Is it because the Queens like the idea of snagging a human male there instead of waiting for some warlock or waiting for Earth to be claimed?"

    "Queen" is just a working title at the moment. Similar to "mini-boss". They will be powerful lust daemons and likely leaders or high-ranking members of their group, but not actual Queens as such.

    2) "Are the Queens going to represent a faction within the House? Like there being a lust daemon Queen of the smotherbus faction, or the Queen of erotic wrestling?"

    There will be a Queen or 'end-boss' for each faction. I'm still working on the mechanics, but I want it to be a longer and more in-depth scenario than the regular harlots. Success will likely be determined by progress through the previous rounds rather than in the room with the Queen. (This is the part I'm still figuring out.)

    3) "Do you have a rough idea of what the Queens will look like? Will they have be uber powerful succubi like a succubus with big horns and six wings, or they will all look like erotic eldritch monster girls?"

    This will vary. They will be powerful. I have ideas for some factions, but nothing concrete yet.