Friday, May 13, 2022

Story Inspiration - A Succubus for Remembrance

Continuing my impromptu Q'n'As about stories in my collections.  We're now at the 5th collection: "A Succubus for Remembrance".

Here's the list of stories from that collection:

1) A Succubus for Remembrance *
2) The Skinning Knife **
3) Vernon the Volunteer *
4) Trent the Traitor
5) Hugh the Hero *
6) Slugjob *
7) Iron Girders and Steel Springs
8) Ways to Break a Good Man #1 *
9) Ways to Break a Good Man no.2
10) Ways to Break a Good Man 3 *
11) Vampiric Boobies
12) Street-Walking with a Succubus
13) Nazi vs Succubus ***

* exclusive to this collection
** also appeared in eXcessica's "Colors" anthology
*** I'm pretty sure if I tried uploading this one to Literotica I'd be banned for life :D  

If you have any questions about the inspiration behind or about anything that happened in these stories (or anything else), ask away below.

This was from a relatively 'hot' period of short story writing, so quite a few exclusives in this collection.  I'm still trying to get these collections back up ASAP, so people that haven't read them before can catch up.  I was hoping to tick away with it alongside working on House of Hellish Harlots, but that hasn't worked out so far.  What I'm planning to do is get the regular monthly release for HoHH ready early, then spend a couple of weeks focused purely on all the nitty-gritty of formatting the manuscripts and uploading the collections to the various ebook sites.

ETA: Blogger seems to be eating comments again.  I don't know why.  I'm getting email notifications of comments, which then don't show up here.  If you're having problems posting, if I get the post through email, I'll repost it and answer the questions.  This is the site doing this.  I don't delete comments unless they're abusive or spam.


  1. Blogger is eating comments again. I got this one through from Hans. It looks like you spent some time writing it, so I'll cut'n'paste from email and hopefully it will stick this time.

    This was a strange collection Mr. Hydra, but here are my questions:

    1: What was the inspiration for Skinning Knife? It felt so out of place among the rest of the other one shots with no succubus/monster girl. It feels like it wasn’t even written by you Hydra, but by someone else.

    2: Are we going to get succubi that appear as black women and Latina women in the House, or one shot? I am no way an SJW, and I enjoy your erotic work, but it’s strange that you’ve been having the succubi that look like human women appear as European women with the occasionally Asian sex monster girl (the Asian Massager girl that works for Inari, the other Asian monster girl with the multiple hands in the House, and the Japanese ninja assassin succubus) will we get a succubus like a black woman with a big butt? I am just making am observation Hydra.

    3: Are we going to see something in the House like what happened in Hugh the Hero? A monster girl that’s at the House looking for the “best human male” to give her daemon babies? So far, all lust daemons just wanted to either get a good fucking or a “fuck and eat” deal, so it would be cool to see a Harlot that’s there to get pregnant.

    4: How did Acarina get involved with the House? She would actually be better off being in the human world because she can suck blood easier, why is she in a place where it would be harder to get a man? Also, what is her relationship with other lust vampires in the House? Do they like her and see her as a leader, or don’t care for her?

    5: When Nicole sucks to death a man she doesn’t like, will she make them feel agony instead of pleasure?

    6: Where is the German guy that survived at the end of Nazi vs Succubus? What is he doing now? Is he training himself to fight succubi and daemons? Will he learn how to do magic, or no because he’s not a warlock?

    7: Are you going to write a sex scene for Amanda? It’s a shame there isn’t really any sex with her, she just uses succubi or that slug.

    8: Are we going to see that powerful succubus that Koontz summoned that fucked and mind raped the guy that was trapped in the hotel room with her in the House as a harlot? Or is she too strong and the Madam can’t control her.

    9: Are we going to get another harlot like Morticia Rose? A harlot that instant kills you no matter what you do, forcing you to pick from two choices instead of three.

    That’s all I got.

    1. 1) Twas me. I used to write regular horror before getting entranced by succubi. Inspiration for this came from a joke about Literotica's Nude Day contest where I asked if skinned counted as nude. It is very different from my usual stories, but I like it. It's good to write something a little different and I like to have one story like this in every collection.

      2) it's a tricky topic. SJWs have unfortunately made this a fairly toxic no-win area for creatives. Don't write [x] and you're guilty of being racist. Do write [x] and you're guilty of cultural appropriation or fetishizing [x]. But I think all of that is horseshit, so it's probably more likely I'm letting some biases and personal fetishes skew things. Asian girls are probably over-represented because I tend to think of succubi as exemplifying certain fetishes so it would make sense for a succubus exemplifying the nuru body-to-body massage or geisha girl to have a South-East Asian appearance, and I do have a "thing" for slippery body-to-body massages (they're awesome). The lack of the others is a bit more mystifying as I've always been "don't care so long as she's sexy" in my own personal tastes. I guess a lot of is falling into the default pale-skinned vamp or default red-skinned demon without being aware of it. I might look at some of the upcoming harlot ideas I have and see if I can rectify this.

      3) While brainstorming faction ideas I did have one for a group of semen harvesters and a queen ant/bee that wanted to produce lots of offspring. Maybe something I add later. As with the question above, it's easy to default to a certain thing (in this case the usual drained-to-husk Bad End) and forget about other options. Something like Hugh's fate would make for a very good alternate Bad End?, similar to the one that exists for Mamilla.

      4) Still working on the lore on how succubi end up in the House. If the succubus was previously active on Earth on her own, she's probably not too happy about having to work a stint in The Madam's House. As to how they end up there, still working on the lore details. In an inverse of the usual horror movie hierarchies, vampires are seen as fairly low/impure lust daemons because they drink blood rather than semen. I did want to set up a rivalry between them and a "leech" faction (which is also regarded as "low" by regular succubi), but it was squeezed out by the other faction ideas. Another thing that might be added in future as I brainstormed a few vampire and leech harlot ideas. Acarina is probably seen as just a regular vamp (some are a lot more powerful).

      5) If Nicole doesn't like you, it won't be a pleasant experience. She'll make sure of that.

      6) I have a lot of ideas for that character. Hopefully someday I'll get around to writing them. His arc is interesting. At the end of "Nazi vs Succubus" it's clear he's still flawed and has further to go. Expect him to show up again, although in stealthy ways. I like to be sneaky when referencing previous characters.

      7) Can't go too much into that. I planned out a fair bit of lore and back story for her. There are reasons... That will be explained in due time.

      8) She's too powerful for the House. The Madam wouldn't be able to control her. A little trivia note: She was originally going to be my first Twine project. I wasn't sure if Twine could handle stats so I had an idea for a scenario where the player could choose to stop at any time (but probably wouldn't). Then I figured out how to program basic stat tests and ran with "Escape the Arachne" instead.

      9) Sgriosar already is at the moment. Amoura will turn into one as soon as I've written her repeat scenario. I don't want too many though. I want the player to have outs and once they get to the later rounds there will be enough harlots with more stringent survival conditions anyway.

  2. Why does the dick destroying fairy work at the House of she's just going to kill the men? Does she hate human males, or all dicks in general? Does she need semen?

    Are we going to see what the Hounds are like? We've seen some harlots brutally kill the player. It would be cool if you write a scene of the player trying to escape but gets killed by hounds. What are they? Fearsome dog like monsters or sadistic lust daemons that have some Wrath influence in them?

    1. The Elegant Woman at the bar has her full back story. The Dick Destroying Fairy was one of the nicer succufairies (similar to Calliophi). Then something went badly wrong in one of her sessions. The Madam keeps letting her come back in the hope she's got over it, and it never works out. I am planning to add a questline where the player does help her get over it (and is rewarded with an alternate End). I need to get more basic harlots in place first.

      Haven't finalised the Madam's Hounds. At the moment I envisage them as sexy female lust demons in spiky gimp outfits. I have other things to do first, but I would like to add the alternate Bad End choice where the player can choose to run away and what happens when he's chased and caught by one. Maybe also a proper harlot scenario similar to the one I gave Misty.

  3. Excuse me, Hydra, but what? Kootnz was able to summon a succubus more powerful than the Madam on Earth, and he's not a warlock? What the fuck bro? I don't have the books but Kootnz getting access to such powerful sex daemons from the bodyguard that defends him to this overpowered one in a hotel room is becoming ridiculous. They obey them way better than Phil. Hell the succubi drag around Phil's ass! And he's an actual warlock! But Kootnz who isn't a warlock can manage his succubi better?

    Why are you giving this fat greasy ugly bastard so much power, bro? I don't get it. You at least see some progression with the witch girl Amanda. Kootnz is already untouchable and has been dominating not just politicians, but the Mafia as well.

    1. Koontz is a powerful warlock. He's a major player in that setting. He's also smart enough to know to give the powerful daemons what they want. He doesn't really control a Princess of Hell like Ceptothorie. He just opens the door and rings the dinner bell. If he tried to order her to do something she didn't want to... it wouldn't go well for him.

      I try to balance out his power in that he still needs to be relatively subtle in how he acts. Even with his daemons, he doesn't win an open confrontation vs the rest of the World. Plus there are other powerful warlocks about, doing the same. Sometimes allies, other times opponents (eg Brite, Mr Herbert).

  4. (Hans)

    Yes thank you for getting my message. I am interested in the Dick Destroying Fairy. I have a feeling this Alternate End will be Sgriosar getting happy with the human player, but doesn't let him go and drags him to her home somewhere in the Lust Dominion to get played with by her and her fellow fairies? Is that what's going to happen?

    Also the succubus fairies aren't as nice when you think about it as Ceis will kill you if you are the serious type, Butt fairy will also kill you if you are too serious, and the bondage fairies will kill you if your Con and Will is too low and/or you laugh at them, and don't bring them the good gift.

    Jeez, would like to have a succubus fairy that's harmless like Calliophi.

    But I think that's what you were going for: tiny monsters are actually really dangerous camp. Like those vicious little "Tooth Fairies" from Hellboy.

    1. The succufairies are still succubi, so they're still hungry for human souls. Sgriosar was the Calliophi equivalent. That particular faction still has an identity problem I need to sort out to explain the more powerful harlots that have no qualms about killing the player (even if it is with pleasure).

      I kind of want to give them a short story appearance at some point.

      I was surprised I was able to add fairies at all. It's not a monster girl I tend to cover, and then - bang - there was inspiration and 4 scenarios. :D

  5. (Hans)

    Also forgot to add that it would be cool to see succubus fairies rely on swarming a man using their overwhelming numbers. Their kisses have weak succubus poison on them but they rectify this by using their numbers to swarm a guy and plant many kisses on him in till he becomes horny and paralyzed.

    Would succubus fairies like that exist? I can't really see one succubus fairy overpowering a man and forcing his dick into her pussy bag.

    1. Seems a pretty good interpretation for lower powered ones. They don't have the powerful restraint magic, so have to wear a human down with other means.

      Once they've worn him down, they probably all take it in turns until he's drained. I can see that being a pretty good monster type for a monster girl RPG/battlefuck game.

  6. How did you even come up with the idea of Nazi vs Succubus?

    1. The old (and nasty) '70s grindhouse movies like "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS". I wanted to write something along those lines, but with a supernatural Succubus in the "Ilsa" role. The characters in those movies tend to be cartoon caricatures. I thought I'd treat it as a regular horror story and give everyone nuance and more realistic motivations. After writing it, I realised why all the grindhouse movies make the "wacky nazis" cartoon caricatures. The story ended up being a little more intense than I was intending as a result. It was fun to write, but definitely needs a warning as I suspect it might fall outside some reader's comfort zones.

  7. Do lust daemons and succubi go after humans that have magic (warlocks)? Is the soul of a human warlock better than the soul of an ordinary human?

    If a normie human and a human warlock was placed side by side and the succubus had to pick one she would fuck and eat, who would she choose?

    1. Might depend on the succubus. I'm not sure to be honest. The warlock could have some sort of increased "magic energy" that might make them tastier. On the other hand, maybe summoning daemons corrupts the soul and makes it lose tasty 'innocence'.

      Something I'll look at when it comes up.

  8. (Hans)

    Damn now you made the succufairies even more scary. The idea that a high level one can ensnare a grown man with a snap of her fingers and force his dick into her pussy bag is terrifying. Now just remember....

    The succufairy is small and can fit in your hand, but can freeze you and soul drain you. Its the equivalent of a normal sized human being able to paralyze KING KONG with a finger snap and can drain his life's in seconds. Jesus...

    Are you actually going to write a succufairy one shot later?

    You can use the Church of Pleasures camp, similar to what the Fallen God had in MGE. A lustful and depraved goddess that just wants any living thing to fuck because she sees it as the true conjoining of flesh. She especially loves it when a lust daemon bangs a human because they are two foreign bodies joining together.

    She doesn't mind humans dying as long as they died feeling ultimate bliss and she will be against killing humans with pain.

    Is this what the goddess that Calliophi and the assassin succubus worships is like? Or no i am off Hydra.

    1. If I get an idea for a story, I wouldn't mind using a succufairy. They'd be perfect for an erotic horror story because something that small shouldn't be dangerous, and they have the everting vagina, which is adds an unexpected surprise. HoHH is similar to the H-space bestiary in that it gives me a home to put monster girl ideas before I have a story to use them.

      I'm still working on the pleasure goddess. Calliophi's angle (and Sgriosar before she went mad) is a good one, but clashes with the other harlots where I need them to be a threat to the player. Maybe I'll make her a goddess with multiple aspects to try and explain the discrepancies. That faction is currently a headache! :D

  9. Hey! I was wondering how to get my hands on these collections?

    1. Hopefully soon. My old publisher closed down, so I need to self-publish them to get them back up again. Was meant to have been done a couple of months ago, but other things came up. I'm looking to try and finish my regular HoHH release early this month and then spend a week or two getting the collection manuscripts in shape.

  10. Here are few questions for you Hydra:

    1. Will we see the cat girl from "Iron Girders" at the House?

    2. Will see create a car girl or werewolf girl harlot for the House?

    3. Wouldn't those two people that got skinned by the knife die? Your skin is your biggest organ. I could mostly see the couple drop dead after being exposed to the elements.

    4. Are we going to get any good warlocks that actually care about mankind fighting against daemons and other evil warlocks? So far the only good warlock you got is Phil and he's a wuss. I'm hoping that's what the German man that appeared at the end of "Summer House".

    5. Are you going to pair the warlock girl that had the imp with Phil?

    6. If the dude didn't come out when Nicole was calling out for the shy guy hiding in the alley? Would she makes chase if he didn't reveal himself and continued to hide and act suspicious?

    7. Why is Nicole saying that humans are nothing and weak? I know it was to insult the human serial killer, but I thought she is trying to cares about humans. Does she truly think all of mankind are ants?

    8. In Nazi vs Succubus, why couldn't the dudes just shoot the succubus? Why did they think it was a good idea to fight a daemon with bare hands?

    9. You needed to establish some weaknesses on the succubi and other daemons that come to Earth. Carny was no way weakened, so was Rosa, and Nicole seems to be doing fine. But humans that enter Hell are fucked because their tech doesn't work. Why are you giving the humans so many weaknesses while the daemons seem nearly invincible. Maybe gives them a penalty when they go to Earth?

    1. 1) Probably not. She'd likely have some protection from Inari to prevent her being drafted by the Madam. Maybe a similar monster girl.

      2) Maybe for Werewolf girl. They might fit the erotic wrestling/faction fighting with the scenario being about trying to avoid her losing control and tearing the player apart afterwards.

      3) The knife has magic to prevent that, providing the couple truly love each other. (It's hinted that it failed in the past, but the end of the story reveals that it changes the appearance of the people using it, so what really happened is the couple abandoned their old lives for a fresh new life together).

      4) I tend to avoid straight Good vs Evil. Some have plans that rely on the rest of humanity remaining untouched. Others don't, and that triggers conflict between them.

      5) She was put there as an option. As the weaker warlocks are weeded out, the other classmates will probably form friendship bonds with each other. Not sure yet whether than will be stronger.

      6) She'd give chase, but it would probably play out like typical horror movie off-screen teleportation to have her suddenly appear in front of his face.

      7) Not ants, but they're not as powerful as daemons, and Nicole is reasonably powerful. She's also mocking the fact he thinks he is this dangerous monster when there are far more dangerous things out there.

      8) They're not sure if bullets would have any effect on her - hence the plan for one to distract while the other comes into ram an iron stake through her heart (which doesn't work as it's silver she's vulnerable to, not iron).

      9) It's forced by the genre of story. They're supposed to be femdom-ish supernatural femme fatales. They have to seem overpowering to reinforce the fantasy. The daemons do vary in power. Well-trained humans can easily defeat the weaker ones, but you have to assume that kind of thing is happening off-screen. A story where the human wins and kills the succubus would be a nice twist, but would leave people disappointed because they're expecting to read about the succubus doing sexy things. I might try and work a few wins for humanity in the background though, so it doesn't seem a completely hopeless fight. (It's fairly hopeless in H-space, but on Earth the daemons have weaknesses that prevent them from running completely wild).

  11. So uh what happens in Nazi vs Succubus? What's the succubus like?

    What would the tablet succubus look and act like if she was in the house? Would one version of her gameplay be like Amoura's?

    Will we see more of Physalia? What does she do as Koontz's right hand man and enforcer?

    What would the continuation of the Succubus in the Summer House be about?

    1. 1) Regular mid- to high-level succubus. She got drawn to the "evil" of the camp and treated it as a personal amusement park for her entertainment. I write the occasional "nice" succubus. This definitely wasn't one of them!

      2) Can't go into this too much because of planned future reveals. She'd probably be like a regular succubus (which I need to add more of to the House).

      3) I have plans for her. She is Koontz's enforcer... for as long as he does the "right" things.

      4) I sketched it out as a loose novel idea. It would probably be 5-6 novellas with different protagonists bolted together by the over-arching story. The succubus goes into town and causes chaos with Teddy and the "German" trying to track her down.

  12. -Are succubi good at reading human body language? Like can Nicole, Verde, Ntye, Nurse Honey, or any of the Harlots know what a human is feeling by reading their face and body posture? Are succubi knowledgeable about the human anatomy? (Rosa did monologue what was happening to Phil’s body as she was sucking him dry)

    -Can succubi be trained in combat and know how to fight? Or they refuse it as they would rather seduce, fuck, and suck instead of ripping a guy’s head off? If presented with a spell, what would the succubus/lust daemon choose? A sex spell to enhance their sex appeal, or a fire spell for attacking?

    -Do succubi enjoy fucking a man when she can see his face? For example, if a guy wearing a gas mask or any kind of mask that hides his face enters the House, would the Madam tell him to take it off? Or will a Harlot want him to remove it when they bang? How about the SS 101 succubi; would Verde, Nurse Honey, Nyte, and so on would remove the dude’s mask before they fuck him. Do succubi enjoy seeing the man’s face contort in pleasure and hearing him moan?

    -Do succubi love feeling a warm human body on them? Is that she they prefer to fuck a naked man instead of a fully clothed one?

    -Why did Nyte kill the warlock that asked for pleasure with a kiss, but spared Phil?

    -Why was there so many one shots of “Ways to Break a Man”? Is it because it was all tied to Koontz getting rid of anyone that was suspicious about his “contacts”?

    -Can the succubus at the end of “Trent the Traitor” be turned into a harlot, or she’s just like Ceptothorie and is too powerful?

    -Speaking of Ceptothorie, are we going to see more of her? She didn’t exactly scream super powerful “Princess” to me, she felt more or less basic and didn’t do anything new. Why isn’t Cerluea a Princess? With her ability to shapeshift into anyone, she has a massive advantage against most succubi/lust daemons.


    1. 1) Very good at reading what arouses humans so they can better seduce them.

      2) More powerful ones have some offensive magic for when seduction or charm fails. One of the factions I'm working on for HoHH has "combat" succubi that specialise in restraining and defeating more stubborn humans. Nyte is a bit of an outlier. Succubi are not supposed to enjoy fighting or pain (receiving and inflicting) as much as she does.

      3) Probably depends on the succubus. They have other ways to tell he's enjoying himself, so seeing the face isn't all that necessary.

      4) Varies again. Clothes can be an annoyance as it gets in the way, but that's about it.

      5) He was weak and unlikely to offer anything of use to her. Phil has potential. He's also had a few tests where if he'd done the wrong thing, he would have ended up the same way.

      6) I had a few unrelated story ideas that covered the same theme, so I gave them all variations on the same title (some prog metal bands do similar things on their albums and I consider the short story collections to be my "albums"). They're mostly independent stories with a similar theme. Koontz shows up in two, while Annette Brite is the one keeping things hushed up in the third.

      7) She could. That could make a little sub-faction with linked scenarios similar to the Boob Fairy. One of the daughters could be an early encounter that eventually ends up with the player given to the "queen" for breeding purposes.

      8) Possibly. She has some nasty horror potential in that she doesn't just drain her victims, she can take control of them and have them do any little degrading thing afterwards. She doesn't give the hero a noble death. She can have him murder his loved ones or people he's sworn to protect afterwards, destroying their reputation and legacy as well. She doesn't seem as bad as she is as she has a similar ethos to the Madam - she likes to play and give people the illusion they have a chance.

      As for Cerulea, can't elaborate there because spoilers.

  13. My comment might've been eaten the last time around, I was wondering if you had plans to continue Esqeta's story after knight vs succubus given that she seems to clue the reader and Japalance in on a more neferious plot that she's scheming

    1. Damn. I don't think I even got email notification of that one. I hope that's not happening to too many comments!

      No plans at the moment. The story was original written as promotion for someone else. It's a little outside my usual ongoing storylines. That said, if I get a flash of inspiration to continue the story...

  14. Helping Anon out as I've seen the same comment appear in my email 5 times and I'm guessing the blog is randomly eating comments again. (Really don't know why it's happening and can only apologise for the people it's affecting.)

    You need to take a mind guys that this is EROTIC HORROR. This is the genre where the femme fatale emerges victorious against the male character they are seducing, so of course there’s going to be many instances of the succubus/lust daemon fucking and sucking a man. Don’t forget the horror aspect because most horror stories don’t have good endings and tend to have Downer Endings, Ambiguous Endings, or the Endings where the Final Girl/Boy escapes, but the villain/monster hasn’t been killed or thrown in an unbreakable prison, is still on the loose, and will continue to prey on people. The prey “wins” by simply not dying like everyone else.

    Take for instance the HoHH by Hydra. Even if you can survive all 13 rounds and leave the House safely, the Madam is not “beaten”. She still wins because no one can oppose her and stop her supernatural brothel and her sick game will continue. There won’t be no angelic warriors, superhuman demon hunters, or comic book superheroes to kick her door down, nor will there be an atom bomb dropping on the House.

    The same applies to the Scottish Werewolf resort, that sex show where the succubus with giant tits that can absorb humans works at, and the strip club/brothel in Moscow in “Wrapdance”.

    There isn’t supposed to be a nearly invincible badass Action Hero in a horror story. Horror stories pride themselves on the fact that ANY character can die, no matter how tough, smart, or prepared the character is, but in your typical action flick? Nah, the main characters will survive anything thrown at them.

    Hydra is right in that there won’t be any sexy times, or even horror if the succubi and daemons are going to get beaten up and killed by nearly invincible human demon hunters (like Doom Slayer/Dante), or demon slaying angel warriors that hardly lose.

    Am I correct Hydra? Is this why the succubi “seem” overpowered and unstoppable in the stories?


    1. Yup. It's the Horror part of Erotic Horror. And also a hefty dollop of "The Writer's Barely-Disguised Fetish". I do like a sexually dominant femme fatale. :D

      That said, the better horror stories are ones where the luckless protagonists look like they have a chance. That can clash a little with catering to the "always in control" sexual aspect for the femme fatale. I'll probably always veer towards what's sexy on that, which will sometimes make the succubi/daemons seem a little OP.

      Sometimes I do wish I'd created a Dante/Geralt/DoomGuy character, as the people that do tend to make truckloads of cash. :D

      Those would be very different stories. Horror is always about the monsters though. Maybe I need to build up some of my recurring succubi and give them a full novel of sex and mayhem to let them shine.

      (like Junji Ito's Tomie - now that's an interesting monster)

  15. How "fair" would a group of huntress succubi be to their human prey? Would they let them have a weapon to defend themselves? Would they give them a 10-30 second start? Would they let them keep their clothes and tools?

    1. I'm still working out their lore. They'd want sport, but the outcome would still be inevitable in all but a few cases.

      Huntress Diana used fox hunting as inspiration. I might do similar for others (a more feral "bear hunter" type. Maybe a marine-themed "whale hunter" with aquatic monster girl "hounds" like mermaids or scylla. Maybe also one that has a similar ethos to the Predator.)

      The humans wouldn't have much of a chance, but the huntresses would likely respect and reward quarry that proved themselves.

  16. I read the chapter a few times and I actually disagree that the “Princess of Hell” was weak and not impressive. She’s actually really powerful. The fact that she mind broke a married man that’s trying very hard to resist her when she’s NOT using any sex charms on him or jiggling her tits in his face just shows how powerful her passive sexual demonic aura is. She even admitted that she’s “holding back” and could destroy every ounce of will/resistance he has, but chose to go easy on him because its much more fun when a human deliberately gives up and it isn’t fun if the human is forced to do it.

    With that said:

    -Why can’t she be a harlot? She may be more powerful than the Madam, but she seems to follow the same “fairness” that the Madam and Nyte practice. Besides, there are already a couple of daemons hanging out at the House that the Madam can’t kick out anyway (Nurse Honey and the eldritch shadow god posing as a little girl that looks more like she belongs in Bloodborne). Including the Tier 3 harlots who are the most rebellious.

    -Can every succubi (including weak ones) give off an invisible “sex aura” that will make humans more horny and more suggestive to sex with the daemon? And can some high-level succubi have such powerful auras that their mere presence can turn calm men into horny carnal beasts?

    -If Phil killed the spider demon girl, then would Carny have dragged Phil to his place and kill him, or just flat out kill him on the spot in the arena?

    -What Tiers would the Phil’s succubi from SS 101 be like? Don’t tell me about Nurse Honey because I have a feeling hers would be Tier 3 since she wants all humans to go into her “belly”. What Tier would Verde, Rosa, Cerluea, and Nyte be? And not just them, but the other sex daemons from SS 101.

    -What Tier would the fire lizard girls be that Phil banged? What Tier would the giant slime girl in the other dimension be? What Tier would the spider girl that almost fucked Phil to death be? What Tier would the floating “tentacle monster girl” be that was from Cerluea Circles be? And what Tier would the succubi from the Pleasure place that killed Phil’s warlock friend, tried to kill him, and was draining Verde be?

    1. 1) That is true. She does have a similar ethos to The Madam. Maybe she could work in The House. I'll leave that open and see if the right idea hits.

      2) Maybe not an aura as such, but a combination of scent, how they look, pheromones, etc. I tend to prefer quasi-biological explanations rather than outright magic auras, but it's not a hard rule. It will vary in power from succubus to succubus.

      3) Trying to remember my notes on that one. There's a central theme in SS201 where characters are being "tested" by various sins. The other warlock students all fail and are consumed by their weaknesses (aside from Darvill, who gets a deliberately undeserved end). The spider fight was the Wrath test and Carny is there as the Wrath daemon representative. If Phil fails by killing the arachne, then Carny gets to claim him. (Probably in a very one-sided curb stomp of a battle). As Carny correctly observed, there was very little chance of that occurring.

      4) The tiers in HoHH don't always represent power. Some of the early round harlots are very powerful, but are fine giving themselves restrictive conditions to allow more humans the chance to escape. In theory Nurse Honey would be Tier 3, but like Moriticia, she does what she wants (or will, as soon as I get around to writing her sex scenarios)

      - Puff and Pfaffle: tier 1 or 2. Would be a willpower test of some sort.
      - Giant Slime girl: could be anything. Powerful enough for 3 if I remember right, but she might give the human enough of a chance to appear earlier.
      - L'mactia: probably tier 3. Arachnes mostly don't understand The Madam's ethos despite her best attempts to explain it, and L'mactia is an assassination specialist.
      - The ctenophox, Ctenylla: also tier 3 for the reasons above. Mechanically her scenario would need the player to have a charm to block her song, and the scenarios that require a specific charm to survive all go in Tier 3.
      - I'm still kicking myself for not making the Bedmistresses a faction in their own right. The lore is already there and developed and they'd fit very well as sinister pleasure givers of varying strengths. They could likely fit any tier as they're powerful, do respect authority, but also sneaky and evil enough to break rules if they feel like it.

  17. Blogger might have eaten this. Reposting.


    Greetings M.E Hydra. It's been quite some time now since I last left a comment on your blog. I see that you have accumulated a little bit more support, in regards to your projects. I am happy that you are enjoying the success and overall feedback from the people that follow your captivating stories so far. I even noticed that you got some nice art commissions done from some talented artists, and that you also work on a nice Twine game introducing more MGs and succubi. Since I am getting back into the habit of reading more books during my free time, your books came also to my mind, in particular the Succubus for Freedom and the bundle of mini stories. Therefore, I would like to ask :
    1) Are there plans to get a Kindle Edition of the A Succubus for Freedom book? I usually like to have my books in one place for convenience purposes, and the dictionary function on the Kindle devices is such a joy to have when stumbling upon unfamiliar terms.
    2) Are there maybe plans on expanding or maybe even include some of the House of Hellish Harlots in one of your future books?
    Also there has been an interesting inspiration that's been on my mind as of late. What do you think of Dead by Daylight? I can imagine that if you give it a good smut twist it could potentially create a nice horror/erotic atmosphere and make for some interesting scenarios were the survivors try escape the MG rapists. Just some food for thought. Thank you in advance.

    1. 1) Working on getting the collections back up again. This month's goal is to get all the manuscripts dusted off and ready to republish again.

      2) Possibly. As with the H-space Bestiary, I tend to use these projects to introduce lots of new monster girl and succubus characters. At the moment a few existing short story characters have shown up in the House. I imagine the reverse will happen at some point, if I get the right idea.

      I know of Dead by Daylight, but not played it. Most of my story ideas lean on horror tropes, so the conventional monster role could be taken by a sex-hungry succubus/monster girl. It would probably work well within that game concept as draining someone through sex isn't going to be a fast kill, so a succubus would likely catch and stash somewhere later. Not sure porn and multiplayer is a good fit though.