Sunday, May 01, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" updated to v0.030

After a period of slowness (and a bout of Covid), I'm ramping back up to better productivity on The House of Hellish Harlots again.

The public demo has been updated to version 0.030.  This adds 2 new harlots:

Sasori Oiran
A scorpion-tailed geisha girl assassin.  She's very dangerous, but makes sure all her victims go out with a smile.

The White Latex Milkmaids, Elita-05 and Elita-07
These are The Doctoress's elite milking androids.  They seek out the best quality men and 'milk' them.

The public version can be played here.

The public version is a month behind the Patreon version (gotta pay the bills!).  April was a fairly productive month for me, which saw adding 3 new harlot scenarios - The Black Latex Milkmaid Llefrith SWMP-08, Huntress Diana and her 'hound' Khruutka, and the predatory plant girl Burbalka.

Version 0.031 is available for patrons and can be obtained here.


  1. Seeing a Yukari-like succubus from Touhou wouldn’t be that bad, but if Hydra created a succubus and based her on Yukari, the succubus would most likely fall into the “posh and haughty succubus” category because Yukari does look like a rich noblewoman wearing an elegant dress.

    Great now that ya’ll brought up Touhou, now I want to see Hydra make succubus versions of the Touhou girls. Later in the week, I’ll bring up a list of what Touhou girls would make the best succubi. Give me a moment.

    As for the update? Well, the ninja succubus girl was badass. But she’s fucking difficult to get pass if you don’t have the right Charm. I don’t get it, she follows the Goddess of Pleasure, why would she kill the man? I’m pretty sure no one is asking “Please jam a scorpion stinger up my ass, pretty please!” is this to show that even succubi and lust daemons that follow the Goddess are still a threat and will kill you?

    She’s a devout follower like the snake girl that massages you, but the ninja girl and snake girl feel so different from each other despite serving the same god.

    1. I'm still trying to work things out for that faction. Thematically, they're supposed to be the sensual side of sex - massages, perfume, harem girls, etc. The lore and philosophy is slightly trickier to pin down. If they all had Calliophi's approach, I'd have problems creating higher tier harlots. At the moment I'm playing around with an interpretation that causing pleasure in others is their primary motivation. For Sasori, taking a life is fine so long as she lets them experience absolute bliss and pleasure beforehand. The problem with that is it isn't really all that different to most of the other succubi in the setting. There's still some work to be done there for sure, and I'll probably have to go back through those harlots to give them more of a unified philosophy (similar to the smother faction).

  2. I enjoyed the update but ugh, more robot girls? And ones that don't act human and act like unfeeling doctors doing examines on you? I enjoyed the assassin succubus, but I couldn't wank it to the androids, Hydra. I'm sorry, I know you put a lot of work into it, but it wasn't for me. :(

    Here's hoping you now focus on cat girls and more succubi.

    1. No problem. I try out a lot of things and know some aren't going to click for some people.

      There's another android coming with the v0.031 release, but she's a bit more talkative and less cold and impersonal. Those will likely be the most android-y of the harlots. The other artificial being ideas I have queued up are more in line with the weird creatures from Monster Girl Quest. The really long long term plan is to group the harlots by theme/fetish and create more factions than are required, so players can just not include the ones that don't interest them.

  3. Oh boy, the ninja succubus was awesome. I loved her, but it’s a shame that the android girls gets a lot of interaction and quite a “chunky” process, but the ninja succubus doesn’t. Oh well, as for the monster hunting organization…

    Hydra doesn’t want to do it because he’ll need to make World Building on the following things to justify why it exists:

    -When was the organization created? Is it new, or it is decades old?

    -How big and powerful is the organization? Is it a secret military branch that runs across the globe funded by various Government agencies, is it contained within a state, city, or its just a bunch of common people in the Neighborhood Watch hunting vampires at night?

    -What is the organization composed of? Highly trained veteran soldiers from the army, Supers (humans with superpowers), average joes/janes with shotguns, scientists studying monsters, or humans that can fight monsters by using a special weapon/item?

    -Where is the organization getting its funding to maintain it? Does it rely on money laundering to fund it?

    -Will the organization abide by the laws, or will it break rules if it means taking down a dangerous monster. (like a Hunter breaking and entering into person’s home to discover they were keeping a vampire in the basement and feeding people to it)

    If you are interested in adding a monster hunting organization to your story/world M.E Hydra, I highly recommend you pick up two books: “Hunter the Vigil” and “Hunter the Vigil: Compacts and Conspiracies” they will help you design and integrate a monster hunting organization in your world as they will provide great information and tips.
    Thank you and have a great day and keep that delicious succubi writing going. Cheers!

    1. Yeah, a top-secret institution is something I wanted to avoid. My own experience with watching shows and reading books containing that trope is they tend to be very anti-climactic once the mystery is resolved. There will likely be groups (government and independent) that have some knowledge, but no overall super organisation that knows everything. That's for the regular Earths, anyway. Phil's Earth has more magic, so there could theoretically be a council of arch-warlocks or something. But in keeping with that setting, they'd probably be too arrogant to realise they're wrong on an awful lot of things (something encouraged by the daemons).

  4. Should Sasori be put at round 5 with the other tier 3s? Any tier 3 or 2 standard succubi planned out?

    1. Yep, she should. She's a tier 3. I'll probably move her back with a later release. For now I wanted people to encounter her earlier. Both the Milkmaid scenarios are pencilled in as Tier 3s as well. Once I've added a few more wrestling harlots (5th faction) I'll be looking to push the demo up to 9 rounds and start adding round boundaries for the harlots.

  5. Thank you for replying to me, ME Hydra. And yeah, I don’t like monster hunting organizations that know everything, its why I love Hunter: The Vigil. Why? Because the monster hunting organizations are flawed, wrong, and have their own “not so heroic” motives.

    The biggest idiots of them all is definitely Les Mysteres and I can see an organization like this existing in Phil’s world. It’s an organization that hunts after spirits that cause harm to mankind and human Hunters can gain powers by having a spirit make a “pact” with them and take over their body.

    The Hunter can gain powers from the pact, whether it’s draining an enemy’s life with a touch, set enemies on fire with a thought, or gain more strength and speed than the enemy. Sounds awesome right, Hydra?


    The spirits are kind of like your daemons Hydra as they come from a different plane of existence, they are trying to get to Earth, and all of them find humans quite yummy, but where your daemons want to eat human souls, these spirits want to eat human souls AND take over the person’s body.

    The spirits aren’t really “ghosts” but malicious otherworldly beings that have no physical body that wants to cross over the material (Earth) world and see humans as snacks and flesh suits they want to “wear”.

    (I think you did an H-Space story about a body snatching female slime monster right?)

    Do the Hunters know that they are bad? Nope. They are ignorant of their true nature and what makes them the biggest idiots of monster hunters in the setting is that they are hunting down and killing the Spirit Guardians (magical werewolves) who’s job is to stop more malicious spirits from coming to Earth.

    Yeah, so not only does Les Mysteres not know what the spirits truly want, but they are killing the ones that are actually trying to save them and mankind from a monster apocalypse.

    Do you see the council of arch warlocks being this misguided, Hydra?

    Also, you said you are going to do wrestling harlots later, right? Is a succubus going to appear as a submissive nice girl wearing a lot of baggy clothes and speaks in a soft and calm voice, but when you get to her room, she suddenly starts acting like a slutty tomboy and her body is ripped with big tits?

    1. It would be similar. Most of the Dominions are looking for the same thing, but are also in competition for the same thing. Arch warlocks may or may not be aware if it. Individual agendas tend to trump faction agendas.

      Maybe on the wrestling front. I do have a bunny girl idea that's similar, but she's more lean and fit. She's also pretty nice and doesn't want to kill the player, but she's extremely energetic and accidents do happen...

  6. The whole "submissive and nice succubus is actually a femdom snu snu wrestling amazon" has got me interested...and hard.

    Reminds me of an anime pic of a nerdy anime girl that's wearing glasses and is wearing a baggy jacket and has a shy look on her face and then the next moment, she makes a lewd grin and lifts up her jacket, revealing her big tits and rock hard abs.

    To say that I enjoyed Sasori was an understatement. I'm excited for the "fighty" succubus.

    1. I might try and find a fit for a hidden slut. I have a few harlots that disguise it by trying to be posh. It's a bit difficult in HoHH as it's explicitly a brothel full of succubi, so one of them trying to hide their true nature isn't really going to fool anyone. If the right idea comes along, though...

  7. If we are dealing with the idea that there are different Earths and different realities, are you going to do a one shot about succubi invading a space station?

    In fact, what do the succubi and lust daemons think about humans traveling in space with space ships? Would they think a human astronaut is impressive, or just another human to fuck and eat?

    1. Not sure about space and sci-fi. I do have a ludicrously OTT short story idea about a giant space succubus. It would probably be more of a standalone in its own setting.