Friday, August 18, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots - Mid-2023 Roadmap pt1

I posted this earlier this morning on Patreon and SubscribeStar, then switched it to public, then thought I might as well post it here.

Time to take stock of where I'm at with House of Hellish Harlots.  I figured I'd put a couple of roadmaps, one focusing on the writing side of things (which I'll be doing) and the other on plans for art and other assets (which I'll need to outsource and pay for).

First off with the writing and this is going to focus on the harlots.

Regular Harlots
Currently there are 74 harlots completed and present in the House, some with multiple scenarios.

There are 8 regular harlot slots left to fill.  Of those, one is a repeat scenario (Assphyxia), two are in progress (poison frog, forbidden smotherer), and two are roughly planned out (Sister Squeeze, a wide-eyed 'waif' succubus).

That leaves 3 slots.  Two of those I'm thinking of throwing open to patron polls to give an existing harlot in the faction (sensuality and classic) a repeat visit and different scene.  That leaves one slot open in the 'classic succubus' faction.  I'll fill that once I get a cool idea that fits (another performance in the bar or Sandy's tormentor are currently floating around)

I'd also like to add another neutral harlot that will basically be a rewrite of elements of Nicole's waterbed massage scene from "Locked in with a Succubus"

That's the minimum count of regular harlots to add.  Because of how the project is designed, I can add more than that, and new factions as well, but that will wait until after a version 1.0 is out.

Mini-Boss Harlots
Now we come to the mini-boss harlots that show up in rounds 5 and 9.  These are more powerful members of their respective factions.  They will likely be harlots with 3-5 different scenes.  This is to give them some repeat playability as the player will need to go through them multiple times to experience all their scenes.

Of those I need 10 - 2 per faction.

Of that 10 I have 7-8 roughly planned out in my head.  Current ideas include Temptacia (finally!), a slime nun, a latex-weaving arachne, an artificial scylla, a harem of imps, a fluffy-tailed kitsune, and Amoebella Glup.  The tentative 8th might be a nautical-themed huntmistress.

This leaves 2 mini-bosses for me to figure out.

Faction Queens
Lastly we have the end-bosses, or queens, for each faction.  This is the round 13 encounter and determines the overall game ending.  They will also have multiple sex acts, but will likely be sequential and how much the player sees will likely be determined by some kind of 'devotion' attribute.

I have pretty solid ideas for 3 of the queens.  I have a name for the smother queen, but haven't figured out what she is yet.  Classic succubus is still wide open.  That might be The Madam, but I also have other thoughts on where to use her.

I'll also need to give the 3 lore NPCs (Barman, Madam and Elegant Woman) enough dialogue to guide the player through the later rounds.

Writing-wise, this is the bare minimum I need to complete the game to a 1.0 release.

There are, however, a few things I really want to add, and probably will add unless I feel the project is dragging on and needs to be brought to a conclusion.

These are:

Post-room random events
These are just randomly occurring events that might provide bonuses, hindrances, or advance some side quests.

I want them, as I think they'll improve the game, but they're also not essential. 

Harlot team-ups
I have ideas for letting a couple of harlots double-team a player.  These might be related to side quests that result in the player unlocking an alternative round 9 encounter for a particular faction.  Ones I have rough ideas for are Mamilla & Assphyxia, Calliophi & her sister, Aphrou and Sapoonis, and the two huntmistresses.

NPC scenarios
Originally, I was thinking these would belong to a different faction and be a regular or mini-boss encounter from that faction.  The Doctoress is a clear fit for the artificial beings faction, then it gets messy.  Elegant Woman, Madam and Buxom Lolibaba all probably want to be in the 'classic succubus' faction and I can't really see Nurse Honey belonging to any faction other than her own.

I don't think I can tease Nurse Honey in the game and not let her do anything sexy, so she will definitely get a scene, and will probably be a severe late-game threat to the player on most playthroughs.

As for the others... I want to give them scenes, but it's working out where to put them.

This is what is needed for the writing.  There's still a fair bit to do, but I estimate I'm around the 75% done mark.  This ended up being a bigger project than originally planned because I put more into the individual harlot scenarios.  They are better as a result, but each is the length of a short story and takes about the same amount of time to write.

Despite this, I've kept a fairly steady release schedule.  I understand people have concerns about overly ambitious Western eroge projects never getting finished, so I hope this - and my new-release-every-month schedule - will reassure them that I do work on this in a professional manner and do have a clear endpoint in mind.

Thank you for the continued support and I hope you're enjoying how the project is developing.

And if you'd like to support the project, you can on Patreon or SubscribeStar.  It's a big game project, but I hope people can see I've got a clear plan, clear end goal, and have consistently posted regular updates over the last couple of years.


  1. Hey, MEH! I know I’m posting here instead of your Patreon. The pay from my card ain’t going through, so I have to fix it later. It’s why I haven’t got any updates from you, but anyway, WOW! Its awesome to see what your plans are, and thank god, we are finally getting a fluffy tailed kitsune :D

    And yes, those random Bar events will help greatly, I do plan to write a story about your HoHH and I need as much Lore as possible. However, I am saddened by the fact that you are missing out on adding other succubi from your stories to the House.

    I wish you didn’t leave out the goth girl succubus from “The Good, the Bad, and the Monstrous Beauty”, the succubi gang from the “Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy”, lust daemon wolf girls and the one cat girl from “Iron Girders, Steel Springs”, and the two succubi from that Kenny game you tried to do, remember that? The dude being helped on a quest to fight demons while the succubus acts as his guide?

    I do have a few questions to ask you, MEH:

    1: What exactly is the wide eyed ‘waif’ succubus going to be like?

    2: About the harem of imps…it’s not going to be the succubi imps, right? Is it basically going to be a harem of succubi that are like Brittnee gang banging you?

    3: Is the idea of a pom, pom cheerleader succubus and a succubus Magical Girl still up in the air to be added to the House?

    4: Are the succubi and lust daemons that I mentioned in your other stories also have a chance of being added?

    1. The project is designed to be pretty open-ending, so I can easily add new harlots later, some of which I'll borrow from stories.

      1) Uncertain. I know her mechanic for what the player needs to survive and have known it for a while. Haven't figured out what sexy stuff she'll get up. Maybe similar to Morticia, but non-lethal.

      2) More like a harem of succubi that are devoted to inflicting pleasure. That scenario will likely be an overdose of sensuality.

      3) Probably no room in base game, but maybe as part of additional factions added later.

      4) Yup. Plan is to get the base game out with an ending, then keep it ticking over with faction packs to be added later. Depends on how the base game is received.

  2. Finally some fox girls. But you are missing cat girls dude! They are like the most famous cute "beast" girl. I have questions.

    1. Do cannibal succubi exist? You know? A succubus that hunts and drains other succubi? Given what the succubi were doing to Verde, that means a sex daemon can "eat" another sex daemon, right?

    2. Do all succubi and sex daemons have the ability to appear in a person's dream? If you look the wiki on succubi, the most common power they had was dream walking. Can Verde, Nicole, Nyte, Nurse Honey, and Cerluea appear in a man's dream?

    3. What would happen if Verde, Rosa, Nyte, Nurse Honey, or Cerluea encountered a human man in their castle that was sleeping on one of the beds, what would they do? Would they go into his mind and give him a wet dream? Or quietly get under the covers and give him a blowjob in till her wakes up? Or will kiss and suckle on this neck and ears while whispering naughty things into his ear?

    1. I'm missing a lot of classic monster girl types. HoHH is better in that I got to add some types I've not written before (fairies, etc). At some point I'd like to get around to cat girls, harpies, and the others I've missed off.

      1) Maybe. I keep lore things open until they're needed to be finalised by a plot point or story arc. Lust daemons can drain each other (as happened to Verde) and there's probably a ritualised sex aspect to it. I guess drain to death as well, although I think in most cases the 'polite' lust daemon society stops before that point and just uses it to assign dominance. More feral lust daemons might prey on other lust daemons, but are probably weaker than regular succubi. That said, there might exist much more dangerous lust daemons that are dangerous to everything that enters their territory.

      2) Probably, but the dream sex thing is more for mainstream fantasy/horror where they have limits on how raunchy they can get. My succubi like to get messy and in person. Some can do it, but likely as a long distance thing if they can't get to the target in person. It feels like a good plot point for a story where the succubus has to trick the target into opening a way for her to enter 'our' world.

      3) Depends on what they fancy at the time.

  3. Can we get a guide? Just a few brief lines on how to deal with each of the 74 harlots. At this point there are simply too many to remember.

    INB4 "use the lady" - she's cryptic as fuck and it's annoying to spend limited timeslots between meets to get the info. At that point you can't go to the shops to get the stuff necessary to survive.

    1. I want to stay hands off on that one as the game is about learning the likes and dislikes of each harlot. There's no RNG aside from the choice of harlots presented to the players, so a full guide would remove the game element entirely.

      I'll leave it open for other people to create wikis for it if the popularity is there.

      Unfortunately, one mechanic I'd like to add but don't think I can do with Twine is an overall meta-notebook/bestiary that stores everything the player has learned from each run/character. It would also allow the player to skip through early harlots once they've learned everything about them and are becoming irritated by the repetition. That will likely have to wait until a hypothetical HoHH 2.0 created in a different game engine.