Friday, August 25, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots 1.5 - v0.001 demo

After a fairly intensive month of so of hacking html, css, js, and Twine, I finally have a playable demo of House of Hellish Harlots ready.

This is pretty much similar to the early demos I put out for the plain-text version.  The demo stops after 3 rounds and there are only 16 harlots for now.  The main difference is that each part of the House has its own background art, each NPC has a portrait and some harlots have pinup art I'm borrowing from old commissions.  There is also a rudimentary UI panel cobbled together from chunks of AI art.  It's the same text and underlying core mechanics, but presented in a better way.

The art is all placeholders at the moment.  The portraits and backgrounds are serviceable.  The harlot art is great, but was not originally commissioned for this purpose, so don't get too attached to it.  The UI is admittedly terrible and one of the first things I'm looking to overhaul.

It is playable, but might be a little rough in spots, especially on mobile devices.

I'm also regretting not giving it a proper title screen.  Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the interim attempts and wanted to get the demo out there.  As with the UI elements, getting a proper artist in and commissioning a nice 'cover page' is a very high priority.

While it is a sideways step in some respects, it doesn't take long to port the existing harlots across (I did the 16 here in just over a week).  It shouldn't take too long to bring the other 60 across and push the playable round count up.

Then there is the longer (and expensive!) step of commissioning artists to bring the characters to life with a 'pinup' piece for each harlot.

Have a play with the demo here:

I'd love to hear your feedback below. 


  1. Will you attempt a Steam release?

    1. If I think the end-product ends up good enough. I might go to a publisher there for help on some of the technical aspects.

  2. 1. If you can afford the money, are you going to make the characters "somewhat" move while having sex? Like Succubus Prison?

    2. Do all Daemons eat humans? Did Carny eat any of the humans at the pub? Can a succubus imp eat a human? What about the rabbit daemon girl? Is she technically "eating" you by absorbing your cum in her pussy?

    1. 1) I won't be able to do that unfortunately. I've spoken to the Situation Succ people about how much various things cost. Animation, even simple animation, is too much for a game with 100+ monster girls. Realistically, a single nice pinup for each is about the best I can do for what is mostly a text game.

      2) I think it depends from daemon to daemon. Most lust daemons 'drink' their victims by forcing the victim's body to produce so much semen they eventually run out fluids. The succubus absorbs those fluids. The higher ones also 'eat' souls as well, although I've kept that aspect pretty vague.

      Carny is a rage/wrath daemon. I don't know with him. He tends to leave a lot of body parts behind, but also makes a lot of body parts when he properly cuts loose. Does he eat some of them? Maybe. He's a higher wrath daemon. At a guess they absorb the souls released when someone dies a violent death, although through a mechanism I haven't finalised yet.

  3. I wonder if you are going to add any lust daemon ghost girls. I think its funny that Sadako went from being a creepy killer ghost girl and a Horror icon that is nearly equal to Jason Voorhees or the Creeper only for her to be turned into a sex symbol; a pale skinned long haired woman that is very busty and curvy. What's your take on that Hydra?

    1. People with rule 34 everything! :D

      I have some that are close, but they tend to be lust daemons that resemble pale ghost girls rather than actual ghost girls.

      A succubus coming out of the TV to drain someone seems like a fun XXX-rated homage. I think I'd probably have it be a cursed porn tape and the succubus look like a conventional porn star (although her victims would probably look like heart attack victims).

      'Ghost' girls I'd maybe use elsewhere. One of the levels in the #SexDungeon23 brainstorming project I've been playing around with had them existing through vile magic separating spirit from flesh. Flesh became zombie girls, spirit lingered as ghost girls.