Saturday, April 06, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-5 Bubble Bother

Bab leads floats Jackson up to her bedroom for a little foreplay.

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-5 Bubble Bother

He pushed ineffectually at the elastic walls.  Through the translucent membrane he saw Bab looking up at him with an impish smile on her full lips.

You really walked into this one, Jackson thought.

The bubble continued to float up higher.  Jackson’s options at this point were rather limited, imprisoned as he was within the sphere.  A hamster in one of those plastic balls could at least pick a direction to run in.  All Jackson could do was push his hands out against the rubbery membrane like a convict clutching bars.

Bab gave him a little wave and walked back up the curved staircase.  Jackson floated up with her on the other side of the room.  The bubble followed a preset path and rose up past a balcony and into what looked like a sumptuous bedchamber.  Really fancy.  Like something out of a period drama—all frills and elegant furnishings.

Apart from the arcade cabinet standing against a wall with its electronic guts strewn out of one of the side panels.  That didn’t belong at all.  Naked girls with scales, wings and a tail were not exactly a regular sight in Downton Abbey either.

Bab sat a fancy white Regency table and nonchalantly filed a nail.  Or rather claw.  She held up a stiletto-tipped finger and blew on the nail.  If this had been a cartoon Jackson suspected there’d have been an exaggerated glint of light to emphasise the pointyness.  Bab looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

Jackson didn’t like that smile at all.

He struggled in another ineffectual attempt to burst out of the bubble.  It drifted slowly across the bedroom, about five or six feet off the ground.  Bab stood up and walked over to meet the bubble in the centre of the room.  Still smiling that impish smile, she held up a single pointed fingernail and let the bubble drift into it.

The bubble popped.

Jackson somersaulted out of the popped bubble as if flung by catapult.  The world shifted again, only this time it felt like he’d had lost a dimension rather than the world around him.  He felt like he was a paper cut-out.  And blue, oddly.  Blue like a cartoon character coming out of a frozen lake, although he didn’t feel any cold.

He ricocheted off the walls and ceiling.  Bab tracked his progress as he bounced around the room.  She bent down and blew another bubble, orange this time.  Jackson’s spinning form fell into the bubble and it flattened out like one of those airbags movie stuntmen dive off buildings into.

Ugh.  Jackson felt proper sick.  He felt like he’d experienced every ride at Alton Towers simultaneously.  His stomach was not in a happy place.

It wasn’t the only part of him struggling.  He lifted up his arms and saw he was flickering in and out of existence like a hologram with a faulty battery.


Bab’s smiling face and expressive wide eyes appeared over the side of airbag bubble.

Even more worrying.

She reached over and buried a claw-tipped hand right into his flickering chest.

Let’s just say the mercury had burst right out of the top of the worry thermometer on that one.

There wasn’t any pain, which was really surprising as her hand had vanished up to past the wrist and was rummaging around inside his rib cage.  Jackson was fairly sure that should at least sting, but he couldn’t feel a thing.  Bab continued to grope around as if rooting for treasure.

And treasure she found.  Jackson’s eyes widened as she pulled a handful of gold coins out of his chest.  Where the hell had they come from?

Bab’s green eyes lit up.  “Ooh, that should keep us going for a while,” she said.

Jackson didn’t really catch that.  He was currently stuck in a full-on weirdilepsy fit.  The picture had gone wrong, as if all the colour had drained out of the world to be replaced with shades of black and white.  The sound was fucked up too, like he was hearing everything through ears filled with cotton wool.

Bab walked over to the ancient arcade machine that looked completely out of place amongst the opulent furnishings.  Jackson heard electronic bleeps as Bab fed the coins into the machine.

“I hacked the game,” Bab called back at him.  “I was fed up of men flickering out and vanishing the moment they lost their last life.  It was annoying.  To get all hot and wet and then, poof, they’re gone.  So...”

She stabbed down on a button.  The machine burbled out an electronic jingle.

“...I added a continue option.”  Smiling ear to ear, she looked back at Jackson.

The queasy insubstantial feeling left him.  Jackson held up his arm and saw it was solid again.  His vision and hearing returned to normal, well normal for being trapped in a virtual world made out of pixels.  He struggled out of the deflating orange airbag and stood back up.

Bab dropped some leftover coins onto a table next to the arcade machine.  She crouched down around the other side and plugged something in.  Then she retrieved a piece of bubblegum from the bowl on the table, undid the wrapper and popped it into her mouth.  She chewed on the gum and blew out a pink bubble.  A normal-sized one this time, not like the weather-balloon-sized one that had swallowed up Jackson before.  She ran a hand over the pink surface as if lightly caressing a breast.

“Hmm, yes,” she said after sucking the gum back into her mouth.  “I think you’ll like how that feels.”

Jackson was wondering why he wasn’t already halfway down the stairs behind him.  He suspected it had something to do with her naked breasts.

And a certain ‘quick screw’ comment.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a while,” Bab said.  “Not many gamers frequent these parts nowadays and the ones that do are a little...well...beardy.”


“Old and nerdy,” Bab elaborated.  “Oh, they’re sweet enough, but they don’t really get a girl’s motor purring, if you know what I mean.”

Jackson did.  Bab’s expression was positively filthy.

Bab walked around him, looking up and down his naked body.  He knew he’d been doing exactly the same a few moments ago, but he hadn’t been so gratuitous about it.

“And I do?”  he said.

If Jackson had a body that ‘got a girl’s motor purring’, it was the first he’d heard of it.  College and university would have gone a lot easier with this knowledge.

“Of course,” Bab said.  “You’re real.  Flesh.  That’s incredibly rare in here.”

Uh-oh.  Things usually turned very bad when game characters noticed that.

“Oh, is that the time?  I really must be—”

Bab crouched down in front of him and grabbed his cock.

That was stepping backwards out.  Not unless he wanted to leave his dick behind, and that wasn’t an option as far as Jackson was concerned.

Bab snapped gum between her full lips.  She looked up at him with her deep green eyes.

“Have you ever had a bubblegum blowjob?” she asked.

to be continued...


  1. Mandatory continues, I'm assuming...

    1. I suspect there will be a lot of continues... :)

      Bab has been busy making certain... alterations to the game.

  2. Listening to this while reading improved my enjoyment immensely.