Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-7 Bubble Bother

Bab shows off some more bubblegum tricks as the tale heads off to XXX-rating...

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-7 Bubble Bother

“Shh,” Bab said.  “It’s your turn.”

She wiggled her crotch in his face to indicate what she meant by ‘his turn’.

“Now put that tongue out and give my pussy a good licking.  If you’re good I’ll reward you with some bubblegum 69.”

She smiled back at him and blew a little pink bubble before snapping the gum back into her mouth.  Jackson’s cock twitched at the sound.

Bab bucked her hips down, pushing her sex into Jackson’s face and bouncing his head off the elastic membrane beneath them.  Anyone would think she was trying to hint at something.

She let her full weight rest on Jackson’s face, burying his mouth and nose in the musky folds of her sex.  She giggled and wiggled her ass, pushing Jackson’s head around as she ground her pussy against his face.

Okay, okay, I get it.

He was a new man.  He knew when to reciprocate when it was expected of him.  Fair’s fair.

He stuck his tongue out and ran it along the hairless groove of her sex.  He used it to tease the swollen flanges of her labia.  He lifted his head up and kissed the opening to her sex.  His tongue slithered up and dabbed against her clitoral hood.

Any doubts on whether she liked that were answered swiftly as her body stiffened in pleasure and she clamped his head between her thighs.

“Oh yes,” she sighed.

She blew a stream of warm air that tickled over his penis.  After blowing a big load into her bubblegum blowjob Jackson thought that was it from his trouser department.  Apparently his second head had other ideas.  It twitched and started to mushroom upwards in an erection.

Jackson delved deeper into the moist crack of her vagina, his tongue wriggling and lapping.  She tasted like sweet bubblegum.  He supposed that shouldn’t have surprised him too much.

Then it was his turn to stiffen in pleasure as Bab blew another bubble that enveloped his cock and bobbed against his balls.  She puffed her cheeks and the warm elastic membrane throbbed pleasantly around his penis.  Jackson’s semi turned into full and throbbing in a matter of moments as blood flowed to his crotch with a speed that left him feeling a little dizzy.

Jackson sighed into her pussy.  Wanting to keep pace, he probed and licked with his tongue, causing shudders to run through her body.

A bead of pre-cum dribbled from the tip of his penis.  It melted through the bubble membrane and then his whole cock was inside.  He felt her warm breath tickle against his exposed skin and cascade down the shaft.  The interior of the bubble was hot and humid.  It felt like a sauna just for his penis.

He shivered with pleasure as he felt her exposed lips kiss the swollen helmet of his erection.  She pursed them and blew a little bubble that enclosed his glans before popping.  The pop sent a shot of pleasure down Jackson’s shaft that ricocheted through his body.  It was the first of many and he writhed uncontrollably beneath her as each pleasurable burst rattled through him.

Jackson redoubled his efforts with his tongue.  Let’s see if I can make you come first, he thought.

He didn’t fancy his chances considering Bab appeared to know some kind of leet bubblegum-fu sex art, and was applying it mercilessly to his defenceless cock.  He pushed his face up into her groin and probed deeper with his tongue.  Bab’s body tensed as though she was on the brink of orgasm.


Her body relaxed.  Her pussy dilated and a pink stretchy membrane ballooned out into his face.  Tasted like bubblegum too, he thought.  It didn’t dissolve or break like bubblegum, though.  The membrane was far thicker.

That was the rational part of his brain.  The other part was screaming: She can blow bubbles out of there!

He knew it was wacky videogame physics where anything could happen, but really.

The bubble expanded out into his face like an airbag made out of soft latex.  The stretchy membrane clung tightly to his face.

That was when he noticed he couldn’t breathe.

Suffocated by a bubble blown out of a dragon girl’s vagina would have sounded comical had he not been the one currently struggling to pull air into his burning lungs.  The sticky membrane covered his mouth and nose.  His nostrils were filled with the sweet scent of bubblegum and the musky odour of sex, but no air.

Bab giggled as she bounced on the bubble.  It was as if she was sitting on his face, but he didn’t get a respite—or air—whenever she lifted her hips for another bounce.  The cloying sweet membrane covered his air passages as thoroughly as if she’d put a plastic bag over his face.  He squirmed and bucked in a fruitless attempt to find oxygen.

Bab blew another bubble around his cock.  This one was warm, and moist.  It rolled down his shaft and it felt like he was pushing up into a tight vagina with soft, fleshy walls.  To his oxygen-deprived brain it felt like there were two girls—one riding his cock, the other his face.

Her cheeks moved in and out as she alternated between sucking and blowing.  The bubble enveloping his penis squeezed and squished against him.  Jackson tensed up as a familiar precursor to release thrummed through his nerves.  He passed out at the same time his hips bucked upwards and he erupted within the pulsing bubble.

He opened his eyes to the sight of Bab noisily sucking the remainder of the deflated gum off his cock.  She looked up and smiled at him with bright green eyes.

“That was a big one,” she said while chewing on the gum.  “Men always put out a lot when their breath is taken away.  I wonder why that is.”

“You nearly killed me,” Jackson complained.

Bab shook her head.  “In this game universe you’re subject to the same rules as any other avatar.  You can’t ‘die’ while you still have lives and credits remaining.”

She closed her eyes and savoured the gum like a food critic at their favourite five-star restaurant.

“Mmm, you really are tasty,” she said.  “It’s because you’re real rather than virtual.  Really magnifies the flavour.”

“So they keep saying,” Jackson said sardonically.

“You should be careful,” Bab said.  “If the other girls find out they might be tempted to carry you off and keep you forever.”

“What is it with all the sperm-sucking anyway?” Jackson asked.  “I thought you were a dragon, not a succubus.”

Bab shifted position on top of him, turning around until her head was level with his.

“And how come all the succubus-type monsters seem to know this is a computer game?” he continued.

Bab ignored him.  She lowered her face until her nose brushed against his.  There was a big smile on her lips and her big green eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Fancy a bubblegum fuck?” she asked.

to be continued...

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