Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" Updated to v0.026

The public version of "House of Hellish Harlots" has been updated to version 0.026.  You can play it here.  There are 2 new harlots added in this release, taking the total count up to 42.

Cíocha Gadaí-na-Bod
The boobfairy.  If you like your monster girls deliciously evil, Cíocha is definitely your gal.  She's a little on the spiteful side.  For some reason, the fairies I add to the House have some of the nastiest Bad Ends, and Cíocha is no exception.  Make good choices and I hope you don't wince too hard.

If you do survive, you'll notice her mention a 'big sister'.  That is Cruiscíní.  I haven't finished her yet.  Cíocha is intended to be a one-two punch scenario similar to Osculia's, where she returns right after with a more dangerous scenario.  That will be in a future release, as well as a solo scenario for the big boobfairy.

If you remember the very early demo I put out a couple of years ago, there was a fog succubus that killed the player if they dallied too much on the way to the House.  I've given her a harlot scenario.  It's fairly short and simple.  This is close to the original idea I had for how the scenarios would be (so the project wouldn't take too long).  I think I might rattle off a few more like this over the next month or so, just to pump the numbers up a bit.

I've also messed around with some fonts to hopefully make the site a little bit easier to read.  My webdev skills are distressingly basic, so we'll be stuck with plain text for a while until I can get hold of some nice artwork to pretty things up a little.

As I'll be maintaining, the Patreon version is a month ahead.  They're on v0.027 and Suffocatrix Assphyxia finally makes an appearance within the House.  If you want to check that out and help support the project, follow the link here.

As always, any feedback gratefully received.  November was a rough month for some personal reasons, so v0.027 was a small release.  December is also shaping up to be very busy with other things, so I expect that to only add 1 or 2 harlots as well.  I'll post more in detail on that in a couple of days.


  1. Loved the new harlots and thank you for replying to me about the cat girls, bro. You can make a cat girl from Hell work just as you were able to make "porno" fairies work.

    My idea of a hell cat girl is basically a horny Felicia from Darkstalkers that likes drinking "milk" from human males with her mouth or vagina.

    I don't want the cat girl to be too "furry" like the one from Iron Girders and Steel Springs.

    1. I did have a novel planned where the protagonist ended up with a very hot cat girl companion (similar to Felicia). Need to dust that off at some point!

  2. Not gonna lie...

    That succubus waitress jacking off the boob fairy in the bar was hot as fuck. Would love to see a harlot that is also a waitress working at the bar M.E.H.

    1. I want to give the waitresses a scene. There's one idea I have, but it's also tied into the random bar events which I haven't implemented yet.

  3. It was quite wholesome to take Misty to the bar, even the Madam was quite happy. As for the boob fairy...

    Boob Fairy: "My semen milkshake brings out all the boys in the yard! Damn right, its better than yours!"

    You're fucking funny at times MEH; I swear to god I was laughing my ass off over the fact the MC is drinking SEMEN MILKSHAKE.

    Stop it man! XD

    Regarding the boob fairy's sister, I can see a human sized succufairy being more dangerous than a small one. The man's entire body could be trapped in that "puffed" out vagina.

    Can't wait to see other elemental type succubi. You got Nerei (water succubus) and we have Misty (air/fog succubus). We just need a salamander girl from SS 101 or a Rosa-like succubus that likes setting things on fire and a earth succubus and the four elements of Horniness will be complete :)

    1. Thankfully it's just milk once it's been processed by her boob (she can also make it from other things as the really nasty Horror End reveals). I deliberately played up the parallels between milking and masturbation in the bar because I thought that might be funny and/or hot.

      The bigger boobfairy is a lot more dangerous. As with the story that inspired it, the boob pouch suddenly becomes a lot more scary once you realise she can fit your whole body inside it...

      The salamanders from Succubus Summoning would fit pretty well. Mechanically as well. It would just be a Will check to see if the player wants to leave the room afterwards.

  4. Umm I keep getting bad ended by Morticia Rose. I'm trying to see if she'll say anything else to the MC or maybe gives him a warning and releases him but nothing is working. She just keeps killing me.

    May I ask what's the point of having Morticia Rose as a harlot? She's not even a lust daemon so what does she contribute M.E Hydra? Why is she or IT doing in a brothel for succubi?

    1. She snuck in and The Madam can't get rid of her.

      In terms of game mechanics, her role is to increase tension for harlot choices. She cuts the choices down to 1 of 2 rather than 1 of 3 whenever she shows up.

  5. I wanted an awesome harlot that would let you drink from her boob and uh...thank you?

    I got what I wanted but it wasn't what I
    expected. You do know how to be creative with your monster girls, I'll give you that. The boob fairy's body is a bit confusing.

    Is her legs fused together? Is her boob pouch on her butt or right on the back of the legs. Out of all harlots, this was has a confusing design.

    1. I will add a more conventional lactation scene at some point. I have a few ideas.

      The legs are fake. They're really her labia and are fused to the boob sac all the way down apart from lower calves, ankles and feet.

  6. I'm puzzled at the lack of the Amazon position being used by any of the succubi. Its like the most femdom sex position ever, even better than cow girl.

    The man is in a lying on his back position with his legs pointed up with his feet facing upwards and the girl is riding his dick while pretty much holding up his body.

    Its femdom because the girl is doing all the movement and holding up the man's body while the man is pretty much flipped upside down and completely passive.

    Im surprised that isn't a popular sex position for succubi; they all seem to default to cow girl.

    1. I might work it in for the erotic wrestling harlots. They're mostly Amazon types.

      I'm not sure how real that position is. I've seen it used a few times in hentai and it looks really uncomfortable for the man (which is probably the point!). I've not seen it in regular porn, which makes me think it's a fantasy position that wouldn't work in real bedrooms. That's not really a problem for the House, given it's full of fantasy creatures!

  7. *Billy*
    I really like Misty. I actually wrote a small excerpt about her and my own MC after a session. I kind of wish there was more fanfiction of your work because your characters are amazing, Hydra. Here it is and tell me what you think, Hydra. I’m working on a fanfic on the House. There are two parts, so I’ll make two posts.

    Part One

    Commander Bate stood up from the cold hard floor and looked around; the “smoke succubus” named Misty was nowhere to be seen and has gone back to her guard duties. Bate could not deny the sex with her was good, but he had to remember that these demonic sluts are trying to murder him, so he can’t enjoy the sex too much. If he did survive this, the Madam is going to get a rude awakening when the marines come knocking on their door.

    Bate gritted his teeth and balled up his fists in frustration. What was he going to tell HQ? Oh, help me! Sex demons from Sex Hell are running a brothel and are eating men! His army buddies would think he fucking lost his mind.

    And if he does get the army boys to come over and help him, the poor bastards won’t know what they are walking into, and the Madam would be more than happy to sic her hell dogs and demon sluts on them. Bate wished he was back in Nam because as at least he knew he was just fighting humans with guns, not these perverted soul stealing fiends.

    Misty was his third harlot and he had to survive multiple times with this shit? He lucked out getting Sammy who’s just a poor human gal trapped here and Panta who was pretty harmless, but he could tell the more rounds he goes through, the harder.

  8. Part Two

    Bate looked at the open window that had the moonlight shining down; if he could climb it, he could maybe escape, but he wouldn’t get far with Misty patrolling the area. The veteran soldier reluctantly put on his clothes and left the room. Other than his body feeling a bit cold, and his balls drained, Bate was surprisingly ok.

    He was walking down the hallway to the Portly Gentleman to get more coins only to encounter Temptacia again exiting a room; the very first succubus Bate met when he got here, barring the Madam, well whatever she was.

    “Still alive, I’m so glad. Maybe you’ll get to have a chance with me after all.” She ran her tongue on her plush lips.

    “Y-You won’t take me, none of you will.” Bate tried to give her a steely glare with a hardened voice, but it was difficult to pull off by a combination of the desire to fuck her and the fear of evoking the wrath of a soul eating demoness.

    “Oh, ho, trying to act tough itty-bitty human? How cute...” She took a step towards him and Bate took a step back.

    “You’re so lucky I have to abide by the Madam’s rules, I would have ate you up you delicious little man…”

    1. I'm all for people writing their own fanfiction. I'm hoping it will inspire people. Nice x-over to bring Bate in.

  9. Holy shit Billy, that's some good shit! Now I want to write my own fic.

    MEH's House of Hellish Harlots does have a lot of Fanfiction material going for it. I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find anyone writing any fanfics of MEH's succubi unfortunately :(

    1. I'm not a big enough name. Also, sexy fanfic is usually taking popular mainstream characters and putting them in sexy situations that wouldn't be possible in their original shows.

      My characters are already getting plenty of sex, so there isn't much need for it!

      A few people have made use of the H-space setting. It's a fairly easy and fun world to play in.

  10. The Barman brought up different tiers of harlots and that get me thinking. If Verde, Rosa, Ntye, and Cerluea were in the House, what harlot tier would they be?

    Would Verde be a Tier 1 harlot? Or a Tier 2?

    1. On a power level, they're probably comparable to the Madam or maybe more powerful.

      As for the Barman's tiering of the harlots, that's more about attitude and how many avenues of escape the harlot gives the player. A harlot could be very powerful but still only be tier 1 (the easiest 1st tier in this case) because they won't kill the player unless they do something to really annoy them.

      Correspondingly, the hardest tier - 3 - are the cheats. They're not really interested in playing The Madam's game fair and their 'tests' are usually impossible unless the player has help from the Buxom Lolibaba. The harlots are not necessarily powerful, but their scenarios are much more difficult to survive.

      Phil's succubi would mostly fall into the middle tier. They'd play along with the game because they'd think it fun.

  11. Anon. MEH said that Phil's succubi are quite powerful with Verde even proclaiming that they are independent and aren't involved in no "daemon house" in Hell.

    They would most likely be Tier 3 harlots, especially Nurse Honey, Ntye, and Cerluea. MEH deadass admitting that the Madam doesn't like Nurse Honey and has done nothing to kick her out the House.

    Rosa would be Tier 2 but given how aggressive, greedy, and how much a pyromaniac she is, Rosa would fall under Tier 3.

    Verde is undecided. She could be a Tier 2 not because she's less dangerous but is a "softy" among the SS 101 gang.

    If Nicole was in the House, I could see her easily being a Tier 1 harlot.

    Again that's up for MEH to decide. Maybe all of Phil's succubi would be Tier 3

    1. Rosa would probably appear the latest.

      Nyte would be very fair but probably also very painful.

      Verde might not necessarily be as soft as people would expect, but she would make sure the player enjoyed their Bad End.

      Cerulea would be pure RNG.

      Nurse Honey, well she's already in there, so we'll find that out at some point...

  12. *Billy*

    Thank you so much Hydra. I’m thinking of trying to put as much characters as I could in the House. After being intimidated by Temptacia, Bate would go to the Portly Gentleman and collect his coins and he would go back to the bar to meet with Traeger (the guy from Nazi vs Succubus), the German guy from “Succubus in the Summer House”, and Andy as they have joined forces to escape together. Bate would be trying to cheer up Andy who is close to having a mental breakdown about daemons being real and all of his friends are dead.

    The harlot scenarios for the SS Gang would be interesting.

    Rosa would be Tier 3 and it definitely wouldn’t be wise to go to her with empty balls, or even half because she’s very greedy; she would inject a large dose of venom into the man and make him cum to death, or if he annoyed her, it would lead to a Horror End of Rosa burning the man to death. Given the fact that she can easily “dry fish” multiple men when she was at the human bar, the MC would definitely need to go to her with full balls and the charm that gives him more semen.

    Nyte is kind of difficult…if you are going to use harlots that will inflict actual pain on the MC, then maybe you must put in a charm that would increase the MC’s toughness and reduce pain. Or maybe just give the MC high enough WILL/CON because Phil did survive sex with Nyte multiple times (although she was going easy on him compared to what she does to the men in “Halloween Nyte”). It’s kind of hard to see her as Tier 2; Nyte is quite powerful and her sex skills are much higher than even Verde/Rosa, wouldn’t she be Tier 3? Speaking of Nyte, did she kill the female warlock that sent the spider after Phil, or did she get another daemon to do it for her?

    Verde shouldn’t be that difficult to pass; she should be Tier 1, but then again…Phil only survived because she already “ate” someone before he summoned her. I think Verde may appear as harmless as Panta, but the thing is what must the MC do to ensure she doesn’t eat him whole? Give her a plant gift?

    Cerluea being RNG/Luck based makes a lot of sense; she can shapeshift and change form and it would be difficult to tell which form is the “safest”. She could be the flapper girl, or the sexy Amazon when she and the others gang banged Phil, or the leather-clad dominatrix she morphed into for a split second when she was tutoring Phil.

    Nurse Honey would be a surprise. Maybe it’s a combination of the WILL stat and trying not to touch her body too much that will save the MC.

    1. Nyte is powerful, but has a fairly rigid moral code. That drops her in Tier 2 as she'd agree to a doable condition for a patron to survive and stick to it.

      Most of the SS crew would fall in the middle bracket. Tier 3 is for the succubi that have negotiated unfair conditions, have a skewed worldview that regards killing a person with pleasure as something the person would want, or don't really care for The Madam's rules and go all out with their charm/bondage abilities. They're not necessarily more powerful than lower tier harlots, just more difficult for a person to surivive.

  13. I'm assuming it doesn't exist already, but do you plan to implement an outcome where Sammy is either set free or transformed? I'd give my heart to the poor girl.

    1. Yep. Some of the harlots will have side quest lines. I've already added an alternate End with Suffocatrix Mamilla as proof-of-concept.

      I have plans for side quest lines with Sammy, Sgriosar (dick-destroying fairy) and maybe others as they add them.

      First priority is to increase the base harlot count so I can increase the amount of rounds the player can play. After that I'll start to do some fun things with repeat visits.

  14. I hope im not late but do the succubi of your world prefer sex with human males? Like if you gave Phil's succubi and every harlot in the House a choice of screwing an incubus or a human male, would the female lust daemons choose the human male and ignore the incubus?

    Is it because the human male's semen is better?

    1. Nearly always human. Mainly for world-building purposes. If succubi and incubi preferred to screw each other, they'd ignore humans entirely and I wouldn't have much material to work with. :)

  15. Its got to be that man. Human semen has to be better otherwise why would the succubi need to leave Hell to go fuck human males if they can feed on incubi?

    Fuck the incubi. Human male x succubi will always reign supreme.

    #Succubi Supremacy