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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update-ry Stuff

No Monmusu Conquered World Text Play updates this week.  Other stuff came up and I managed to fall behind.

Also, having got much deeper into the game, I'm starting to understand some of the criticisms people posted when I first talked about the game.  It does get repetitive and the lacks the pay-off of either Violated Hero 2's later Bad Ends or VH5's reasonably interesting storyline.  It does have a nice range of monster girls and I think most of the animated sex scene snippets work pretty well, but like a lot of Dieselmine games, all the good stuff never quite comes together to form a truly good game.

This is especially noticeable now I've got around to playing Monmusu Quest: Paradox again (more on this later).

I did think briefly about knocking the series on its head, but I'm not far from the end, so I'll post the last remaining segments next week.  In future I think I'll avoid doing games where I have no machine translation and stick to ones where the story is a little more interesting or where some element of walkthrough/guide might be useful.

Which brings me back to Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  I did write a massive series on the first part that was a lot of fun.  I didn't think I'd be able to do the same for the second because of the problems of running text-hooking software on Windows 10.  I have found a fix for that, or rather some software that does work, so I'm thinking a Text Play of Monmusu Quest: Paradox part 2 might be back on, providing I find a schedule that doesn't devour all the time I should be spending writing.

So yep, been replaying Monmusu Quest: Paradox a fair bit over the last week or so.  The Dargoth translations really improve the playing experience.  Dargoth and co. didn't complete a full 100% translation of part one before part two came out, but they seem to have followed a sensible priority list of names/items -> main plot -> H-scenes.  I'm nearly done with a replay of part 1 (Just Gnome and 3rd Tartarus to go) and it's been mostly English all the way.  If you're looking for English translations of a fave monster girl's H-scene, you might be disappointed (especially if she shows up later in the game), but the main plot seems fully translated from what I've seen so far.

So, there's a decent chance I might launch straight into a Monmusu Quest: Paradox part 2 series right after finishing up with Monmusu Conquered World.

As for my own personal writing, that's rather chaotic at the moment.  As usual I have too many projects on the go simultaneously, but at least some of them are approaching completion.  Here's the full list for people that might be interested:

H-Space Monster Girl Bestiary

I have one on the way and another batch of ideas to write.  I'm still suffering with a bloat problem on story length.  At 2.5K words they're not quite long enough to be what I'd consider a quality short story, but are taking up more time to write than the original purpose of sex scenes I flesh out into full stories at a later date.  I'm conscious of the fact I'm unlikely to put out a new novel this year.  I'm also conscious of the fact I put out the equivalent of an average novel's word count in H-space stories/profiles that I don't really know what to do with.

Priorities - not one of my strong points. :)

I'll keep adding to them when I get a chance anyway.  The setting is a little too hostile to human life at the moment, but I have a few ideas to fix this and make it a little more interesting.

Short Stories.

A H-space piece that builds up the lore a bit.  I'm about halfway through this one and I think people will like it.  I have it penciled in for Lit's Halloween contest.

Nude Day piece.  This one was penciled in for Lit's been-and-gone Nude Day contest.  A trio of lads, a derelict mansion, a lot (and I mean a lot!) of succubi in the basement.  Intro and first 3rd is done.  One of the characters needs a tweak to be less annoying/abrasive.

Novellas/Sandwiched by

"Sandwiched by Smoke".  This one's been crawling to completion for a while.  I keep coming back to it to add a few more pages.  It's inspired by '60/'70s spy serials like The Avengers and The Prisoner and should be a little more zanier than the ickier "Sandwiched by Stomachs".

Sandwiched by Slugs.  This was going to be a H-space Monster Girl Bestiary short.  I liked the setup and +1 slug girl gives me the sexy slimy sandwich to make it part of the Sandwiched by series.  (yes, it'll probably be icky).


Nicole standalone.  This was going to be the novel I wrote in between SS201 and SS301.  First two chapters are done.  I have a rough idea of the full plot and how it ties a bunch of my short stories together.  Then chapter 3 hit a roadblock, so it's sitting on the backburner until I get a chance to come back to it.

Succubus Invasion/Barry Lyle.  The backup novel I was going to write between SS201 and SS301 for the first half of this year.  Chaos writing screwed up here and I kept bouncing myself off the project to do other things (Sandwiched by, H-space Bestiary) instead of blasting this out while the ideas were hot.  I thought this was going to be parked on the backburner after I failed to finish it in the first half of 2017, but the words have started flowing again in the past couple of days (which is partly why you're getting this post and not Monmusu Conquered World Text Play part 18).  If I suddenly go very quiet in Oct/Nov it'll be because I've decided to stop jerking around and finally hammer this out.

That or:

Succubus Summoning 301.

Unsurprisingly, this is the one I get asked the most about, and the one that should be my greatest priority if I didn't have a very bad habit of my productivity being inversely proportional to the amount of pressure I put on myself to write something.  I know I'm way slower than I should be, but I also know I won't (can't) shove out of a bunch of rubbish to cash in on the popularity of the first two books.

If I hadn't finished in-between standalone novel by the 2nd half of 2017, the plan was to move on to SS301.  This is broadly in place dependent on where chaos writing takes me.  My productivity is so sketchy at the moment I'll settle for writing 10 pages on something random than trying to force a slow half-page out on whatever I think I should be writing.

This probably isn't what people want to hear, but the more I try and push myself, the more my feet dig in on things like this.  It'll come when the chapter is ready to come bursting out of my skull (which I don't think will be much longer - Rosa is very keen to go wild after I made a joke of her not getting any in SS201).

This is currently where I'm at.  Obviously, I'd prefer to have completed 1 novella + 75% of a novel, rather than 10-50% of about seven different projects, but that's how it is.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 16


Where we at now?  Part 16.  Man, and I bet we're 2.nothing% into the game as well.  I'm still going to be writing this when I'm old and my teeth are falling out.  The Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough first started back here.

Right, time to pack the wellies and waterproofs.  Things are going to get extremely slimy.

The first quest from Midas Village is to sort out the slug problem in Midas Village.  The source originates from a tower in the west.  This tower.

(by this point you might want to start using the various Encounter Half abilities/accessories.  I had four parties of lusty orcs, bee girls and other assorted monster girls throw themselves at my feet in the journey to the tower.  How there are any human males left in Ilias continent I have no idea.)

Right, slug girls.  When it comes to creating a sexy (YMMV) monster girl the standard approach is to start with the famous ones of myth – your mermaids, harpies, lamia and the like.  Then, if you're feeling creative, you can invent other types by splicing different organisms to sexy women.  Conceivably that could include slugs.  I mean we already have things like spiders and octopuses.  And slugs and octopuses are both molluscs after all.

But at what point does someone go, "You know, one slug girl isn't enough.  What this game really needs is more slug."

(says the person planning to write "Sandwiched by Slugs" later this year)

Slug tower is a whole load of more slug (but no snails funnily enough).  The original slug girl isn't present, presumably because she'd be woefully under-levelled at this point.  Instead we get two new designs.

Slugs tend to the goth end of the fashion market apparently.  Although the one in the nun habit seems to be legitimately into the worship of a god that hates her.  Which is fairly hardcore goth when you think about it.

(renounce the false Goth music and embrace your lord and saviour, Black Metal!)

That one's likely showing my age.

Ah that picture of the girl with the wide-open mouth from the promo material – it's sister slug's temptation attack.  And, in a surprise for this game, she just wants to wrap her slimy tongue around our cock rather than us.

The Bad End sees her go down on her knees between Luka's legs.  I could say something about altar boys and priests, but I suspect I'm already beyond my limit of allowed risqué material after the sections with Mini and the loli bandits.

Sister slug is very well behaved for an MGQ monster girl.  At one point in the Bad End it even looks like she's going to let us go afterwards.  Then she asks if we'd like to accompany her on a pilgrimage and that becomes Luka's new quest.  There are worse fates in this world.  Like the one about two paragraphs down.

Not sure I trust sister slug's mate, the yellowy one, though.  Something in the way she's licking her lips.  She seems a little too fond of meat.  Careful there, Luka, it's not always your semen the girls are after.

Ulp, too late.

Did I remember to warn you the MGQ series occasionally shows really gruesome Bad Ends where Luka is eaten alive by the monster girl in a really gruesome manner?  That one might have slipped my mind.

She also eats you alive back in the pocket castle if you request the wrong sex favour.

Really eats you, team-mate or not.  Luka has to make the trek back from Hades and respawns back at the gate to the castle.  This is the first monster girl that happens with I think.  It also surprised me as it had different artwork.  Up until then I'd assumed that most of the requests either duplicated the Bad Ends with slightly different dialogues or were new scenes like Lime's Slime Heaven.  Now I'm wondering what else I might have missed as most of the time I've been avoiding losing (walking back from town is annoying) because I figured I'd see the scenes in the castle after recruiting the monster girl.

Predation is just one of Elizabeth's (the carnivorous slug girl) five scenes back at the castle (six counting her Bad End).  That part of the game is a little random.  I think the only criteria determining how many scenes a particular monster girl gets is how enthusiastic their artist is for drawing them.

With Elizabeth you get a slimy paizuri scene

And various sex scenes

Including one that touches on the fact a lot of slugs are hermaphrodites

(although I suspect some could have quite happily gone without being shown that).

Kudos to the artist (I think it's UN_DO) for putting in that little bit extra.

At the top of the slug tower the slug boss is actually three bosses.  They're having sticky fun with some poor (jammy) lad.  He's nearly out of baby juice, so it's rather convenient Luka happened to come along at this precise moment…

The slug queen is a three-in-one boss.  She counts as a single target, but has three separate attacks.  Barnny's Land-Dweller Killer attacks whittle her down to no HP eventually.

After beating her Luka tells her about the slug epidemic in Midas Village.  The slug queens admit they might have got a little carried away with reproduction.  But it's okay, they'll just copulate for pleasure from now on.

That works, I suppose.

The slug queen(s) can be recruited to the party.  This requires Luka proving he has enough love for the slug race.  It can be done by feeding the original slug girl enough lettuce to get her happiness above 100.  She then gives you a slug medal which can be presented to the slug queens as proof.

The slug queens also like lettuce and their 100 happiness H-scene is oddly beautiful in a weirdly mystical way.  Certainly imaginative and worth a look.

(I did consider posting it here, but I'm also conscious that what I'm doing here could be seen as not much different to the posts of all the CGIs that appeared on some sites within a couple of days of Paradox coming out.  For that reason I will be deliberately omitting some material.  The artists and creators of Monmusu Quest: Paradox have done a good job.  Please support them by buying the game so they'll go on to make more.)

That's the slugs exterminated in as much as Luka ever exterminates anything.  Not that it makes any difference as Midas Village is still infested with slug girls.  Flora, the legendary maid, says that's okay.  It was the same last time.  The numbers dropped to manageable levels over the following year.  Poor slug girls, they die so young.  Anyway, that's the Maid job unlocked.

Tomorrow it's time to get some gold so the nice man in the metalsmith shop can make us some glittery new gear.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 15

The Medal Queen and Midas Village

We’re at part 15 of the Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough – the grim log of a hapless author destroyed by a JRPG.  The madness starts back here.

A bitty episode today, I’m afraid.  It’s more new locations discovered and endless NPCs to talk to.

Just north of the harpy tower there’s a little palace-type thing.  Entering puts us in a wood outside it, though.

A slug girl, earthworm girl and leech girl are hanging out outside a hut.  They like it here because it’s damp.  I think they’re all NPCs just here for flavour purposes, but it might be because I don’t have the right party composition to trigger further dialogue.  At this point Luka’s harem is already so big I doubt I’ll get a chance to try them all out, let alone level them up.  It’s like Pokémon all over again and I needed to learn MS Access to figure that out (yes, I was that geeky).

The house contains another battle-fucker – Meirin.  She’s some kind of martial artist, I think, and her technique is the titjob.  They must have run out of time on her artwork as it’s just the same sprite with a semen splash added at the end when Luka – predictably – fails to hold out.

If you do beat her you get some kind of martial arts scroll.  There are a number of accessories like this and I haven’t figured out what they do yet to be honest.

Carrying on north and we find some kind of teleporter that teleports us across the water to a small island.  The first structure (the one we’re teleported into) is the North Ilias Monastery.

I think this is another tutorial area.  There are various NPCs talking about advanced jobs and attributes.  This is a little worrying as I’m using every dirty trick I can think of to boost XP and Lime is still only a level 9 thief.  I’m guessing this will make sense later.  Maybe.  There’s some stuff about attributes and + systems that machine translation hasn’t a hope of making clear.  I guess experimentation is what it’ll have to be.

Outside the monastery and there’s one other structure on the island.  It’s a palace found in an oasis.  Sadly the monster girls are the same standard wandering monsters for the Ilias continent we’ve already seen many times before.

The structure next to the oasis is the palace of the Medal Queen.

This is where you can trade in all those small medals that keep turning up in various barrels and pots.  The trade list includes various items, job certificates and you can even ask the queen herself to join the party with enough medals.

That’s probably not happening for a while.  Currently I have a mighty 6 medals.  Three is enough to unlock the Noble job and that’s probably better than a sword I can’t use because of giving everyone in the party all the greedy jobs.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else to this area at the moment.

Next stop is the Midas Village.  That’s the next quest hub and it’s to the north-east.

Midas Village has a slug problem.  There are a ridiculous number of slug girls crawling around.  The old chap by the entrance explains it’s been a bad year and they have a bit of an epidemic of them at the moment.  He also fills in with other bits of information.  There’s a gold mine to the north (overrun with monster girls) and a famous but retired Maid lives in the village somewhere (the source of the certificate to unlock the Maid job).

There is definitely a slug girl problem.  The NPC normally charged with teleporting the player to places of interest is complaining because a slug girl is currently doing their job.  The preacher used to reset the respawn point has been replaced by a slug girl in a nun habit.  The normal preacher is over in the corner, apparently being ‘tended’ to by his own slug harem.

There’s even a slug girl roaming the cow fields to the west.

“Moo.  I’m a cow.”

Um, yes dear.

There’s a useful shop in this area.  The maid in the field (if you have recruited the orc girl she’ll be standing next to her) sells various meats.  These are useful for raising the happiness of the more predatory monster girls back in the pocket castle.

There is a battle-fucker.  She’s dressed as a maid and hangs around outside the house of the maid of legend.

She’s another handjob specialist.  No wonder monster girls are so tempting – do none of the human girls shag?

Actually, you’ll want to boost Luka’s HP high enough to win this battle-fuck as soon as possible.  Her reward is a useful accessory that gives 1.5x Job XP with no drawback.

There are two quests originating from Midas Village.

The first is from the blacksmith in the shop.  He needs a chunk of gold from the mines in the north.  Fetch that and it will unlock a whole lot of shiny new gear.

The second is given by the legendary maid.  Back when she was in her prime there was a similar slug girl outbreak.  It originated from a tower out in the west.  She went there and defeated the slug queen responsible for flooding the land with an epidemic of slug girls.  She thinks the same thing has happened again and tasks Luka and party with defeating the slug queen.  As a reward she’ll hand over the certificate that unlocks the maid job.

So more setup today rather than frantic fighting and fucking.

The guide I’ve been following (yes, I know it’s a cheat but as the alternative was wandering the realm without the faintest idea of what to do, I did what I had to do) suggests doing the gold mine first.  I did check out both locations and as the monster girls found in the slug tower appear before the monster girls from the gold mine in the monsterpedia I think the tower is supposed to be the next location.

So join us tomorrow for sexy… uh… slug girls?  It’s going to be slimy and icky, isn’t it…

Oh, and if you're enjoying this so far and on the off chance you want to show your appreciation with a small financial contribution.  I don't have a Paypal button or a Patreon account.  Instead I ask people to check out my ebooks.  This is better.  I still get money and you get more wickedly sexy content along the same lines as MGQ and similar games.  The books can be found on Amazon and Smashwords.  Please give them a look if you've liked what you've read here so far.

(really should have picked a blog post with more sex in it before putting in the ebook plug)

Friday, April 03, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 14

The Harpy Tower

The epic playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox continues.  The first part was posted back here.

Currently we’re looking for the harpies as they’ve all buggered off somewhere.  Some of the folks think it might be to a mysterious tower to the north.  Before then we might as well check out (translation: steal all their stuff while they’re buggered off) the harpy village.  It’s the big tree next to the village.

The harpy village is a ghost town.  It’s also a little weird to navigate as there are hidden paths around the back of the tree that take the player higher up.  If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to reach the higher branches, look for the sign post and then walk into the tree trunk.

Right at the top we find Nero drinking tea (out of his own cup – he brought it with him) in the chief’s house.  He has the answer to why all the harpies have vanished.  They’ve been infected with a virus that turns them into uncontrollable nymphomaniacs.

Hrm, isn’t this MGQ-verse?  I thought every monster girl was already an uncontrollable nymphomaniac.

Anyway, because the infected pose a risk to the humans around them, the queen has quarantined all the harpies off in a tower to the north.  The weird thing about the virus is everyone thought it extinct thousands of years ago.  More evidence of timey-wimey weirdness likely originating from the Tartarus pits.  If Luka can travel into the future of a parallel world then so too can ancient travellers from the past.  One of them must have brought the virus with them.

Nero, who clearly knows way more than he’s letting on, has a cure.  It’s the rare fruit of some kind of world tree.  I don’t think that location was in the first series.  Might be wrong though.

Armed with a cure, we toddle off north in search of the tower.

There’s a big forest and a whole lot of nothing in this region.  The monsters are the same bee girls, orcs, rabbit girls and sparrow daughters as before.  The tower is next to a lake at the north fringe of the big forest.

We knock on the door and tell them we have a cure.  A harpy opens the door.

“Forget the medicine.  Let’s have sex!”

This will not be straightforward.

Actually, the tower is fairly straightforward.  And a little dull.  There’s nothing new here.  The harpy and harpy twins return from the first game.  The other wandering monsters are the same sparrow daughters we’ve already fought (and fucked).

I think I might have got a little lucky with having the right people in the party.  Harpies have annoyingly high evasion and dodge most attacks.  I found this out later when I returned to the tower to try and recruit the harpy twins.  I’d noticed that the Slime race picks up a couple of anti-harpy skills around level 6 or 7.  I figured that was a hint the game was expecting Bunni and Lime to be useful in this section.  Unfortunately, damage bonuses only apply if you actually hit the target and the slimes are about as accurate as the England cricket team after a night on the piss.

The tower has three floors and on the top floor is a returning boss from the first series – the lovely harpy queen.

Despite desires on spiriting Luka off to be her babies-forever husband, the harpy queen was (sort of) one of the good guys.  Given that the human and harpy village are already co-existing, it was going to take something like this nympho-inducing plague to give Luka a reason to fight her.  She does try to fight the effects, but it’s Luka, and every monster girl in the planet wants his man meat.

As with the first series, the harpy queen is the first to employ a Counter stance (where attacking sets the player up for an instant loss).  I was wondering if Paradox would bring that back and how it’d be implemented with the party fights.  The game asks me if I want to attack and I wisely decide to hang back while queen harpy is showing her funky moves.

After the fight we find out that the quarantine is going to have to continue.  More powerful individuals need more of the cure and the harpy queen is so powerful that curing her would leave nothing left for her people.  Her solution is to stay in self-imposed quarantine.

This is also a convenient excuse to leave the harpy tower open for future visits.  If you didn’t pick up either Reina (the normal harpy) or Pina & Pii (the harpy twins), you can come back later.  I’d advise much later – the harpies are a damn pain to hit.

I’m not 100% on it, but I don’t think the harpy queen can be recruited this chapter.  I think this is a quest for future chapters.  It will be interesting to see if she’s been given any new H-scenes.  In the castle Reina and Chun (sparrow daughter) only have one request scene at 10 happiness.  Pina and Pii have three (they like bananas) and I think the 50 happiness might be new, although I can’t remember exactly how many scenes they had in the original series.

Back at the now populated harpy village and there’s some more story background.

In the harpy queen’s house one of the harpies tells Luka and others that a trio of powerful demons visited the queen right before the epidemic started.

Oh hello, first sighting of the succubus trio.

Morrigan (her name translates to ‘harpoon cancer’ amusingly):


And Astaroth:

Machine translation doesn’t help too much with what was said, or it might be that it was too late at night and my eyes had gone blurry.  Alice is a bit surprised at the names.  Sometimes demons might be given the names of a trio of infamous and powerful succubi from the past, but it’s considered bad form.

(uh oh, I think these might be the original name holders)

Alice decides the best plan from here is to investigate the second Tartarus hole in the east, but as it’s a bit difficult – and dangerous – to get to, they should visit Midas village in the north and get some better equipment.

Before then there are a few minor sub-quests to fill in now that the harpies have come back.

Talking to the harpies in the item shop with Vanilla will expand her inventory in the pocket castle item shop.  Harpy wings (an item to teleport to any town previously visited) will be available to buy.

Rami, the ludicrously busty imp, wants to fly.  She’s not too good at it (“too much air resistance” as Remi and Rumi joke).  Talking to a harpy in the inn will suggest she jump off the top of the mountain the slimes inhabit next to Iliasville.

With the harpies now back a couple of new characters can be recruited.  Tiny Lamia (her name is even Teeny) can be recruited from the Sutherland Inn in Iliasburg.  She’s of the Lamia race and likely the first recruit with the Maid job.  She also takes on running the inn in the pocket castle and the party can rest there for the ultra-cheap price of 1G.

The unfortunate harpy, Pyhar, can also now be recruited from Pornburg providing you have Amira in the party.

That’ll do for today.  I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.