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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Violated Hero 2, in English (+ other translation sites)

I spotted this question on an old post about Violated Hero 2:

TerraMastero: "Is this game in English?"


I wonder what she has in mind...

It has been translated by Dargoth and the English translation can be found here:

Checking out some scenes (which may or may not have involved a certain bouncy empress of slime) made me realise my poor little AutoTranslator had got a little confused first time around, which is pretty much to be expected with machine translation.

Fans of Japanese Monster Girl eroges are now fortunate to have a couple of people working on translations.

RogueTranslator is the person to thank for the English version of the Monster Girl Quest games.

Dargoth also has a website devoted to their translations.  They also post information about new and forthcoming monster girl games every so often, so well worth checking out.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Monster Girl Quest Part 2: Full English Translation Out

It’s been three months since Monster Girl Quest part 2 came out and, right on schedule, RogueTranslator has finished translating the final third of the game. You can get the full English patch here.

Who says blondes have all the fun...

Give that man a round of applause. This continues the story right up to the demon castle and Luka’s battles against the four Heavenly Knights.

Wisely, Toro Toro Resistance hasn’t given a release date for the final part after his poor artists got harassed over delays the last time around. A sensible attitude (says someone also a bit laggardly at getting an anticipated piece of work out - *cough* Succubus Summoning 201 *cough*). His site is showing some of the new monster girl artwork and it appears the angels are just as perverted and sex-mad as every other creature in poor Luka’s world.

The new strategy to get people to go to Sunday School...

I'll finish with the obligatory plug for my own stuff: If you really like the game, you'll probably also like my stories.

(Sees how many times MGQ2 has been downloaded... I really need to find some artists and make a game...)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

English Patch for first part of Monster Girl Quest, Chapter 2

Hello, hello. I nearly missed this while I was distracted with all the plagiarism drama.

Someone's been busy...

Once again Luka finds himself in a sticky spot with the ladies...

Hat's off to RogueTranslator. He's already got the first third of Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 2 translated, right up to the lovely Undine above. You can get the patch here. You'll still need a copy of the original game, which can be purchased from here.