Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Erotica: When Your Chapter Has No Sex

I’ve started posting the “Locked in with a Succubus” chapters up on Literotica. It’s the first time I’ve gone outside of the Erotic Horror category. I thought I’d try and see if I could pick up some new readers by posting in the NonNuman category instead (and then promptly lose them as the story heads off into too-dark territory). The first chapter (intro + part 2) went live yesterday.

It has the worst score of any of my Literotica stories.

(lower even than "The Biggest Tits in the World", where I screwed up and tossed out a mental image most readers spotted right off was simply impossible—although I do have a fix now)

That’s something I was expecting and knew I’d have to take on the chin. People like their erotica to have, you know, naughty bits.

It’s always a dilemma. I like my sex scenes to be surrounded by a strong story and the problem with Plot with Porn as opposed to Plot? What Plot? is sometimes the plot heads off into areas with no sex. So what do you do? Crowbar in the naughty anyway, or cross your fingers and hope the story is compelling enough to keep the readers interested until the next pair of jiggling boobs appears on the horizon?

I’m a bit weird, so the story is always sacrosanct to me. No sex unless it fits naturally into the plot.

Fortunately for me, when you write about succubi, sex always naturally fits into the plot!

I was going to combine "Locked in with a Succubus" into one single piece, but I think it might diminish the impact of all those teasing little chapter endings. It’s given me some ideas on how to put my 4th collection of short stories together. I’ll see what happens on Literotica over the next couple of weeks. If everyone gets bored waiting for the hot stuff to happen and buggers off, then I’ll know it was a failed experiment.


  1. The primary problem with posting chapters piecemeal with this story is that the chapters are not that big. Your Succubus Summoning stories seem to have a lot more writing per chapter than this story does. It'd be better I think to combine 4-5 chapters per posting for this story, if they're all going to be this small.

  2. Does literotica allow stories to be filed under multiple categories? I always thought your stories with the happier endings would fit perfectly well in the nonhuman or sci-fi/fantasy categories.

  3. @wardog. You could be right. Succubus Summoning was a single short story that turned into a chain of short stories. Locked in was originally supposed to be an 8,000 word story that ended up being longer than I thought. The really short chapter format is ideal for blogs and forum posts where people are scared away by a huge wall of text, but maybe not so good for places like Literotica. I could lump chapters together, but then I'd lose those cute little cliffhangers, so I'm undecided. I'll see how it pans out on Literotica.

  4. @C. I thought about it for some of Nicole's earlier stories, but realised I'd be tipping off the ending in advance by which category the story ended up in. I like to keep readers guessing. (This may of course backfire if Nicole does end up draining poor George to a dessicated husk!)