Sunday, May 29, 2011

Locked in with a Succubus, part 11

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Nicole frowned. “It’s not much of a chance. You are quite inexperienced in the arts of lovemaking . . .”

“I’ll take it,” George said.

Nicole’s black eyes glimmered. Her smile became crafty.

“Make me come,” she said.

George paused. He didn’t know what to say.

“When it comes to a succubus and a human male, the succubus has total control in all matters concerning sex,” Nicole said. “As you’d expect of a being who is an absolute personification of carnal desires.”

She sat cross-legged next to George. Her tail curled round into her lap. She stared down at the flicking, arrow-pointed tip.

“Unfortunately, the gulf in experience makes it very hard for a succubus to achieve full satisfaction,” she said.

Her thumb and forefinger came together in a circle around her tail. She moved her hand up and down in an imitation of masturbation.

“What do I need to do?” George asked.

He felt a lot of trepidation. He had no real experience and he was dealing with an entity that lived off sex. Still, a slim chance was better than no chance at all.

Nicole tapped one clawed finger against her cheek. Her other hand went down between her legs and she ran a black fingernail between the moist folds of her sex.

“Mmm, it’s no good with me on top,” she mused. “It’s against your nature, but you’ll need to take the initiative. Be forceful. And work extremely hard. Mmm . . . yes . . . this might give you the best chance.”

She hopped up on all fours and faced away from him.

“Come over here,” she ordered.

Her tone was sweet but the words slipped right through his ears, hooked talons in his brain and tugged. George was on his knees and moving towards her before he even realised.

“Wha-how?” George said in surprise.

“Darling, you should never release your seed in a succubus’s cunt. It gives her a degree of control over you.”

She looked back at George and gave him a wicked smile. She waggled the lovely peach of her ass.

“I probably should have mentioned that earlier,” she said.

Yeah, thanks for the warning, George thought sourly.

“Now come and fuck me.” That voice again, jerking his body around on sugar-sweet puppet strings.

Before he was even aware, George was kneeling behind the lush swell of her behind with a hand stroking up and down his erection. Her tail flicked and twitched, exposing the little bud of her anus. George paused. Her tail lifted. The orifice relaxed and opened. The dilations and contractions, the moist lining behind, the hint of deep tight depths, all drew his gaze. A target.

His hand stroked up and down his bulging erection. All he needed to do was push forward.

George did, but at the last moment his hand steered his cock downwards, plunging it into the silken sheath of her vagina instead.

She hadn’t given him permission for the . . . other place.

Nicole chuckled.

“Always the gentleman,” she said.

She rocked back into him. Her whip-like tail slithered over his hips and curled round behind him.

“You could have, you know,” she said. “I wouldn’t have minded.”

The tip of her tail pressed up against the sphincter of his anus. Not hard enough to enter, but hard enough to imply it could.

“Of course, I’d have then felt obligated to do the same back to you,” Nicole said with a sultry chuckle. “Fair is fair.”

George shivered and instinctively jerked forwards. Forward meant plunging deeper into Nicole’s velvet depths, which he suspected was what she’d intended. She gave a contented moan and stretched her back like a cat. The soft curves of her buttocks pressed into his crotch.

“It’s not as bad as you think.” Her tail tickled around the rim of his anus. “It’s quite pleasant.” The tail gave his asshole a delicate little prod. “But I fear you’d empty out very quickly if my little tail started tickling away on your prostate.” The tail moved away and the tip tickled against the underside of his testicles. “Far too quickly to get me anywhere near orgasm.”

George allowed himself a little sigh of relief as her tail slithered off down his inner thigh.

He placed both hands on the soft flesh of her ass and held on as he began to thrust back and forth into her. His cock slipped in and out of her moist sheath.

“Ooh yes, that’s a nice rhythm,” Nicole said. “You can go harder.”

George did, although he wasn’t sure it was by choice. His hips had slipped the leash of his mind and were rocking back and forth of their own accord. In. Out. George plunged into her silken sex again and again.

“You can drop that tentativeness,” Nicole said. “Women like sex too. Harder.”

She braced her legs and rocked back against him, meeting his thrusts with perfect timing. The bed sloshed and swayed beneath them. George was worried he’d lose his balance and slip out of her, but he didn’t.

“I’m not a porcelain doll,” Nicole said. “You’re not going to break me. Harder!”

I’m trying, George thought.

He grasped her hips—her flesh felt so good beneath his fingers; warm, soft, like a pillow he never wanted to let go of—and pounded her harder, harder, harder. She didn’t mind. She wanted more, more, more.

In. Out. His swollen erection sliding between her fleshy drapes. Feeling the friction as her moist vaginal walls rubbed against him.

Make her come.

In. Out.

Sheesh, this was knackering.

Sweat-soaked hair drifted down across George’s vision.

Focus! In. Out. Make her come.

Nicole’s pussy convulsed; clenched and dilated around him. George’s cock plunged right into a thick vaginal secretion that felt as soft and as rich as squirted cream. His mouth fell open as his dick was engulfed in pleasant tingles.

George paused. Nicole murmured in pleasure and writhed against him. The walls of her vagina crawled up and down George’s penis in soft little undulations. His hands slipped from the smooth skin of her hips. Her vagina swelled, pulled away and thick tingling juices were pumped over his cock. George stopped.

That felt so—

No. He mustn’t stop. He was hers for sure if he stopped.

George grabbed her hips and redoubled his efforts. Waves of force rippled over the taut skin of her buttocks as his hips slapped against her. Her round breasts jiggled and swayed.

In. Out. Fucking as if his life—and soul—depended on it, which they did.

Nicole quivered and shivered. The elastic walls of her vagina clenched and unclenched around his dick. Each squeeze felt like a sunburst of pleasure in his loins.

He was going to—

No! Focus on something else.

His breath rasped in his lungs. It reminded him of cross-country running back at school.

He fucking hated cross-country running back at school.

No good. Her ever so pliant pussy squeezed and rubbed against him. Rich warm cream enveloped his member. Nicole was breathing heavier now—deep husky breaths.

No good. Her vagina clenched again and George felt the wet suction pull on him as he fell back for another thrust.


George groaned. He was coming. He felt it welling up inside him—from his balls, from his hips, from his toes.

Nicole chuckled in triumph. The motions of her vagina changed, became like a mouth sucking on a lollipop.


No. Even though he was coming, he’d still remain hard for a short while.

He rammed his spurting cock into her as deep as it would go. Nicole gave a surprised yelp. The yelp changed to louder and louder moans as he thrust back and forth into her. George squeezed every last drop from his protesting muscles as he jackhammered against her. It was the last sprint to the line as his dick sprayed his seed inside her.

Nicole shivered. The trembles travelled through her body, spreading to her partially folded wings. She paused, gave a loud sigh. Her pussy exploded around George, flooding his lap with warm, sticky juices.

That had to be it. Completely shattered, George collapsed back onto the comfortable, yielding surface of the waterbed. He lay there, breathing heavily.

Was it enough? It had to be enough.

Nicole shuffled across on her knees and straddled his supine form.

“That was . . . very good,” she said. Her full breasts moved up and down as she got her breath back. Her pale cheeks were flushed deep red. Her crotch was sticky with their shared juices.

She fell forward on top of him and rubbed her body against him, sighing in contentment.

“So, can I go?” George asked.

It had to have been enough.

“No,” Nicole said.

“But I thought—”

Nicole stifled his protests with her soft lips and warm breath. She broke off the kiss and looked down at George. Her black eyes glittered like stones.

“I lied,” she said.

To be continued . . .


  1. Hi I love the Big Black Bed!! Hope you write more of it!

  2. Hehe, that was one of my least popular stories. I'm glad it's found a home. :)

    I don't have anything specifically sketched out for Protelia (the-sort of-slime girl masquerading as a bed) in the future, but I imagine I'll cover similar weirdness again at some point.