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Locked in with a Succubus, part 8

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Now it really heats up. It goes without saying, but if you're not at least eighteen years old, you shouldn't be here. So go now. Don't read another word. I don't want to be responsible for your eyes catching fire and melting in your head.

“My pussy is hungry,” Nicole said, letting her soft hand caress up the underside of George’s cock. “I think it’s time to let her feed.”

George would have been more concerned by her words had his brain not been suspended in a thick fog of pleasure. Nicole looked at his empty, blissed-out state and tutted.

“First we should clear your head a little.”

She rested a palm on George’s forehead. He felt a sudden hot flash and the clouds obscuring his mind were blown aside.

“Wha-ha?” George said. He felt like he’d just woken up from a pleasant dream.

“Too much pheromone,” Nicole said.

She lay next to George and lazily pumped a hand up and down his twitching cock.

“For some of my clients it’s a kindness to have them spend their last moments submerged in a fog of purest bliss,” Nicole said. “I didn’t think that was fair on you. A man should fully experience the moment he loses his virginity.”

“Thanks. How thoughtful,” George said sourly.

Nicole slid on top of him and straddled his midriff. She pinned his arms to the gently rocking bed. She looked down at him and smiled.

“What’s the matter,” she said. “You did say you weren’t against the idea of casual sex, providing the other participant was willing.”

Her tail coiled around his cock and started to pump up and down, keeping him at full hardness.

“And I’m extremely willing,” Nicole beamed.

No, George wasn’t against the idea of casual sex. But this, spread-eagled and straddled by a demon from the pits of hell, wasn’t exactly how he’d pictured losing his virginity.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Nicole said. “I know you’re secretly enjoying this.”

She lay down on him. Her soft breasts rested on his chest. Her arms went around him in an embrace. Her pleasant perfume filled his nostrils.

“I’ll let you into a little secret,” she whispered in his ear.

Her tail continued to masturbate George’s cock. He felt his body respond as his hips started to move up and down in time with her moments.

“I don’t feel pleasure,” she said. “Not in the conventional sense. I only feel the pleasure I give to my sexual partners.”

She leant closer. Her soft lips brushed against the lobes of George’s ear. Her felt her warm breath tickle his skin.

“And I’m very adept at giving them pleasure,” she whispered.

Her tail squeezed his cock. The flat arrow-point tip wrapped over George’s glans like a tight hood. George gasped as it squeezed him. His body shuddered uncontrollably, sending waves flowing outwards across the bed, as the coils of her tail bunched up and stroked up and down his shaft. As much as his throbbing balls wanted to disgorge their contents, the seal around the base of his cock held.

Nicole sat up and laughed.

“Mmm, nice,” she said.

She released the head of his cock. George gasped as he felt the tip of her tail hook and tease the opening to his urethra as it slid off him. Shivers of pleasure ran through his body.

“I’m just a plaything for your pleasures,” he accused.

Nicole sat up. She cocked her head to the side. Her tail continued to give stimulation to his cock.

“Yes, I suppose you are,” she said. The corner of her mouth turned up in a wicked smile. “You’re my little toy and I’m going to play with you all night.”

She reached behind her to fondle his balls.

“How is this different to rape?” George asked.

Nicole put a hand to her mouth and laughed even louder than before. She pinned George’s arms back to the bed and leant down until her nose was brushing his and her empty black eyes were staring right into him.

“Silly boy,” she said. “A succubus never rapes her victims. Rape is sex without consent and a succubus’s victim always gives consent…in the end. They even expire with a smile on their face.”

That wasn’t much comfort to George.

“Don’t worry,” Nicole said. “I’ll push the corners of your mouth down so you look all serious for the undertakers.”

George’s eyes widened.

Nicole ducked down closer. “That was a joke,” she whispered in his ear.

George’s brow furrowed. What did she mean?

Nicole sat back up. She lifted her body up and moved backwards until she was directly above George’s crotch and his bobbing, swollen erection.

“Enough foreplay,” Nicole said. “It’s time my pussy was fed.”

She lowered her body and used her tail to steer George’s erection to the naked cleft of her sex. A mixture of excitement and trepidation flooded through him and he tensed as he felt her weight press lightly against the swollen head of his cock. Her labia, those thick fleshy lips, parted around his swollen glans and he felt the wet folds of her inner sex against the head of his cock.

“It’s still rape,” George said.

His hips twitched. Another orgasm was sent back by the seal Nicole had placed around the root of his cock.

Nicole laughed. “I think your body would beg to differ,” she said.

George’s hips had seceded from the rest of his body. They jerked and flexed of their own accord. Part of him had been waiting—longing—for this moment for a very long time. The little matter of the girl on top of him being a demon wasn’t going to dissuade his body from pushing his manhood up into her juicy, taunting snatch.

Nicole laughed, low and sultry. She had all the control. She rode his clumsy upward thrusts with languid ease. She kept the head of his cock pressed against her moist folds, but didn’t permit him to go any deeper. She wiggled on top of him, teasing him as she ran his swollen glans along the dripping groove of her sex. The tip of her tail curved between his legs and tickled the underside of his scrotum.

“So eager,” she chided. “You should draw out the moment for your first time. Savour it.”

George was more concerned it might also be his last time. His body, of course, didn’t care.

She stopped pinning his arms to the bed and leant backwards, bracing her hands on his thighs. She pressed her hips downwards. George watched her plump labia swell out and engulf the head of his cock. He was inside her, just the tip, but inside her nonetheless. He let out a soft groan as he felt the muscular walls of her vagina contract around the tip of his cock.

Nicole closed her eyes. Her pale white cheeks were tinged with red.

“Mmm,” she purred. “Just a taste to start with. A tiny little suck.”

The lips of her vulva started to move against him. They were sucking on the tip of his cock. Her sex was sucking on the tip of his cock. Like a mouth. George’s head fell back and another involuntary groan of pleasure escaped him.

He felt her juices. Warm and wet, they bathed the helmet of his cock and dribbled down his shaft. Just as with his tongue and lips from when she’d sat on his face, her juices magnified the sensitivity of his skin. His glans felt swollen, enormous; increasing in size until it encompassed his whole world. The warm folds of her sex swept across that world, sucking him and coating his skin in more of her body’s sinful secretions.

“Still feel like rape?” Nicole asked. “You can say no.”

George lay back and stared up into the mirror on the ceiling. Nicole was astride him, in total control. Her black wings were tightly folded up against her back. It felt like a mouth was down there, sucking on the tip of his cock. Such control.

He said nothing.

Nicole looked up and met his gaze in the mirror. Her black eyes gleamed. She smiled.

“Thought not,” she said.

She started to sink down on him, slowly taking him inside her, millimetre by exquisite millimetre. The inside of her vagina was silk. Silk impregnated with perfumed oil. It slid smoothly over his head and hugged the length of his shaft. Nicole sank all the way down on him until she was kissing the base of his cock.

Nicole’s eyes gleamed with triumph as she stared down at him. The succubus had him. He was in her. He was hers.

“Would you have stopped,” George asked, “if I’d said no?”

Nicole cocked her head to one side, thoughtful as she considered his question.

“No,” she answered.

Her vagina convulsed. The walls undulated up and down George’s erection. Inside her, his cock was deluged in thick, warm fluids that sank into his skin and sent his nerve endings wild with pleasure.

George’s head crashed back down on the mattress and he thrashed it from side to side as ecstasy washed through him in a wave.

“But I might have felt a little guilty about it,” Nicole said.

Calm and perfectly poised, she started to move her hips up and down. Her full breasts bobbed with her movements, but the rest of her body was still and composed. The bed rocked and swayed beneath them and Nicole incorporated the undulations into her movements, timing each downward thrust to match the rising crest of each wave.

“Poor little virgin,” she teased. Her pale face was beautiful, radiant, terrible. “Defiled by the evil succubus. You’re my little toy now. Drown in my lusts.”

George was sinking. He still lay on top of the pitching surface of the waterbed, but he was drowning nonetheless. All his thoughts were being crowded out. The only thing left was the sinuous motion of her hips as she smoothly engulfed his cock within her silken sheath again and again.

“Drown little virgin,” Nicole whispered. “Give yourself up to my lusts.”

George writhed beneath her. His own body was betraying him. His hips began to push up and meet her thrusts, driving his manhood deep inside her warm vagina.

There was something at the end of the tunnel of her sex, he realised dimly—a pad of flesh that was hot and lusciously soft. As Nicole’s thrusts grew longer and deeper, the head of his cock nudged up against it. It felt…pleasant. The tip of George’s cock came away with nice tingling sensation and a desire to bury it deeper into that thick soft cushion.

Nicole came down hard, pushing George’s erection all the way up inside her vagina. His cock pressed against that soft obstruction and suddenly it came alive. Soft, hot, moist flesh ballooned around the fleshy helmet of George’s cock and engulfed it—absorbing it almost—in a tight muscular grip.

Nicole gave a sharp intake of breath. She paused. Her vagina contracted—hard—around George’s shaft, trapping him in a tight, fleshy vice. Her eyes widened.

“Oh crap,” she said.

Uh oh. To be continued...

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