Sunday, May 15, 2011

Locked in with a Succubus, part 9

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“Oh crap,” she said.

Puzzled, George looked up.

Nicole sat astride him, motionless aside from the up and down movements of the waterbed beneath them. Her sex had contracted snugly all around his cock, holding him firmly inside her. It was very tight, but not uncomfortably so. In fact, it felt very pleasant. Her vagina was warm, almost hot, and his dick felt like it was stewing in pleasure.

What was happening?

Nicole’s eyes were shut and her face was expressionless, perfect like a porcelain doll. Her vagina slowly started to peel back from the root of George’s cock.

Her sex convulsed.

George’s whole body tensed up. An involuntary gasp burst from his mouth.

The soft walls of her pussy squished around his cock like warm putty and then squeezed. He felt powerful suction roll all the way up his shaft.

And beyond.

He felt it in his trunk, in the blood vessels running throughout his body. The pad of soft fleshy tissue enveloping the head of his penis expanded like bellows and he felt the pull right through his balls and down to his curling toes.

Aaaah. Another involuntary gasp shot from his lips.

Nicole’s head dropped forwards. Her lovely supple lips pouted in a cute little ‘o’ as a short sigh of pleasure slipped from her mouth. Her pale cheeks blushed deep red.

Her vagina pulsed again and a whiplash of breath-taking pleasure thrummed through George. His spine arched backwards, pressing his shoulders back against the mattress.

Nicole lifted her head up and gave a strange alien cry, like some kind of exotic bird or beast. She looked down at George and he was unnerved by what he saw. It was Nicole’s beautiful face, but it looked like a host of emotions were churning away beneath the surface. Something was coming through, something demonic and full of lascivious hunger.

George knew then he was in trouble.

“Mmm,” Nicole murmured.

She relaxed and sank down on George, letting his trapped erection be drawn up deeper into the smothering flesh of her vagina. The muscular walls undulated and sucked, sending another blast of ecstasy rushing through George’s body.

He didn’t know if this had been Nicole’s intention from the start or whether something had gone wrong, but instinctively he knew he was in mortal danger. He tried to lift his shoulders up from the swaying bed.

Nicole looked at him with eyes as cold as distant galaxies. She sang words in an alien tongue. They sounded like the sweetest, purest notes, but with dissonant harmonies like metal coming together in a car crash. She made strange motions with her hands, as if she was dragging her claws through soil or clay even though there was nothing before her but empty air.

Glistening threads, like angel hair or the finest spider silk, drifted down onto George’s chest and shoulders. Where they touched him, they sapped his strength and left behind a state of pleasant enervation. His shoulders fell back on the bed and stayed there.

“You think you can escape,” Nicole mocked. “You’re inside me.”

Her sex pulsed again and George trembled. The muscular walls bunched up around his shaft and rolled to the head in a kind of lascivious peristalsis.

Nicole whispered more words so alien they slipped past his ears like shimmering silver fish. George felt the strange constriction around the base of his cock relax. A few moments ago he would have given anything for it to be gone. Now, he would have given twice as much to put it back.

He was naked, completely exposed. The liquid interior of Nicole’s vagina slithered and tugged at him. She had full control. George felt she could make him come at any time, but instead her motions were slow and practised. She teased him with silken tugs that left him always just short of a threshold that kept rising a little each time. George squirmed and writhed beneath her like a fish caught on a line. The pleasure kept building and building until the denial of release became a kind of torture in itself.

Nicole shifted position on top of him. She sat up straighter and tilted her head up to the ceiling. She held out her hands with the palms facing upwards. Her wings extended behind her. If they’d been feathered rather than membranous like a bat’s she might have looked like an angel in prayer. She even whispered words that sounded like prayer. George thought he saw a nimbus of purple flickering light around her form, but that could have been his imagination.

It was hard to think of anything. Pure sensation overwhelmed him. Nicole might have looked still and composed—with her only motions short, controlled thrusts of her hips—but the interior of her vagina was alive. George heard liquid sounds as the thick, soft walls of her sex crawled over his erection. Her lust had engulfed him whole. It felt like an alien heart had invaded his system and his blood was now dancing to the beat of the intruder organ.

“Now,” Nicole commanded in a soft voice.

The soft meat of her vagina wrapped tightly around his penis and pulsed.

George gasped through gritted teeth. His hips bucked upwards.


His cock spewed an enormous load of semen into the succubus’s pussy. The fleshy pad at the end of her vagina absorbed it all and then sucked on the head of his cock for more.

Oh god.

He obliged. He had no choice. His cock throbbed again and again, each time depositing another hot, sticky load into the succubus’s smothering grip. On and on—

How much—

—more and more—

—could she take?

—as George writhed and thrashed in the throes of pure animal orgiastic release.

The ejaculation kept going, way past the point it should have ended as George pumped jets, streams, rivers of cum into her greedy sex. She absorbed it all and exhorted him for more, more, more!

He couldn’t. His body . . . there wasn’t . . .

Nicole leant over him. She caressed the side of his face with clawed fingers. Her face was feral and strangely all the more beautiful for it, like seeing the model in the flesh rather than her sculpture. Fires raged in the depths of her abyssal black eyes and yet George saw something which glistened in the corner of one of them—a tear maybe, but blacker than the deepest sin.

His body convulsed. He was still coming. What, he had no idea; his balls must have emptied already. Her sex continued to throb around his cock like the beats of a great fleshy heart, pumping the goodness and vitality from his body.

George’s movements quietened down. A cold numbness was spreading throughout his abdomen.

And still his body sang with pleasure, as if he wanted this continue forever and ever and damn the consequences. Forget the future, enjoy the now!

Nicole lay on top of him. Her full breasts rested on his chest. George’s eyes, holdouts from the revolution she’d instilled in his flesh, pleaded with her to stop. Nicole crushed her soft lips against his and stole the breath from his lungs.

Her skin felt so hot against his. A raging furnace.

George was coming apart inside. His pieces were dismantling, becoming firewood to fuel her flames.

The tide of pleasure rose up and claimed the last of George’s thoughts.

It was wonderful, the most natural thing in the world. He felt only the contentment of absolute release as the deep deep darkness rose up to envelop him.

* * * *

George jerked awake with a gasp.

What? Where?

The bed. He lay in a shallow, comfortable depression in the centre of Nicole’s waterbed. And Nicole . . .

The demon was still on top of him. She looked down at him. The stark, perfect beauty of her features contrasted with her horns and empty black eyes. She placed the neck of a bottle against George’s lips.

“Drink,” she ordered.

She upended the bottle and a trickle of sweet liquid passed between George’s lips. He recognised the taste as that moreish wine he’d drunk earlier, only now it seemed even more delicious. He gulped it down like a parched man finding water in a desert.

Nicole took the bottle away, much to George’s disappointment. He lifted his head up and saw Nicole was still sitting on his crotch. The lips of her labia were splayed and pressed against his body. He couldn’t see his penis. It was still inside her. Inside the succubus.

“Did you think I was done with you?” she said.

To be continued . . .


  1. Just wanna take my hat off you to you, sir. Always been a huge fan of your work. Seriously this stuff just doesn't get the credit it deserves. Keep up the good work.
    Loving this little series. Thanks a lot for taking the time to update it regularly, I know how time consuming even a page of satisfactory writing can be.


  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you're enjoying it. The whole story has come out a lot longer than I originally intended, but it means I get to try out something interesting when I include it in the 4th collection of stories I'm planning to put out early next year. :)