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Locked in with a Succubus, part 10

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A little later than planned. Took three rewrites before I was happy with the chapter.

“Did you think I was done with you?” she said.

George had thought she was done with him, to the point of doing him in. His relief at finding himself alive and still breathing was tempered by his fear of the demon sitting astride him. She still had his penis.

“And don’t think the usual male weakness will save you,” Nicole said.

Her vagina pulsed. A warm, thick fluid poured into her fleshy cavity and submerged George’s trapped cock. Nicole closed her eyes and murmured. Her vaginal walls slowly undulated, stirring the fluid around his erection and massaging it into his flesh.

George gasped. His hips twitched. His cock surged back to full hardness and strained, eager to burrow deeper inside her. The sudden rush of blood made him feel woozy.

“I can keep you hard for weeks,” Nicole purred.

She wriggled her hips, rubbing more of her juices into George’s throbbing penis. He couldn’t move. The slightest motion and his over-aroused cock would rub up against her vaginal walls, incapacitating him with a burst of intense pleasure. She had him completely helpless and she knew it.

He noticed something odd with the tattoos on Nicole’s side, just below the curve of her right breast. The black lines didn’t seem as clearly delineated as before. It was like the black ink was running. Or—and this must be a trick of the subdued light—Nicole was bleeding as the sharp lines of her tattoos dug into her flesh like razor wire.

“What happened . . . earlier?” George asked. He feared the answer.

“You passed out,” Nicole said. “Anyone would think you’d never had sex before.”

Her lips turned up in a mischievous smile.

“Sorry,” she said. “Couldn’t resist.”

She tweaked his nipples.

“No one will be able to tease you about your virginity in the future,” she said. “It’s gone. The wicked succubus sucked it right out of you.”

“Was that all you took?” George asked. “It felt like . . .”

His recollections were hazy. He remembered both terror and incredible pleasure, a feeling of coming apart and being drawn up into Nicole’s body as she lay on top of him.

“. . . you were sucking out my soul.”

It was strange to use the word. George didn’t really believe in souls and that kind of thing—

He hadn’t believed in the existence of devils either . . .

—but it seemed like the only explanation which made sense.

Nicole laughed. “Don’t be silly. You wouldn’t be talking to me now. Taking out a person’s soul is like removing the batteries from a toy soldier. They cease to function.”

A chill ran up George’s spine. She was speaking from experience.

Nicole leant over him until her abyssal eyes were staring right into his.

“You had sex with a succubus, a being with complete mastery of the carnal arts. For your first time. It was too intense. You passed out.”

It sounded like it made sense, George thought. But what about—

No, best not to go there. Let those memories stay buried in the dark, forgotten corners of his mind. A man could go mad if he thought about it too much. He could throw his life away in a crazy, self-destructive quest to recapture those sensations.

There were smudges on Nicole’s cheeks—black like oil but very faint, as if she’d already wiped most of it away, leaving behind only these barely perceptible traces.

Her claws tickled the skin around his navel.

“Mmm, what to do now,” Nicole mused.

“You could let me go,” George suggested, more in hope than actual expectation.

Nicole sat up, tilted her head to the side, smiled.

“Your libido really is low, isn’t it,” she said. “I see now why it took so long. Most men are usually begging me for more sex by now . . . even though they know they shouldn’t,” she added, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“I can’t.” She shrugged.

She placed her hands flat on George’s chest.

“It’s a little embarrassing actually,” she said.

She pushed down on George’s chest and used the leverage to lift her hips. George felt a strong tugging sensation on his cock. Her vagina had clenched tightly shut around the root. Where Nicole went, George went too . . . if he wanted to remain a man.

“I really can’t,” Nicole said.

“Oh,” George said.

“My vagina appears to have developed quite an attachment to your penis,” Nicole said. “It’ll relax in a while. Until then it does rather restrict what I can do to you. Hmm, let’s see . . .”

She wriggled and attempted to swivel on George’s cock. At first he was terrified she’d twist his manhood right off, but the swollen entrance to her vagina seemed to slide around his root easily enough. It was only when she attempted to lift her body off him that her orifice tightened up around the base of his cock and refused to release him.

“This is so embarrassing,” Nicole said.

She manoeuvred her body through a full one hundred and eighty degrees. Then she leaned backwards—George’s penis still inside her—until she was lying on top of him with her folded up wings flat against his chest.

“Better,” Nicole said. She smiled up at George’s reflection in the mirror. “I think we’ll lie like this for a while. Consider it a respite.”

She picked George’s hands up off the mattress and placed them on top of her full breasts.

“Something for you to play with while we wait.” She smiled up at the mirror.

She gave George’s hands a squeeze, which in turn caused him to grope the ripe round curves of her breasts. The flesh was soft, warm and eminently squeezable. George wasn’t sure which was hungrier for the touch—his hands or her breasts.

Nicole took her hands away. George’s stayed where they were. He didn’t have much say in the matter. Nicole’s breasts might as well have been coated in superglue for all the chance he had of removing his hands. His fingers clutched and squeezed her boobs, seduced and enslaved by their weight and smooth texture. Normally, George would have been too embarrassed to paw and grope at a woman’s bits like this, but he felt an illicit charge of pleasure as his fingers roamed over her lush curves. And shame. To take pleasure in groping her like a lecherous pervert.

“Naughty naughty fingers,” Nicole purred.

She closed her eyes and stretched on top of him like a cat. He knew she was enjoying the shame she caused him.

George’s fingers brushed up against a chain.

The key!

He remembered. She’d put it on a chain and hung it around her neck. Now if he could just hook a finger around the chain and slip—

Nicole opened an eye. The muscular walls of her vagina clenched around his cock hard enough to make his eyes water.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked sweetly.

“N-n-nothing,” George said.

Please don’t crush my cock, he thought. How could she be so powerful down there?

One hand closed over George’s. The other lifted up the key. It glinted as it swung on the end of the chain.

“Aww, you were after this,” Nicole said. “How sweet.”

Her vagina relaxed around his cock. George went from feeling as though his manhood had been trapped in a vice to feeling as though it was sunk in luxuriously soft putty. A gasp slipped from his open mouth. Her sex burbled and more warm fluids swirled around his cock. Her walls stroked against him in pleasant undulations. It didn’t matter that their sexual organs were sealed together. She didn’t need to move; the internal motions of her vagina were friction enough. The flesh stroked and stroked up his shaft and teased the end with moist kisses. George felt like he was being stroked up higher and higher, as if his hips were rising up off the mattress and he was floating up to heaven.

His cock throbbed and erupted within her. He pumped another great load of semen into her undulating warmth. The soft walls kept stroking and stroking, coaxing more and more juice from his straining manhood until finally he crashed back down on the soft bed. His head and arms lay limp on the mattress. Droplets of perspiration beaded his brow.

Nicole was as perfectly composed as ever.

“Are you really sure you want this key?” she asked.

The moist interior of her vagina squeezed and rubbed against the fleshy head of his spent cock. Sparks of pleasure cascaded through his trembling nerves.

George paused to catch his breath. “Yes,” he wheezed out.

Nicole sat up.

“How disappointing,” she said. “We’ve barely started and already you want to leave. My seductive powers really must be waning.”

She lifted her body off him. George’s erection was finally out from the hot, smothering confines of her vagina. He was horrified by how much he wanted to put it back there.

Nicole reached over to fetch the bottle of wine from the shelf. There was no outpouring of liquid from her sex. While within her, George’s cock had been flooded with her juices. He’d added great spurts of his own semen to the mix. Yet not a dribble escaped Nicole’s vagina. She’d absorbed it all.

She put the bottle to George’s lips and poured in some of the contents. Relishing the sweet taste, George greedily gulped it down.

“If I stay here I’ll die,” he said as she returned the bottle to the shelf.

Nicole sat cross-legged on the bed next to him. He shivered in pleasure as she cupped his balls in a warm palm. Her claw hooked under and tickled around his anus.

“I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge you your survival instincts,” Nicole said.

She lightly squeezed his balls and George gasped, his spine contorting backwards. It felt like a flash, like a warm spark of electricity. He felt something reach up into his abdomen, grab pieces of him and drag them down into his balls. In a matter of moments they swelled back up and felt as plump and as fully loaded as if he’d gone without masturbation for a month.

Nicole looked at the key in her left hand. She ran the fingers of her other hand up and down George’s twitching erection. She tapped a claw thoughtfully against the swollen head.

“You seem like a nice gentleman,” she said. “And I’m not the completely heartless demon I appear to be. Maybe I should give you a chance to escape.”

George’s ears pricked up.

Nicole frowned. “It’s not much of a chance. You are quite inexperienced in the arts of lovemaking after all.”

“I’ll take it,” George said.

To be continued . . .

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