Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 11

Descent into Tartarus I

This is a playthrough/guide of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I’ve been running daily for the past week or so.  The first part is back here.

Before we carry on – there is a new translation patch put out by Dargoth and friends.  I tried it out last night and it worked fine.  More of the skills and items have English translations as far as I can see.  So gratz to them for the hard work they’re putting in.

Now so far, anyone unfamiliar with the original series might be wondering where the reputation for crazy fucked-up Bad End scenes came from.  So far, with the exception of returning weirdos earthworm girl and leech girl, the monster girls have all been cute lolis and vanilla (by MGQ standards) beast girls.  That, my friend, is about to change.  We’re heading into Tartarus.

In the back story, the cataclysm that wrecked the world 30 years ago opened up seven pits, or holes, to a weird region they called Tartarus.  There’s a small hole in the south of the Ilias continent where some research-y types are investigating the phenomena.

One of the dudes gives a helpful history of the other Tartarus sites and which ones are currently being investigated.  The soldiers around the excavation site are less enthusiastic – “We’re all going to die.”

Might be a slight morale issue there methinks.

Tartarus is off-limits unless the main quest chain is followed.  We arrive there and look, it’s that damn White Rabbit.

She leaps down into the hole and we head off in pursuit.  Another allusion to Alice in Wonderland – Alice chasing the White Rabbit down a hole.

Oh hello.  Secret research lab type thing underground.  Are we still in JRPG-land or have we shifted into Resident Evil-land.  The floor and walls are all metal.

I think the region of cute monster girls has ended.  Now I suspect we’re going to get chimeras and Xelvy’s mechanical (yet queerly sensual) horrors.


And in case you were still unconvinced…

And also…

Now this is the MGQ world we know and love.  Hey, what are you doing hiding behind the sofa.  This is supposed to be sexy.  They just want to give you a hug with their… uh… pincers, and mechanical clamp things, and uh… many spindly leg things.

Yes, we should probably run.

Too late.

The first time I saw them I thought all the monsters were mechanical (or to use the Paradox race – Dolls).  This isn’t correct.  Only Jade, the girl with the cyclops eye and clampy arms, is of the Doll race.  She likes to use those weird limbs to clamp Luka to her and lather gel all over him while her specialized semen-harvesting unit gives his cock a nice suck.

Sully, the weird girl that looks like an upright shrimp or lobster, actually is some kind of shrimp or lobster girl.  Her race is Sea-Dweller.  Her pleasure attacks have a similar pattern to the infamous Crab girl of MGQ’s first series (I imagine she’ll show up later and will likely have plenty of fun dialogue).  She likes to clamp Luka and wash him with foamy bubbles.  I still haven’t seen her Bad End.  I got as far as seeing the temptation attack artwork and Nope!ed the fuck out of there.

Shestra, the girl in the dress with things we’d rather not think about hiding under the dress, is some kind of insect girl.  If you let her have her way with you or just lose, she’ll lift the dress up to reveal a bulbous abdomen with a rather squooshy orifice at the end of it.  During her Bad End she pins Luka to the floor and taunts him with how she’s going to suck him up and make him come with her ‘horrible’ insect orifice.

It’s certainly a novel take on paranormal BDSM.  D’you think it will take off with the Twilight/50 Shades of Grey crowd?

Oi, why are you quivering over in the corner?  This is still the tame stuff.  No-one’s tried to eat us for starters.

The first time I reached this area I found it a notable spike in difficulty.  The first fight alone nearly emptied the MP of both the main and backup priests I had in the party.  This was because I’d screwed around and tried to level up too many of the different monster girls I’d recruited in inefficient ways.  It was easier in the restarted game as I had a better idea of some of the Abilities/Items that speed up levelling.  At this stage I found the two best damage dealers were Barnny with the killer bow found in the tunnels to the Nameless Slums and Rami with the wand found in the iron mines outside Pornburg (both require a Level 6 Thief to unlock the chests).  Rami is probably the best choice here with her Lightning spell.

Navigating this region isn’t too hard.  Follow the White Rabbit through two levels, opening up the chests along the way, and eventually you’ll come to the mysterious door none of the researchers have been able to open.

Luka can, just by touching it.  Which surprises Alice as it’s something a mere human adventurer shouldn’t be able to do.  And on the other side of the door is…

Well, we’ll find that out tomorrow.


  1. Tip for the next part:STAY ON THE ROAD!

  2. god dammit Xelvy/Delphinus

  3. i fapped to it



  4. "This is still the tame stuff. No-one’s tried to eat us for starters."

    This made me laugh. Because I realized how much, uhm, more open I am now after playing MGQ 1-3. More open or hardened, I don't really know.

  5. Desert Eagle28/04/2015, 23:23

    I actually recruited Shesta into my main team. :3

    Currently, she's a lv 30 Sage who has masted black, white and time magic, and has also mastered summoning and monster arts. She also has 500 Magic and has very high willpower.

    The 3rd Tartarus hole must have been fun. :P

  6. Muehehehehe i find these bizzare Monster Girls far more erotic than those cliche cute ones