Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Succubus Summoning 213, part 5

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Swishing her fan back and forth, Astrapia stood up and approached Phil's chair.

"Run," Verdé said.  "This is not a test.  They're not following the rules.  They killed the other one."

"Darvill?" Phil said, shocked.

"We identified him as a potential future threat, so we eliminated him on behalf of our master."

Phil couldn't believe what he was hearing.  He knew Wargsnouts was crazy, but crazy enough to let the teachers murder their own pupils with daemons...?  That was beyond fucked up.

"I'm no threat," he protested.

"I know you're not.  You're a worm," Astrapia said.  She tickled the tip of Phil's nose with her perfume-scented fan.  "But the Palace of Infernal and Iniquitous Pleasures is the representative of the Dominion of Lust on this Earth.  We won't brook any interference from low-class, no-house little slut daemons."

"Stop talking and run."  Verdé pushed out the strained words in between helpless gasps and sighs.  "Go get Rosa or Nÿte."

Astrapia turned to her and laughed.  "The impudence.  Nÿte?  Rosa?  What lies have you been feeding this poor worm?"  She turned back to Phil.  "Let me guess.  Did she claim to be the Eréš Nūkric?"

"Run, Phil," Verdé sighed.  She shuddered as another powerful climax overtook her.

Astrapia pulled aside Phil's robes.  She swept her fluffy fan across his nipples.

"He doesn't want to run.  He wants to stick his big fat cock in my luscious wet cunt and fill me with his hot, gushing spunk.  Don't you, worm."

What Phil wanted to do was think.

He knew he couldn't run because of the circle binding him.  He also knew he couldn't use the emergency dismissal incantation on them either.  They were The Scrote's daemons.  Only he had the authority to send them back to their plane.

However, there was something else Phil could do.  While Astrapia had been taunting Verdé and teasing him he'd been sending out mental feelers.

Yes, he could sense it.  It was much weaker here, weak enough that Phil would have to put a lot into the summons, but he thought he could still reach it.

Astrapia pushed his legs together and straddled him.  Her pussy gaped hungrily.  She looked at him like a cat with a mouse as she ran her feathered fan over his exposed skin.

He also had another advantage.

He reached up and placed his hands on her tits.

"Yes, you can touch them."  Astrapia's voice oozed exultant triumph.

They thought his magic was bound along with his body.  It wasn't.

to be continued...


  1. Let's see what Phil does next also Verde finally said Phil's name.

  2. Boi he boutta do it

  3. I like where this is going. Is it time Phil actually got some solid confidence in using his power, at least when it comes to situations like this.

  4. This chapter is amazing so far!

    Loved how Astrapia calls him worm. Love cocky and arrogant succubus, assured of her victory...

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  7. Yeah! Summon Fire Demons to burn the flaming hot- Succubus! That'll get her!

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  9. Can I ask where you come up with all of your demonic sounding words and phrases. A question from another author of the genre.

  10. Do we get a new update today?

    1. Tomorrow. I'm not happy with the 2nd draft as it stands so I'm giving it an extra round of editing. (usually known as writing the same paragraph over and over and cursing coz it ain't coming out right)

    2. Correction. I'm away tomorrow, so Sunday? Soz folks.

    3. Waiting eagerly for your next chapter....its my 20th time to this site today :'(

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