Sunday, July 17, 2016

Succubus Summoning 213, part 6

A couple of days later than planned.  I was ahead of schedule when I posted the 4th and 5th parts.  And then ended up banging my head against the wall trying to fix a few awkward paragraphs in this part.  When that happens, rather than keeping on banging my head against the wall for no discernible progress, I've found the best editing fix is to put the second draft on the side for a few days and then come back to it with a fresh mindset.

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He reached up and placed his hands on her tits.

"Yes, you can touch them."  Astrapia's voice oozed exultant triumph.

They thought his magic was bound along with his body.  It wasn't.


Torrents of flame erupted from Phil's hands and flung the succubus backwards.  He smelt the acrid tang of her burnt flesh.  Her body was still smoking as she hit the floor on the other side of the room.

He'd spotted and recognised the magic-nullification circle before he'd sat down.  It had been easy enough to reposition the chair to break the circle.  So easy he'd assumed it was the first part of the test.  Unfortunately, he hadn't spotted that the circle was actually part of a complex composite of two circles overlaid over each other—one to nullify magic, the other to bind humans.

Or should that be fortunately.  Astrapia would have noticed something was wrong the moment the circle failed to activate.  Realising he was unbound, she would have been forced to take him more seriously.  In a magic duel between him and an aware and unsurprised succubus Phil knew there would only ever be one winner.

He wondered if that was what had happened to Darvill.

It was ironic, Phil thought.  His ineptitude had given him a chance to survive this.

Astrapia stirred on the floor.

Phil knew he hadn't killed her.  Daemons regenerated, even from fire.

Blackened patches of burnt skin sloughed off Astrapia to reveal healthy pink flesh underneath.

Phil cast his mind back to Cέrμləa's lesson on magic circles and plucked forth a dispelling incantation.  He knew they weren't effective when used inside the circle, but he was hoping he'd already weakened the circle by breaking part of it.

"Mulucric exnida Restrac Homnus."

He felt resistance as if it was pressure squeezing his skull.  He pushed harder with his will and felt the bubble of magic energies give and then break.  The spectral light surrounding the chair winked out and Phil felt relief as the crushing force pinning him to his seat went away.

Astrapia lifted her head.  Fury raged in her shark-black eyes.  Phil's magical flames had scorched an ugly red trail across her scalp.  Silky black hair was already growing up through the blistered skin like fresh shoots.

He didn't have much time.  Phil went down on one knee and placed a palm flat on the stone floor.  Yes, it was there, burrowing through the dark places, waiting for his call.

"Ĝiškimiti za bursaĝ ul Urpâdu ni Guberim li Išduum Qištu!"

Green vines burst out of the stone flagstones.  They coiled around Astrapia's body and bound her to the floor before she could stand up.

Seleucida paused from sexually draining Verdé.  "The Vines of Dārû Qištu?  How can a nov—"

Phil extended his left hand.  Vines erupted from the wall, wrapped around Seleucida and Paradisea, and yanked them away.  They were pinned to the wall as if chained there.  Thick green fibrous ropes wound across their mouths, gagging them.

"Well done.  Well done," Astrapia said.

The succubus, fully regenerated in all her icy beauty, was trussed up like a roast hog with her butt sticking up in the air.  Despite this she still had the supernatural succubus ability to look intensely alluring no matter how undignified her current state.  She looked less a prisoner and more like an alt glamour model engaged in rope bondage.

The cold fury had left her face and she was all warm smiles as she spoke to him.

"Congratulations.  You passed the test.  You have demonstrated your power as a warlock."

He'd done it!  The realisation flowed through him in a giddy wave.  Phil could scarcely believe it.  He'd defeated them.  He'd used his own magic and defeated succubi.

"And now you can claim your spoils."

Astrapia gave the luscious curves of her ass a little waggle, as much as the vines would allow.  Nestled between her legs like a hidden treasure were the clamshell folds of her sex.

"It is the law.  The strong have supremacy over the weak.  You defeated me and now I am yours to do with as you see fit."

The clamshell folds of her sex rippled and parted enticingly as Phil stared at them.

Yes, it was true.  He'd beaten her.

He looked around the room, at the other two succubi chained to the walls with green vines.

He'd beaten them all.

What a rush.

He wasn't a useless dork in a dead end job.  He wielded magic.  He summoned daemons.  He defeated daemons.  He was a warlock.

He looked at the three daemonesses trussed up helplessly by his magic.

That was him.  He'd done this.

He was good.

No, better than good... fucking awesome.

"I am yours, but... please don't be too hard with me," Astrapia said.

There was a rightness to her words.  This was how this world worked.  He'd seen it time after time.

And now he was part of this world.  He was a warlock... a real warlock.

Astrapia wiggled her ass again.  Her sex winked wider, giving Phil a tantalizing glimpse of her moist pink interior.

And now it was time to collect his deserved reward.  All he had to do was step up, place his palms flat on the smooth curves of her bum and thrust.

to be continued...


  1. ... Oh crud. Some kind of lust side effect of one of his spells, or something one of the enemy Succubi did? Because how Phil's actions and thoughts towards the end there have an almost drugged hue to them. Here's hoping that either Verdre can pull something or that Phil still has enough sense not to stick his dick in the crazy that's not at least nominally loyal to him and interested in keeping him alive.

  2. In my best Admiral Ackbar voice. "It's a trap!" Hope Phil remembers he needs to go get Rosa.

  3. Do it, Phil. Thrust into heaven! :-D

    Seriously though, he got cocky at the end. Maybe Astrapia ought to take him down a notch.

    Great update. Keep it up.

  4. Oh god dammit Phil stay humble.

  5. I'm betting he is going to fuck verde in an attempt to revive her, just how I see phil

    1. If he does, let's hope their draining didn't leave Verdé too thirsty...

  6. This chapter is getting very interesting... Never would have thought it would go this way.... But in another note we not phil know how the daemon world works so anything could potentially happen.... That being said there better be a 301 series...... Reallly lovin this book series HYDRA. Keep up the good work

  7. At the end I almost expected an "An then Phil woke up, realizing the test lay still ahead of him." :D

    Still great to see him have finally gained (at least some) skill.

  8. Set her on fire, set everything on fire!

  9. Is he really about to fail the pride test and abandon the girl who's saved his life so many times?

  10. It's a little weird that Phil has gone from always being inept to being able to best three Succubi at once. It feels like we missed a chapter where he got some skillz.

    1. Phil isn't quite as inept as he thinks he is.

      There is also another factor that will make other things make sense when it's revealed (but it won't be in the 201 arc, keeping that back to kick off the 301 arc).

      The one thing I did feel I was cheating on a little was the circle break incantation. It's something he would have been taught by both Cerulea and at the college, but I normally like to include scenes directly showing this beforehand (like with the magic used in the fight with L'mactia). I was planning to incorporate the separate short story "Cerulean Circles" within the ebook version anyway (as there's a very sneaky hint as to how Phil ended up with these succubi in particular). I might reference the incantation there, so it looks less like an asspull (or maybe rewrite and clean it up)

      Feedback is always welcome here. It's why I wanted to post the chapter here first. If something doesn't work, I still have a chance to fix it for the ebook version. :)

    2. I must say it is really cool to be able to discuss a work in progress with the author. Kudo's on a great story.

    3. I gave in and read, cliffhangers are insane with this chapter!

      I think it just needs a little detail added before he breaks the circle. It doesn't need a lot because like you said there have been lessons with Cerulea.

      All in all it was really nice to see phil stand up for himself finally even though he's not in the clear yet. I don't want to say what I want to see happen because I want to wait and see what you make happen

    4. So after rereading the Cerulean Circles chapter I have exactly two ideas of what could have happened when Phile and Jake summoned Rosa and Verde. First copying the summoning circle in the book might have been the "mistake" as it was a circle that was not supposed to be copyied. But that is kinda stupid because then everyone could have summoned them by mistake. The second idea is more interesting. The book they used was not the original Daemonica Malefique but another book, looking like it. Now who placed that book there? We dont know. But its likely that some demon working for Verde and co did it.

      Now why would they need the book in order to be summoned? They could be summoned on a normal way as well right? Now this is pure speculation... But maybe our succubi are special among their kind. We have always gotten the hint that Cerulea, Nurse Honey and so on are very ancient among their kind. Maybe so ancient that they have been forgotten. Who knows..

      Sorry and not sorry for the caps just reaallly excited for the next one keep up the good work HYDRA

  11. CivilDeviation18/07/2016, 20:20

    Hydra, this is some of your better work. I am checking your blog each day waiting for the conclusion to this chapter.

    After you finish the arc and get back to e-book edits, I might add a plot building chapter between 211 and 212.

    One idea might be to have Phil cramming for the Scrote test while the succubi distract him. Another idea might be to keep it as is, as Phil tends to learn through experience.

  12. Our guy always learns from experience only....but that is what's happening in most of our day to day life :P it makes our phill guy more realistic though the story revolves around magic...i love this series:D

  13. I just want Phil to turn to Verde, smile, and say "Feed until you're full" while leaving the succubi to their fate.

    One of the best things about the character has been his ability to pull moments of rationality from the chaos surrounding him, and I'd love to see that happen here as well.

  14. I agree with civildeviation after calming down a bit. Also a slight update on Verde's status would be nice unless that is another cliffhanger. You are too God at those.....

    1. Meant good not God.. Damm google edit....

  15. Can we expect the next chapter today..♡.♡

  16. Great chapter. Very exciting; love how Phil appears to have "won" but is also set up for doom in the next one if he doesn't get his head right.

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