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Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Monster Girl Thingy Demo from Toro Toro Resistance

Toro Toro Resistance (とろとろレジスタンス) is the person(s?) responsible for the excellent Monster Girl Quest series of games.  You might remember them - I spent a couple of months earlier this year blogging a full playthrough of the most recent, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox!  For the last couple of months on their blog they've been posting screenshots and tidbits from another project.  Today more info went up on their website, including a link to a trial version.

No idea what the exact title of this is.

As for what this is, I don't think it's a game with the same complexity as MGQ:P.  From a brief look at the demo it appears to be a series of scenarios organised using the same encyclopaedia UI and engine from the original Monster Girl Quest.

She's probably going to eat us...
There are two monster girls with brand new artwork - a Sea Anemone Girl and a Blue Slime Girl.  Both are straight Bad End scenes with various H-artwork.  The only player interaction is a "Choose You Own Bad End" option from the Sea Anemone Girl.  From the website it sounds like the finished product will have 33 different encounters.  I look forward to seeing what warped sexiness Toro Toro Resistance throws at us next.

Blue slime girls are a little friendlier... sometimes...

New here?  Like what you saw in Toro Toro Resistance's demo?  Maybe I can interest you in an English language short story take on a Sea Anemone Girl and a Slime Girl.

(this might be the only time I get to match and possibly outsquick something put out by Toro Toro Resistance :) )