Wednesday, January 13, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Sleeping Beauty Mimic

PVT Stewart Peter Bate was surprised and a little happy when he found the unconscious naked girl on a bed.  He knew she was unconscious rather than sleeping because she hadn't stirred when Bate had put a hand on one of her big boobs and given it a squeeze.

Not fake, he noted approvingly.

He wondered what she—and the bed—were doing here.

The bed was possibly the weirder of the two.

There were plenty of reasons why she could be here.  She could be a medic, auxiliary, scientist... heck, they were even letting the weaker sex carry guns nowadays.  The bed was tougher to rationalize.  It was big, fancy and had a deep mattress.  Bate had no idea what it was doing in this otherwise deserted underground complex.  Maybe it had gotten spliced here or something like that.  He'd heard that could happen—freak events that caused bits of our world to disappear and show up here in H-space.  He remembered hearing about an explo squad coming across a children's playground in the middle of nowhere.

The naked girl was a real sweetie.  Blonde, big-titted, slim belly, nice legs—just how Bate liked them.

And totally out of it...

Was it one of theirs?  He knew the eggheads were feeling the strain of not making sense of things out here.  Had one of them gone off the reservation and engaged in some ethics-free experimentation?  The girl was out of it so deep Bate reckoned she had to have been drugged.

Bate ran through some calculations in his head.  Here he was, in an out-of-the-way room, with a bed and a sleeping beauty.

Now this is what was commonly known as an opportunity...

Bate checked both ways along the corridor outside.  He closed the door and leaned a chair up against the handle.

Bate had grown up with nothing and still didn't have much.  He'd learned that whenever God handed you an opportunity, you took it.

He didn't think he had long.  He didn't need long.  A quick in'n'out, bust out a nut—that's all the long he needed.

She'd never know it happened.  That made it a victimless crime as far as Bate was concerned.  And if there was no victim, was it really a crime?

He put his gun and kit away to one side and got up on the bed.  The mattress was a little soft, but that was fine.  He looked at the girl sprawled out before him and could barely rein in his excitement.  She looked so cute and unsullied—like a small-town cheerleader before she'd been gone through by the whole football team.

Bate leaned over her and gave both her breasts a squeeze.  These were some fine titties.  He gave them a jiggle and plumped them together.  Real fine titties.

Bate turned his attentions to between her legs.  Down there she was shaved and very neat and tidy.  Just the way Bate liked 'em.  He slid a finger up between her folds.  Nice and tight.  Bate liked 'em that way too.

The girl didn't stir.  They must have shot her up with something powerful.

Best not hang around, Bate thought.

He fished a condom out of one of his pockets and gave it a kiss.  Bate always carried one around.  You never knew when you were going to get lucky.  And, right now, Bate was lucky.  He dropped his trousers and slid the rubber over his boner.  Best to be safe when it came to strange pussy.  You never knew where strange pussy had been and what it had allowed inside it.  Better safe than STD.

He pushed her legs apart to grant better access to her sex.  He spat in his palm and rubbed the spit along his shaft.  Get it all lubed up, he thought to himself.  Then, slide it in.

Bate did just that.  The girl was tight, but also surprisingly moist.

Someone's dreaming slutty dreams," he chuckled.

He grabbed a generous handful of each tit and moved his hips up and down on top of her.

"Oh yeah, you have one tight cooze," Bate said down to the unconscious girl.

Oh yeah, this was good.  Tight.  Warm.  It wouldn't take him long.  Yeah, slide it in deep, fire that nut off, then be gone.  No one would ever know.

The girl opened her eyes and looked up at Bate.  That alone would have been bad enough, but it was worse.  His sweet little blonde cheerleader had black pebbles for eyes and a smile like one of those possessed people in horror films.

One of Bate's most important rules when it came to fucking was don't stick your dick in cray-cray.

Bate was balls deep in cray-cray.

Bate was stuck balls deep in cray-cray.

He couldn't pull out.  It was like she was full of glue.

It wasn't the only place he was stuck.  His hands were stuck to her titties, only they didn't feel too much like titties any more.  He tried to pull his right hand away and her flesh stretched with it like flesh-colored taffy.

The girl languidly wrapped her legs around Bate's waist.  He tried to pull free, failed, lost his balance and fell down on her.  Her titties definitely weren't right.  His left hand sank into her big round breast right up to his wrist.  The same happened to his right hand as he tried to pull himself out.  The thing that resembled a naked blonde cheerleader gave a little flex and Bate's arms sank into her up to the elbows.

What was happening?  What the fuck was happening!

The girl put her arms around him like a lover embracing her love.  It wasn't just her.  The mattress rose up on either side of them.  He was sinking with the girl into the mattress and the rest of the bed was slowly folding up around them.

The lingering awareness he'd been engaged in illegal activity kept him from crying out until it was too late.  That option was taken away from him.  The mimic placed a hand on the back of his head and forced him down until her lips met his.  Her lips glued to him and formed a sticky seal around his mouth.  They stretched and held like elastic as Bate tried to pull away.  His cries were smothered in her mouth.

In the panic he'd forgotten he was still inside her.  He remembered again in a hurry as her malleable pussy started to squeeze and tug his pride'n'joy.  His boner should have been long dead, but the mimic kept him hard and aroused with skillful ministrations of her soft cunt.

Her pussy was way more malleable and dexterous than any human pussy.  She peeled the condom off Bate's cock and swallowed it into her body.  Then the stimulation began in earnest.  Her sticky pussy assaulted his erection with a series of squeezes and jerks that made Bate feel like he'd been tied up and left in the hands of a highly experienced rub'n'tug joint hooker.

That calmed Bate a little.  He'd heard about the hindig denizens of H-space.  Supposedly they were more interested in fucking than eating, and her touches seemed more lascivious than hungry.

Still, it was disconcerting as she folded up around him and he sank into her.  Her malleable body engulfed his arms and rippled against his back and sides.

Bate's fears lessened as she continued to manipulate his cock with deft squeezes and tugs.  Was it a hand or her pussy?  Whatever Bate's cock was in, it felt like the best of both.

Yeah, she was way too good.  Bate shuddered in bliss and emptied a full nut inside her.  She drank it up like a sponge.  Bate was fine with that.  If she was going to keep working his cock like that, she could drink his cum all day and night.

If Bate had known that was exactly what the mimic intended to do with him, and what it would do to his body, he might have felt differently.

The second orgasm followed right after the first.  That felt awesome too.  So did the third.  The fourth wasn't bad, but Bate felt twinges in both his cock and nuts after the euphoric high had worn off.  A few more orgasms and he wanted her to stop as it was starting to hurt.  The mimic kept going and pumped another couple of orgasms out of Bate.  Now his balls were dry and no more would come out no matter how skillfully the mimic squeezed him.

The mimic squeezed his whole body instead.  She drew Bate deeper into her and squeezed and squeezed until his bones snapped, his internal organs ruptured and his body scrunched down into a little ball.  She drank the fluids that leaked from his mangled form and kept squeezing until no more fluids emerged.

All they found of PVT Stewart Peter Bate was his discarded kit.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 9

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7, Part 8

"Mmm, you know, I've just thought of something you can do."  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  "We can do."

Devin's heartrate kicked up in his chest.  The demon wasn't leaving.

"How much did you spunk into that little trollop's cunt?" Nÿte asked.

She took a step towards the bed.  A step nearer to Devin.

"Um," Devin said.  "I don't know."

Nÿte gestured with her hands and said something so alien his ears failed to pick it up at all.  Darkness expanded out of the walls, floor and ceiling.

What's this? Devin thought.  The walls were closing in on him, literally.  It looked like someone had fixed black rubber air mattresses to the walls and was pumping them up with air.  They looked solid enough, but he watched one bulge outwards in between his shelves.  Rather than displacing his books and miniatures and knocking them onto the floor, the encroaching wall flowed around and swallowed them up as though it was a film of oil.  The same thing happened with the bed underneath Devin, although the intangibility only seemed to apply to the furniture.  The rising floor felt solid enough beneath Devin and carried him up with it.  It felt similar to lying on an inflatable rubber mattress, only the surface felt warmer, softer and smoother.

The walls, floors and ceiling stopped expanding when the room had shrunk to maybe a third of its original size.  All of Devin's furniture had been absorbed.  He lay on the floor of a rubber cube with dimpled black walls.  Nÿte was crouched over in the far corner with her knees apart.

"Instant sex dungeon," Devin remarked.

"So you like the sound of that?" Nÿte asked.


Devin decided he should be very careful about what he said next.  While the look of dommes in sexy black leather or PVC was a massive turn-on for him, he was less enthused about the S part in BDSM.  Getting beaten sounded painful no matter how sexy the woman doing the beating looked.  And he really didn't want to think about the level of hurt a demon dominatrix could inflict.

"The sex part more than the dungeon part," he said.

"Oh good, so you do want me to fuck you," Nÿte said.  She unzipped her crotch and her sex gaped hungrily.  "How splendid."

And then she was on top of him, her luscious black lips smooching his neck, his face, his lips.  She reached down and wrapped a hand around Devin's cock.  Her touch felt like pure, delicious sin and blood raced down until Devin's manhood was rock-hard and throbbing.

How did they do it? Devin thought.  How did they make you feel like they were the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world, even after you knew the pleasures would likely kill you?

Then Nÿte steered him into her warm, wet sex and all other thoughts were blown away.  It was less like sliding into a moist fleshy tunnel and more like plunging into a tub of warm soft putty... putty that was alive and in motion.  Her sex squeezed up all around Devin's erection and formed lapping tongues to wriggle up and down his shaft.  It bunched up around the base of his shaft in a muscular ring and sucked.  And...

...well it started to get hazy at that point.  Everything blurred into one overwhelming tide of sexual euphoria.  Nÿte lay upon him, her big tits pressed against his chest, and sucked and kissed him up into some kind of sexual nirvana.

He thought he had nothing left.  He thought Boo had drained all the cum out of his balls.

Nÿte found more.

Her sex packed tightly around him, tugged and pumped an orgasm right out of him.  Not just one either.  The first hadn't even subsided when her sex pulsed and Devin was shuddering in the throes of another climax.

It felt... unbelievable.

Black spots danced before Devin's eyes.  His breath came out in short gasps, as though he'd just finished a sprint.  His heart fluttered uncertainly against his ribcage.

Nÿte put a hand on his chest and frowned.

"Tsk, that little trollop took more out of you than I thought.  As much as I enjoy this position, it doesn't give me the requisite margin of control required for these circumstances."

Proving her point, she shifted slightly on his lap and even this small movement was enough to trigger another eruption from Devin's overworked body.  It no longer felt like he'd just finished a sprint, now he felt like he'd just run a mile.

"Mmm, yes.  This is a clearly an unsuitable position," Nÿte said.

Her sex pulled back from Devin's cock and she got off him.  Devin was pleased to note he had just enough dignity to not mewl like a toddler whose toys had been taken away as his erection left the soft, fleshy clasp of her vagina.  Goddamn succubi.  He wanted her even though he knew a couple more orgasms like the one's he'd just experienced would end him for good.  Is this what it was like to be an addict?

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?"

to be concluded...  (for real this time)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cover Preview: Sandwiched by Scyllas

Had to wait for some various things, but here's the projected cover for the next novella in the Sandwiched by series:

I'm still working on the ebook formatting.  I'll let you all know as soon as it's available to buy on Amazon and other places.

Friday, January 08, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Mist Devil

Name:  Mist Devil
Type:  Elemental [Air]  (They won’t allow me to use Ghost)
Habitat:  Lowland.  Marshy areas.  Woodland.

A pretty young woman formed out of dense white mist or smoke and wreathed in clouds.  Their hands are disproportionately larger and more indistinct in form than the rest of their body.  Their legs terminate in denser white clouds that float just above the surface of the ground.  They move by gliding at a speed comparable to a moderate walking pace.

They are capable of turning to mist and back again at will.  While normally intangible, they can make their bodies become dense enough to support the weight of an adult human male.

There are reports of male versions, but as of yet these have not been corroborated.

Attack Strategy:
They are not capable of sustained rapid movement, so the mist devil will either creep up on their intended prey while disguised as mist or attempt to lure prey to them with their naked bodies.  As they don’t appear to utilise any additional tempting factors such as pheromones or hypnosis, anyone allowing themselves to be lured in this manner should collect a Darwin Award for stupidity on the way to meeting their maker.

Once close enough they will attempt to smother their victim either by placing their hands over the victim’s nose and mouth or pressing their gaseous ass or breast into the victim’s face.  Inhaling part of the mist devil’s gaseous form has a strong sedative effect.  Once the victim is subdued the mist devil surrounds them with her gaseous body and solidifies enough to support them.  She then fills their lungs with a strong aphrodisiac gas and manifests feeding tubes, which are used first to stimulate her prey to repeated ejaculations and then to drain their life energy* until all vital functions cease.

*I must apologise for the vagueness of this.  Truth is, we don’t know what causes her victims to die.  The bodies we’ve recovered show none of the massive fluid loss seen with other hindig victims, or any other sign of injury.  Somehow the mist devils use the moment of climax as a catalyst to enable them to draw the spark of life out of their victim.  I know it sounds unscientific, but I can’t think of a better way to explain it.


This cannot be stressed strongly enough.  Currently we have absolutely nothing that harms these beings in the slightest.  If you see one, or are in an environment where you think one is present, get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

(I have a theory that a very strong wind might be enough to permanently disperse their gaseous forms.  The problem is how to generate strong enough air currents given the high failure rate of our machinery and explosives under H-space physical laws.)

Threat Level:
Moderate to High.


Thankfully they appear to be quite rare and show no desire in engaging us in a concerted attack, otherwise their threat level would be considerably higher.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Mist Devil

Guns don’t work.  No problem.  PFC Stewart Peter Bate carried a good old-fashioned saber.  So old-fashioned it looked like it had once been wielded by a cavalryman in the Civil War.  It hadn’t.  It wasn’t an antique but a functional replica of a Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber.  The men had laughed at him for carrying it around, but he’d ended up with the last laugh, not that he took any pleasure from it.

The scientists thought the laws of physics here might be different to how they were back home, and might even vary from place to place.  That meant that whenever you pulled the trigger on a gun it was a crapshoot whether the gun fired or not.  That wasn’t the case with Bate’s trusty sword.  Good old steel didn’t rely on physics and chemistry.  If you stabbed something in the guts it stayed stabbed.

Bate looked up and wondered which way to go.  It was night, which was weird in itself.  Up until now he’d thought this place didn’t do night.  He was ankle deep in some kind of marsh and surrounded by brackish pools and long reeds.  Thick mist clung low to the ground in a ghostly blanket.  There was a strong odor in the air.  Given his surroundings he would have expected it to be the fetid reek of rotting vegetation.  Instead it was a reek of a different kind—like his nose was buried in the pussy of a hooker with hygiene issues.

Bate forged on.  It was what he was trained to do.

Ahead and to the left of him there was a disturbance in the ground fog.  Mist billowed up in a thick cloud and coalesced in the form of a pretty young woman with large, naked breasts.  She gave him an adorable smile and spread her arms as if she wanted to embrace him.

Bate wasn’t fooled.  He slashed at her with his trusty Model 1860.

The girl laughed and slid out of reach of his swing as if blown by an unseen wind.  She circled him and blew taunting air kisses.  Her slender, pale body was wreathed in billowing white clouds.

What was she—alien, ghost, wraith, demon?  Bate kept swinging at her with his saber and each time she smoothly glided out of range.

When Bate stopped slashing at her she squeezed her tits together and gave him lewd come-ons that were far too crude to hold any appeal for him.  All the while she hovered teasingly just out of range.

Bate feigned turning away and was able to catch her mid-taunt.  Not that it improved matters much—she was as insubstantial as the mist she appeared to be composed of.  Some of her misty body caught on his sword as it swished through her body.  It simply slid off and returned to the main mass after his saber came out the other side.  He’d cut her in half and all she did was smile at him as her two halves drifted back together and she reformed.

Screw this.

She was incorporeal, like a ghost.  If he couldn’t touch her then it meant she couldn’t touch him.  All this teasing and taunting was just an annoyance holding him up.  He turned his back on her and stomped away.

The apparition drifted after him.  She came up behind him and put gaseous hands over his nose and mouth.

“Breathe.  Breathe deep,” she whispered to him.

Bate knew that was a bad idea, but it was too late, he’d already been drawing in a breath when her hands smothered him.  He drew the misty substance of her body down into his lungs.  Once there, the drugs contained within her gaseous form were absorbed across into his bloodstream and spread out through his body.

Bate tried to hold his breath and force her off.  To no avail—she clung to him like a bad smell and his hands passed right through her incorporeal form.  The drugs in his system were already taking effect.  He felt duller... slower...

He took another breath without realizing, filling his lungs with more tainted air.

It wasn’t so bad.  It smelt like sweet perfume.

Bate’s legs buckled beneath him.

He didn’t fall all the way to the floor.  Her cloudy form had solidified enough for her to support his weight.  It was like dropping into a big pile of soft cushions.  The mist devil lay with him, with her misty hands still covering his mouth and nose.

Bate breathed in and the mist devil let him inhale a different drug.  This was a stronger perfume that excited his senses and caused his penis to become engorged with blood.

Other unseen hands had already unbuckled and pulled down Bate’s trousers.  His erection rose unconstrained.  Not that it was visible.  His groin and most of his lower body were buried in drifts of fluffy white clouds.

“I’m so empty,” the mist devil whispered in his ear.  “Please fill me.”

Her breath tickled his earlobe.  Within the clouds covering his genitals it felt like many warm mouths were at work.  They blew on his cock and balls... licked them... sucked.  Bate shivered in pleasure as his cock was drawn up into a tight, warm tunnel with velvet-soft walls.

“Fill me with your life and energy,” the mist devil breathed in his ear.  “I’ll make you feel so nice.”

Bate inhaled more of her drugged gas.  A pleasant buzz spread through his body and sent tingling fingers down to tickle his balls.  The clouds pulsed and throbbed around his groin, stroked and tickled.  Feather-light caresses brushed up his shaft, as light as mist and yet sensation enough to stroke him all the way to release.

He sighed into her smothering hands and his body bucked as he emptied a thick load of cum into the opaque fog wreathing his crotch.  The mist devil sighed her own pleasure.  The clouds thickened around Bate’s sex.  It was no longer feather-light strokes, but firm grips and lusty tugs.

Bate’s cock continued to throb as he expelled more bolts of semen.  They were drawn from him as if gulped down by a hungry gullet.  Dimly, he became aware there was something in the fog smothering his genitals.  He saw a knotted tube, pale like an underground-dwelling worm.  Bulges travelled down it and into the clouds he lay upon.  Each bulge came after a blissful eruption from Bate’s throbbing member.

“Don’t concern yourself with that.”  The mist devil tilted his head so he was staring into her pale, ethereally beautiful face.  “Inhale, and then release it all in me.”

Bate breathed in more of her perfumed gas and his perturbation melted away.  He relaxed back into her soft form and smiled as she whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

The throbbing bulges at his crotch grew larger as Bate grew weaker and colder, until finally, his vitality fully drained, the mist devil let his body fall onto the reeds and sodden mire.  She rose and left his cooling corpse behind as she drifted off in search of fresh prey.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Introducing the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary

...or as it will more likely be known—the really really grimdark book of sexy monster girls.

I like creating weird and wonderful monsters.  I’ve always wanted to create a monster bestiary.  This year I decided to start putting one together.  Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia is incredibly popular online after all.  I’m envisioning the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary (which we’ll abbreviate to MGB from here on—that combination of letters is still unused as far as I’m aware) as a sort of Western equivalent, with a heavy emphasis on sort of.

KC’s MGE is excellent.  As is Monster Girl Quest and Okayado’s Everyday MonsterGirls (known as Monster Musume in the West).  What I don’t want to do is simply copy them.  Yeah, I’d be creating something that was in English, but it’s not as if those works aren’t heavily translated already.   I already have my own slant on sexy monster girls and succubi in my fiction, so it would make sense to draw on that.  My take will likely be a little darker.  I’ve seen criticisms pop up on monster girl discussion threads from time to time that the MGE and EMG universes can be a little too light and fluffy.  Some people like their bad girls and bad ends to be bad.  Well that’s something I can do!

(As an aside, there is no ‘right’ interpretation here.  Some people like their sexy, evil demonesses sexy and evil, and others like their cute monster girls to take them home for Sexy-Snu-Snu Ever After.  Both are fine.  The MGE (mostly) does the latter.  For the MGB I thought I’d do the former.)

(As another aside.  If someone likes one of the H-space monster girls, but would rather they didn’t do the awful things that will inevitably happen in the final paragraph, feel free to imagine—or even write fiction about—them doing nicer things instead.  I don’t really care much for arguments on what is or isn’t canon.  I’ll probably be writing about the deliciously twisted and evil ones because horror-head needs to be let out of his cage to play now and again, but that doesn’t mean the nicer ones don’t exist.  Have fun however you see fit.)

(Which brings me to the last silly aside.  I’d love to see people have fun with this.  Both MGE and MGQ have generated tons of fanart and fanfiction all over the internet.  I’m hoping my H-space Monster Girl Bestiary will give those communities some new toys to play with.  Of course, this is also up to me to create toys people want to play with!)

What form will this take?

A short short story (1000-1500ish words) of the sexy (maybe) monster girl doing her ‘thing’ followed by a short profile summarising what she looks like and what her ‘thing’ is.  The plan is for a new one every week.  If I get behind, or find I need a breather, I’ve got a few pre-existing H-space stories I can create profiles from.  Or post fragments from if the story happens to be one of my eBook exclusives (expect much shilling of my own books those weeks – horror-erotica writers, even the crazy ones, gotta eat).

So no artwork?

Nope, sadly.  My art skills have atrophied to point of uselessness.  The short stories will give detailed (and extremely graphic!) scenes of the monster girls in action, but I know they won’t have the immediacy or going-viral potential of sexy illustrations.  Creators have to stick to their strengths and mine is words rather than line and ink.  Actually, I’m kind of hoping this takes off enough for people to start rattling off their own fanart, but again that’s largely down to me coming up with designs that fire people’s imaginations.  (to be honest, I’ve not got a good track record here—the only artwork I’ve ever seen related to my work was a fairly bad picture of Verdé, and the artist only did it because they thought the author was someone else.  sigh).

It’s not all doom’n’gloom.  If the bestiary is going well and I get a good royalty cheque one month I might see if I can get some artwork commissioned to see if that will help with promotion.

Why H-space?

H-space is my goto setting if I want to write about something too weird to fit in a conventional modern day setting.  It didn’t start off as my first choice.  I knew I wanted to write a series of super shorts about various weird and sexy monster girls.  One idea was to create a brand new story setting using a character I’d created for a forthcoming Sandwiched by story (I haven’t forgotten about that series).  Then I thought about setting it in a generic fantasy world with the plan of maybe incorporating it into a game idea.  In fact, the story coming out tomorrow had a different protagonist at one point.  I didn’t like this as I wanted something to distinguish it from the fantasy settings used in the MGE and almost every monster girl RPG.

(Again, no criticism of these settings.  I just didn’t want to do the same re-tread as everyone else.)

H-space seemed like the best fit for new weird and sexy monster girls.  I’ve already used it a few times in previous stories.  Those stories tend to be a little darker than my other tales and after seeing comments from people wanting to see badder Bad End monster girls I thought there was a good opportunity to do something slightly different to the existing popular monster girl universes, and that H-space would be a good setting to use.  Plus, I really like my horror and this seemed like a chance to let horror-head out of the cage to create some crazy shit.

Setting it in H-space also opens up the possibility of a few sneaky continuity tricks.  These might be short short stories, but there will still be hints of a larger story arc, exactly the same as what some of you might have spotted with my other fiction.

Why not the Succubus Summoning universe?

I was three stories in when the same question occurred to me.  This project could just have as easily been Ye Olde Magikal Grimoire of Monster Girls of Questionable Morality.  Maybe that’s something we’ll see next year after I’ve got the Succubus Summoning series back on track again (It.  Will.  Happen.  I fucked up the end of 2014 and fucked up 2015.  2016 is NOT going to go the same way.)

Obviously, that will be lighter and fluffi... wait... the daemons eat the students fairly regularly in that universe as well.  Funnier, maybe...?

(and there’s the potential to play even more games with continuity, especially when some of the monster girls start to look a little familiar... ;) )

Is this going to affect your other writing?

Not really.  The stories and profiles are short enough to slot in alongside whatever bigger projects I’m working on at the time.  Actually, because the short stories are so short, they make great ‘breather’ activities for those times when I need to take a break from banging my head against the wall trying to make a bigger story/novella/novel work.

They also serve as a useful extension of my ideas file.  There’s been a lot of times over the past years when the idea for a hawt monster girl sex scene has come to me, but I haven’t had a chance to write it down either because the rest of the story idea hasn’t fallen into place, or I was too busy writing something else.  Then the idea ends up being forgotten, or I’ll jot it down as a series of notes and then come back to them three years later and be unable to recall the initial hawtness that made me want to write the story in the first place.

Writing a thousand or so words is still a relatively low investment and is a much better way of preserving the original idea.  I can then reuse them at a later date as part of a more fleshed out story or chapter.

Will this be another one of those hare-brained schemes that fizzle out in a week or so?

Yeah, fair comment, 2015 was not the best on that front.

The H-space MGB will be a little more robust.  For starters, I already have a few stories stocked up.  Originally I wanted to copy a challenge of writing a story a day for a month as I’d seen MGExaminer do it on the MGU forum and it seemed like fun.  I had a few ideas and hammered out five in one week over the Christmas break.  Since then I’ve been writing a few more here and there whenever something else has stalled.  I have a buffer and keeping to a much more manageable weekly schedule (rather than attempting the daily schedule madness that wrecked me for parts of last year) should make it easier for this to settle into a regular feature.

This, of course, is dependent on the H-space Bestiary being good.  Some ideas might seem good at the time, but they don’t always pan out.  If it’s not working out and the interest isn’t there, I’ll give the thing a quiet burial and move on.

(Although I’ll probably keep writing the scene fragments for my ideas file.  I’m amazed I didn’t think of doing it this way sooner.)

Anyway, there’s your introduction to the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary.  If you have any further questions, stick ‘em in the comments below.

The first story will be posted tomorrow and the profile will follow on Friday.

(and to answer one question I know plenty of people want to ask.  I’m still trying with the next chapter of Succubus Summoning.  After the various fuck ups of 2014 and 2015 I’m not going to get people’s hopes up until I actually get something written down.  I’ll let you know as soon as I break through that block and get Phil’s adventures restarted again.)

Monday, January 04, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 8

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“No, but I do.”

The voice came out of the corner of the room.  Devin looked over and saw there was another devil woman in the room.  She was casually sitting in his chair and watching them.  If anything, she looked even more devilish—more intimidating—than Boo.  Her skin was vampire-pale and she was clothed from head to foot in black leather.  She wore stylish, kinky black boots with high stiletto heels.  Her equally stylish black gloves extended back to her elbows.  A gothic black leather corset was cinched tightly around her waist and emphasised her large bust.  The top of her bosom was uncovered and her deep cleavage was displayed to devastating effect.  The overall appearance was somewhere between up-market dominatrix and kinky torturess.  Devin didn’t know how she’d entered the room.  It was as if she’d coalesced out of the darkness.

“N-n-nÿte?”  Boo seemed to know who she was and also seemed a little afraid of her.

So was Devin.  The new demoness had black horns and eyes like empty black pits.  She radiated a palpable aura of dread.  Devin saw she had a wicked-looking whip coiled up in her hands.  It did not look like a sex toy.

“What are you doing here?”  Boo recovered her composure a little.

“Carnivrillarofax thought this might happen.  He asked me to stop by and check in.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Boo said.  “You’re too late.  He’s already spilled his seed inside me.  That makes him my claim.  You know the rules.”

Her vagina contracted around Devin’s cock, holding him tight within her.

“Those aren’t really rules,” the other demon, Nÿte, said.  “They’re more like guidelines... to prevent conflict between our kind.”

The demon dominatrix stroked the coiled-up whip in her hands.

“Now me, I don’t mind a little bit of conflict.”

Her black lips parted in a smile that revealed white teeth.  The incisors were long and pointed.  Fangs.

“How about you?”

Boo looked away.  “No,” she said.

Her pussy relaxed its death grip on Devin’s cock.  Boo got off him and stepped off the bed.

“I relinquish my claim.  He’s yours.”

Meekly, she put her clothes back on and left the room.

That left Devin alone with the demon dominatrix.  He wasn’t sure that was much better.  Tangible dread rolled off her in waves.  This was not an angel sent down from above to rescue Devin.  She was from a place just as dark as Boo, maybe darker.

Nÿte looked him over, as if sizing him up as her next meal.  “While I do enjoy watching you tremble in terror like a tiny mouse, it is quite unnecessary.”

That was a relief to Devin.  The pale-faced demon didn’t look like the sort who was satisfied with mere killing.  Devin had a feeling that had the circumstances been different she’d have quite happily torn his soul out and taken it back with her to hell to torture for all eternity.

Yes, he was very relieved to see her stand up and walk towards his door.

But she had saved his life (and possibly soul), he should at least acknowledge that.

“You saved me,” he said.  “I don’t know what I can possibly do to thank you, but... thanks.”

“It’s nothing,” Nÿte said with a bright smile that was totally at odds with her terrifying aura.  “A request from a friend I was more than happy to carry out.”

She put her hand on the door and was about to leave when she paused.  She turned her head and looked at Devin.

“Mmm, you know, I’ve just thought of something you can do.”  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  “We can do.”

to be continued, or concluded (depending on how much fun Nÿte decides to have)...

A couple of months back I mentioned I had an idea for a third entrant for Literotica's Halloween contest, but that the ending didn't work for an erotica story.  Well, "A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar" was that story and this was the ending as originally planned.  For a horror or normal short story, I think it's a fine point to end the story.  Nÿte has a perversely honourable streak, she's doing a favour for a friend, at this point it's implied she's going to fuck Devin's brains out until the sun comes up and then leave, and it can be left to reader's imagination exactly what kinky fun they get up to.  For other types of story that's fine.  For erotica, however, you can't show the sizzle and not serve up the steak.  I think a lot of you out there would be quite disappointed if I showed you Nÿte but didn't give her any scenes.  So, to avoid any disappointment, next week we'll have Nÿte getting her kink on.

(please don't break all his bones, tear him to pieces, or rip his soul out)