Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4: Another Story! part 3

This is part 3 of the Violated Hero 4: Another Story playthrough.  The first part is here.

Last up we ran into the slime girl mimic, Irizu.  This time it’s time to tackle the second rogue monster girl.  She looks like a cute little imp or succubus.

First up we have the obligatory post-win talk where Luka-clone somehow charms the defeated monster girl onto his side.  This time he rather foolishly promises to wear Irizu at some point.

This is extremely foolish, as Marietta points out—once he puts Irizu on he won’t be able to take her off again.

Unfortunately Luka-clone promised and as he belongs to the stupid, My Word Is My Bond, hero type this puts him in a bit of a pickle.

Lilith, of course, finds it all hilarious.

I’m not sure how they resolve this as I fail to unravel the mystery translations again.  I think Luka-clone’s going to put her on later, or something.  I’m fairly certain he made similar promises to most of his monster girl harem in the last game.  Maybe that’s what happens.  He hits his 30th birthday and all the monster girls draw straws to be the one that gets to fuck him until his brains dribble out of his ears.

After collecting up Irizu it’s time to head off to the cave and sort out the other one.

Hmm, there doesn’t appear to be a central map this time.  I wonder if I’ll be able to replay the levels to make sure I’ve uncovered all the wandering mooks (although I’m surprised they’ve added new designs to be honest.  The Violated Hero series was always light on the game elements, but this add-on has felt more like a visual novel with a couple of RPG fights so far).

The cave has a new monster girl design for the wandering monster as well.  Ah, typical Violated Hero.  I have no idea what she is.  Maybe a millipede and an octopus got a little frisky and she hatched out a few months later.

At the end of the path there’s no sign of the other rogue monster girl either.  Lilith suggests they split up.  I’m wondering if this is a devious new plan of hers to get Luka-clone slurped up.  She should know by now he’s completely useless on his own.

Yep, they decide to split the party.  Nice knowing you, Luka-clone.

He walks for a while and starts feeling sleepy.  It sounds like a little succubus is trying to charm him to sleep, but then she manages to trip over a rock and botch the whole thing.  Her and Luka-clone seem like a perfect match at this point.

Lilith and Marietta come back.  The succubus, or rather imp—she seems a lot like the big-boobed imp Monster Girl Quest threw in for comic relief—tries again to get Luka-clone to fall asleep.  She seems a bit hopeless to be honest.  One of the translations gives her name as Miguel.  Is Miguel a sexy name for a girl in Japan?  I’ll go with Mea as that’s what the katakana charts say.

Oh, that’s a bit weird.  The game jumps right into the fight without giving the usual option of quaffing healing potions beforehand.

So how hard is the little imp?

20HP?  Really?

One swat from Luka-clone’s sword is enough.  She really is like the loli imp from MGQ.  I wonder if this is supposed to be a joke battle or she’s going to morph into a bigger threat for the real fight.

Okay, from this point on it got a little complicated.  After the fight Mea begs for a rematch, but this time in dreams.  You can choose to accept or refuse.  The choices I picked ended up taking me right to the end of the chapter, but as it’s a little early to go there I’ll rewind and check out Mea’s Bad End first.

First off let’s try and throw that first fight.  This might be a little harder than it looks.  The red boot option (escape vs. normal mooks, auto loss vs. bosses) is disabled and Mea’s attacks only do 1HP of damage with each hit.  I think this is supposed to be an auto-win fight.

A challenge, but not impossible.  If I only use the green eyeball action (scan for their amount of HP) in theory she should be able to whittle my HP to 0.  Did the developers think of everything?

Hmm, this might take some time.  Come on, Mea.  Put your back into it.

And . . .

Haha, in this case the developers did not think of everything.  After Mea ‘defeats’ me the game carries on as though I’d won.  Tut tut.

Then there are those options.  The first option, declining to fight her, is the correct option.  But we want to see her Bad Ends, so let’s have a rematch.  In dreams.

Marietta and Lilith warn us that this is a bad idea.

Ulp.  Yep, definitely a bad idea.  She’s a bit ‘ard in dreams.

I’m not entirely sure if this is a winnable fight.  She one-hit-KOs me.

Marietta and Lilith call us stupid for agreeing to Mea’s rematch and abandon Luka-clone to his fate.

It’s back to the dream world for Mea to properly play with us.  She makes two clones and goes to work on Luka-clone’s nipples and cock.

There are lots of sucky-sucky sounds and the Meas make Luka-clone come by just sucking on his nipples.  (That sort of thing never does anything for me—must have super-insensitive nipples)

Then the back Mea wraps her sizeable boobs around Luka-clone’s cock for a bit of paizuri + blowjob.

Mea says that as it’s a dream and not the real world, Luka-clone is not tied to physical performance and will be able to come as much as he likes.  So no different to Luka-clone’s other Bad End scenes then.  There’s a reason why we call him the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

That’s the first scene out of the way.  As with Irizu, there isn’t an immediate jump to the next scene.  Luka-clone wakes up back in the cave.  Because of what happened in the dream he’s still under Mea’s control, sort of, despite her being a puny imp in the real world.  She gives him a bell.

She tells him that if he rings the bell before sleeping she’ll come and give him nice (and presumably extremely naughty) dreams.  Not seeing either the nightmare or Bad End part here.

Oh, Luka-clone gets addicted to the bell and doesn’t go back to the castle.  Foolish hero.

Let’s have a peek at what he’s getting.

Dream sex with Mea it seems.  As usual Luka-clone comes from a bit of frottage (Had to look that up, sounds like it should be a cheese) as Mea rubs her pussy lips against him.

Luka-clone comments that he knows the ejaculations he’s having here are also happening in the real world as he keeps waking up with crusty underwear from his night-time emissions.  Crusty.  You could probably use his underwear as plate armour now!

Mea pops his dick in her pussy for a spot of hard-riding sex.  Luka-clone breaks, as he always does in these Bad Ends.  His dream of saving the world shatters and he forgoes the real world to live in the dreams Mea gives him.

That’s the two new characters out of the way.  There’s still one scene left to unlock in the CG gallery.  What do we think it will be?  More Lilith?  Some of Marietta, the robot maid (she hasn’t had a chance to anything yet)?  Or maybe all of them in a big messy harem scene?  Find out next post.


  1. the dlc so far seems a let down what do you think hydra? oh and when is the next Succubus Summoning chapter? :D

    1. It's okay. More of a visual novel. Depends on whether you find the new characters and Lilith hot.

      Succubus Summoning 211 is typed up. I'll edit and then post it around the end of the month.

    2. thank you hydra so much for all of this :) the stories and the lps

  2. Never split the party.