Thursday, October 30, 2014

Succubus Summoning 211 (part 2)

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Succubus Summoning 211 (part 2)

The succubus before him was blazing with power.  Flames flickered all over her body.  They looked impressive, but were merely parlour tricks compared to the power Darvill sensed emanating from her.  It felt like a tangible force.

Darvill wanted it.

Forget the sex.  He wanted the knowledge—the power—she could teach him.

And for a moment, a long one, he was tempted.

Then he noticed the poly-Oc daemon sitting on his shoulder had gone very quiet.  Normally it was constantly shifting around as it tried to look at everything.  Now it was still . . . expectant.

And then he understood.

Calmly, Darvill carved the Exhalzangz’gn Flambastinaa sigil into his palm.  Red blood welled up out of the cuts.  Darvill knew the flames Rosa was playing with were sentient and came from the Elemental Plane of Consumas Infernum.  He placed his bloody palm flat on the ground and banished them as he would any other intruding daemon.  The burning torches died down and flickered out.  The same happened to the flames dancing all over the succubus’s body.  His banishment would keep them gone for at least an hour.

“Thanks for your offer,” he said, “but I must regretfully decline.  I’m not advanced enough to be able to assimilate the knowledge and power you wish to gift me.  It would destroy me.”

He ran an affectionate hand over the eye stalks of the poly-Oc sitting on his shoulder.

“My poly-Oc here is enough.  It might take me a little longer, but I’ll learn what I need from my own studies.  I can be patient.”

“Very well,” Rosa said.  She didn’t seem happy about it, but she moved out of his path.

“Now tell me where you’re holding my friend,” Darvill ordered.

“Through there, up the stairs and straight down the corridor,” she said, pointing to the door in the right wall behind her couch.  “You won’t like what you find.”

He gave the succubus a wide berth as he walked to the exit.  She took a little half step towards him as he went by.

“Are you sure you don’t want a quick blowjob?” she asked.

There was an awkward pause.

“Um, no thanks,” Darvill said.  He left the room.

After he left, Rosa cursed loudly and creatively.  She summoned up a fireball and set the bed on fire.

“Why did I have to get the smart one,” she moaned.  “I really wanted a fuck.”

to be continued . . .


  1. Heh that was humurously anticlimactic.

    1. cmon you know hydra, rosa will get him

  2. Poor horny succubus...
    *pats head*

  3. Hey M.E. Have you ever considered doing a story from a human female perspective? Maybe have her face a succubus or even an incubus? Even if you went with the incubus, you could have the human girl turn the tables and mix in some delicious femdom. I just think it'd be cool to see that.