Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Succubus Summoning 211 (part 1)

I'm nearly done editing the next chapter of Succubus Summoning (211).  As it breaks down into a number of sub-chapters like 209, I thought I'd torment everyone and post it piece-by-piece until the final chapter is up on Literotica.

Succubus Summoning 211 (part 1)

Verdé was waiting for Phil and Nÿte as they reached the top of the steps.  The succubus sat in an armchair as if posing for a seedy fashion photographer.  Her diaphanous green robes were arranged artfully around her.

“I see you’ve taken care of one of the intruders,” she said, noticing the blood smeared all over Phil.

Phil’s expression was downcast.  He felt as terrible as he looked.

“That wasn’t the plan,” Phil said.  “We were trying to rescue him.”

Verdé arched a finely pencilled eyebrow.  “Why would you do that?” she asked.

“They’re his fellow students from that ridiculous college,” Nÿte said.  “He seems to think they’re his friends.”

Verdé put a hand to her mouth.  “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Phil grimaced.  “I take it that means the one in the forest is beyond rescue.”

Verdé nodded her head sadly.  “He threw a fireball at me, so I led him through a field of puff boobs.  He fell on one.”

Phil guessed that meant ‘beyond rescue’.  Souls didn’t escape once Verdé’s plants caught them.

“What about yours?” Verdé asked.  “I’m guessing from the blood you failed to rescue them.”

“He slapped me,” Nÿte said.

Verdé raise both eyebrows and her eyes widened.  “That was . . . foolish,” she said as if shocked anyone would even consider carrying out such an action.

“He realised that.  At the end.”

Verdé got up out of her chair.  She looked to be favouring her left side.  Nÿte stared at her with piercing black eyes.

“You seem to be healing slower than normal,” she stated.

“My energy levels are a little low,” Verdé said.  “I’ll find a nice young man to . . .” she glanced at Phil.  “I’ll meditate to recover them later.”

“Come to my room after,” Nÿte said.  “We have things to discuss.”

Verdé seemed reluctant to meet Nÿte’s abyssal-eyed gaze.

What was that about? Phil thought.

“What about the other two students?” he asked.

Nÿte turned to him.  “They’ll be okay . . . so long as they don’t do anything foolish.”

to be continued (tomorrow, likely) . . .


  1. Well, some is better than none, I suppose...

  2. how many parts will there be? hail hydra

    1. 6, and then a link to the whole chapter when it posts on Lit. (Ideally, the whole chapter will post on the same day I put up part 6 - although Lit beat me by a couple of days last time ;) )

    2. please let the other two students do something foolish O:)