Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4: Another Story! part 2

Righty-ho.  We’re running a playthrough of Violated Hero 4: Another Story.  This is an additional chapter for the Violated Hero 4 game.  I started the playthrough here and should probably include the usual disclaimer—sexy-squicky stuff incoming, run away if that’s not your thing.

Last time around was a fairly lengthy intro that ended up with Lilith giving Luka-clone’s cock a big suck with her tail until he agreed to go with her on a trip to bring two rogue monster girls to order.

Then it’s off on the arduous journey to the far-flung place . . . which Lilith moves them to instantaneously through a teleport square on the floor.

Hmm.  Does anywhere count as far-flung if you can just teleport straight there?

Marietta hears noise and comes into the room to investigate.  She finds the teleport square.  So this is how she ends up in the adventuring party.  Out in not-so-far-flung place, Lilith and Luka-clone see the teleport activated and Luka-clone is terrified it’s Sharia coming to discipline him for shirking his work responsibilities.

Nope, just Little Miss Vacuum Cleaner.  She does try to discipline Luka-clone, but Lilith manages to talk her into tagging along.

Look Dieselmine, we know they’re going to run off and find the sexy, so let’s get on with it!

Luka-clone thinks this should be straightforward.  It’s only a couple of minor monster girl bosses and he’s beaten gods and demons (okay, so it was his harem that did all the hard work.  Leave the lad alone).  Then Lilith tells him she’s going to seal (reduce?) her powers because a fight isn’t fun if the outcome is obvious.  So that’s the awkward reset out of the way that explains how Luka-clone might lose to one of these despite already beating the most powerful monster girl demon in the land.

We’re back to the good old days where if Luka-clone loses, naughty naughty things will be done to him.  (That’s the only reason we’re all here, let’s be honest).

Hmm.  There’s a choice of where to go next—forest or cave.  I pick forest and then finally we’re out of the visual novel part and into the game part.  It’s the usual branching path exploration with some new wandering mooks thrown in.

This time the mook is some kind of elf with a weird plant tail.  She’s also carrying a creepy plushy doll.

I reach the end of the path without finding any rogue monster girls.  Luka-clone notices some armour and a sword lying around.  He thinks it might have been left behind after some unlucky adventurer got slurped up by a monster girl.  He goes over to pick it up so he can take it back to the former owner’s family so they can bury it.

Yes, yes.  Obvious trap.

Lilith and Marietta try to warn him, but it’s already too late.

Blacksmith!  This armour appears to have a slime girl in it.

The “armour” is a type of parasitic mimic that tricks people into putting her on and then treats the host as a domestic animal.

I guess that means fight or submit to a life of being told what to do by your T-shirt.

As I got most of the character names wrong for VH5, I remember to go to the dlsite and get them from the product description.  Which doesn’t have them.  Guess I’ll have to translate raw from the katakana.  Sentient T-shirt’s name comes out as Irizu, which might map to something like Elise, but my Japanese is too non-existent to know for sure.  Irizu it is.

She takes a few hits and we even get to see her (useless) sex attack.  This time it’s the old model snot attack in a fetching shade of sky blue.

Running through a Violated Hero game beating everything is sort of against the purpose of the game, so it’s time to sub in alt!Luka-clone from the bench, rewind back to the start of the fight, and then throw it.

Bad End time.

Both Lilith and Marietta are so disgusted with us losing they teleport off and abandon Luka-clone to his slimy fate.

In her natural form Irizu resembles a blue slime girl.  Once she has skin contact with Luka-clone she’s able to speak directly in his mind.  I remember something like this happening to Spider-man when he picked up his new snazzy black threads.  That didn’t work out so well.

Because she’s a slime girl she makes us feel like we’re being kissed with lots of lips wherever she touches us.  Then she makes it feel like being licked by hundreds of tongues.

Then follows the usual way of breaking people in the Violated Hero universe.  Irizu gives Luka-clone’s cock a lot of stimulus but won’t let him come until he agrees to be her host.

Eventually Luka-clone agrees to wear her and she wraps around his body.

Then, rather than go straight to the second scene, there’s a short interlude of Luka-clone out fighting monster girls and saving folks with his new mimic armour.  He questions whether this is that effective considering he was already keeping most of humanity safe by doing all the bureaucratic stuff back at the castle.  Irizu doesn’t like his insubordination and decides to come out and 'punish' him.

Punishing apparently involves riding him reverse cowgirl style.

Yes please, can I be punished too?

First off she teases him by rubbing him against her outer lips.  Being a slime girl, she again makes it feel like lots of kisses wherever Luka-clone’s cock comes into contact with her.  That’s ejaculation number one, the first of probably many.

Irizu wants to make little baby mimics.  So up into her pussy goes Luka-clone’s cock.  Because she’s a slime girl and possesses a certain malleability of form, she makes her vaginal walls feel like lots of licking tongues.  Luka doesn’t hold out and fills Irizu’s womb with the white stuff.

She carries on helping Luka-clone save humans from monster girls.  This works out for her as the humans they save end up being hosts for her offspring.  And thus Luka-clone was patient zero of the Mimic Girl Apocalypse.

That’s the gooey pleasures of the first girl out of the way.  Next up is some kind of imp or succubus.


  1. Hm has this created any ideas for you for a new possible sexy monster for your stories?

  2. Kinda feels like a cop out that they don't show him absorbed into her armour as her host. Maybe its just me but I don't think a traditional Mimic girl scene is complete until it she takes the person into her chest with her and we see it closed with him trapped inside. She's not your usual mimic....but I think its a similar situation. (I also think normal mimics should be well endowed, If im going to be trapped in a box for eternity it at least needs to be cushioned)

    Im stuck between which is my favourite mimic end in this series; Mimi for VH1 (simply trapped in a box with a shapely girl, too bad they didnt show him completely inside the chest with her/the permanently closed chest emitting the faint noises of love) or the Gold Slime from VH3 or 4 (trapped with a slime girl in a universe of riches...that youll never be able to spend).

  3. This Slime Mimic seems and creepy at the same time and its weird and yeah "Jimmy The Cannon" Bonus point for resembling the symbiote from Spider-Man.

  4. Edit: This Slime Mimic seems weird and creepy at the same time and yeah "Jimmy The Cannon" get Bonus point for referencing how she resemble the symbiote from Spider-Man.

    no edit button for anonymous and i kinda messed up my last comment so sorry about that.