Monday, July 11, 2016

Succubus Summoning 213, part 4

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"So it's going to be like that," Verde said without the slightest hint of fear or concern.

The two succubi converged on her.  They did not fight, at least not in any way Phil recognised as fighting.  If anything it resembled more a sizzling-hot three-way lesbian orgy.  Phil supposed it made sense for succubus fights to be about sex as well.  He found it hard to follow.  At first there was a Sapphic embrace as Verdé and Seleucida squashed their tits together and rubbed their nipples against each other.  Their lips met in wet sloppy kisses and their hands roamed all over each other's curves while they let out sighs of pleasure.

Paradisea joined in.  She pressed her breasts up against Verdé's back and reached around to grab Verdé's tits.  The other succubus's eyelids fluttered and her cheeks reddened as Paradisea's fingers clamped Verdé's nipples and tugged them.

Verdé had no intention of letting the other succubi do all the work.  Her hands lit up with a soft green glow.  She brought her left hand down between Seleucida's legs and the other succubus gasped in pleasure as Verdé inserted first one and then two fingers between the hairless folds of Seleucida's pussy.  All three went to the floor in a tangle of heaving bosoms, groping hands, lapping tongues and lewd sighs.

"Enjoying the show?" Astrapia said to Phil as she languidly fluttered her fan of fluffy pink feathers.  She cocked her head.  "Oh, are you feeling left out.  Don't worry, I'll show you how good it feels to fuck a succubus of real class."

She uncrossed her legs and her hairless sex winked at Phil, revealing the moist pink interior.  Phil's gaze was drawn to it and held.  The succubus wrapped her sexual aura around him like a velvet-gloved fist and squeezed.

It took most of Phil's willpower to tear his gaze away.  He looked over to the writhing pile of nubile flesh on the floor to his left.  It was hard to see who had the upper hand.  Verdé maybe.  She was on top of Seleucida and her fist was buried up to the wrist in the other woman's sex.

"Is that all you've got?" Seleucida said coldly.

Or maybe not.

Paradisea struck.  Her tail plunged into Verdé's ass like a lance and the green-haired succubus threw her head back and let out a shocked gasp that was more pleasure than pain.  Seleucida slithered off Verdé's hand and turned.  The end of her tail puffed up and she embedded it in Verdé's vagina.  Verdé shuddered and let out a cry.  Glistening juices squirted out of her pussy as Seleucida's tail probed deeper.

If it had been a fight it was now over.  Verdé lay unresisting between the two succubi and gave out little panting sighs of bliss as the other succubi's tails throbbed and swelled in her ass and vagina.  This wasn't a sex act, Phil realised.

"You're hurting her," he said.

This was feeding.  The knowledge of it changed what Phil was seeing, made it loathsome, like watching giant leeches suck the life fluids out of hapless prey.  As he watched, little bulges ran up the succubi's tails.  Verdé's fluids... life?

"Concern for your little slut daemon, how weak," Astrapia said.  "To let a little tramp like this wrap you around her finger.  You're no warlock at all."

They were feeding off her, draining her.  He had to stop this.

Phil went to stand up.  Astrapia laughed and tapped the tip of her tail on the floor.  White light erupted around Phil as the magic circle surrounding his chair activated.  He was slammed back down as if the force of gravity had increased ten-fold around him.

Shit, he'd missed that one.

"Anyway, there's no need to fear for your little slut," Astrapia said.

"I'm not going to suck out all her vitality," Seleucida said.  She sucked on her finger with sumptuous lips.  "Just enough to leave her looking like a wizened old crone."

"It won't be permanent," Astrapia said.  "She'll regain her former beauty in, oh, a century or so.  We don't kill our own.  Humans, however..."

Swishing her fan back and forth, Astrapia stood up and approached Phil's chair.


  1. Holy crap succubi can feed off each other. O man phil and Verde gonna need Rosa and Nyte for back up.

  2. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger.. you are a new type of Succubus, one that feeds off cliffhangers! :D

  3. Come on Phil, you can make it out of this!

    No idea how though.

  4. oh please bring in Nyte

  5. Interesting... Never saw this one coming. A little unfair 2 vs 1. I suspect there may be another twist here though. Keep bringing it on HYDRA. Gun a buy this ebook and 101 as soon as you are done here.:)

  6. I wonder are we finally gonna get to see the young warlock's true power.

    1. As nice as it sounds that phil makes it through all challenges and life or soul threatening Desmond or situations. We have to remember the HYDRA has complete freedom with Phil' a character. He could for at any moment, and the story doesn't have to end with his death. It could continue on through any other character such as how Verde or Rosa gain power or status through another wedlock. Or even take the shy girl's POV. Remember how HYDRA has changed the POV several times. I LOVE this series and would like to continue to see Phil grow as a Warnock, but in the end it may not be about him, but about his suuccubi...... Just keep this in mind, this series has endless possibilities......
      Kudos to HYDRA for gettin us all hooked...

  7. I kind of wonder if darvills familiar will come in with back up and get revenge on the succubi

  8. My money is on Verde reversing the flow. Ass and pussy are the more notable of a succubus's weapons, and with Verde being one of the more thoughtful of Phil's harem I imagine she would have been prepared before letting her cherished dick enter a room with three unfriendly demons.

    Suck them inside-out, Verde! HAIL HYDRA!

  9. Magnificient!