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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Updates and a (Maybe) Story Bonanza for Literotica's Upcoming Halloween Story Contest

By maybe, I think three stories...  Maybe.  Maybe more.  Whenever I try to be a bit more definite about these things something goes horribly wrong and scuppers all the plans.

Anyway.  Literotica's annual Halloween contest is on the way.  The details of which can be found here.

As an aside, if you're a budding writer that likes succubi/monster girls and is not afraid to get your hands dirty with a little bit of explicit smut, contests like this are a great way to cut your teeth and find readers.

As for me, currently some of my projects have stalled and trying to bludgeon through them isn't doing my productivity any good.  I think I'll use this contest as an excuse to let #ChaosWriting out of the cage and see how many short stories I can blast out during the three weeks of the contest.  With a bit of luck that might clear my head and get the production line moving again.

The first story is already submitted.  You should see that go up tomorrow when the contest officially kicks off.  After that I'm not sure what we'll get or how many.  That's the beauty of #ChaosWriting.

I'm not trying to win this time.  There's been a trend in recent competitions for some entrants to go long, and I mean 90K-word-novel long.  With the way Literotica's scoring system works, it's pretty much impossible for a good 5-10K short story to place over a good 90K+ novel, so I'm not going to worry about it.  This is more an exercise in clearing out some old ideas and trying to get back in touch with what made me so prolific in my early days writing for Literotica (being more carefree and less trying to brute-force stories at a guess).

There's another two stories where I'm nearly done with the first draft, so I reckon we might see three new stories in October and hopefully more if the juices really get flowing.

So where does this leave the other stuff?  Here are a few updates.

Sandwiched by Series
Sticking to a hard monthly schedule isn't working here.  I like the covers and concept, so it will continue, but with a more flexible release schedule. i.e. When the story is done and I'm happy it doesn't feel rushed.  The next one is "Sandwiched by Scyllas" and I'm about 60-odd% done with it.

Okasare Kenny Series
The original idea was for this to be the monthly serial for 2016. Then I tried to use it as crazy live-novel-writing challenge, which was a cool idea, but a bad thing to launch into with other stories (in particular Succubus Summoning) still incomplete.  The Sandwiched by series was a trial to see if I could keep to a regular monthly schedule for a series with more continuity.  I'm not confident I can do that at the moment, so I won't officially (re)launch Okasare Kenny until I have six months or so worth of chapters in the can and can be confident it won't stall like Succubus Summoning 201 did.

A Night With Ceptophthorié
Alas poor game-writing experiment.  This one got shoved to the back burner when I fell behind on first A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day, and then various other things.  It's something I want to do, but I have to get my other writing stuff sorted first.

Jackson in HRPG-World
This is tailor-made for putting up on the blog in small chapters.  I need to get other things done first (Succubus Summoning 201!) before I can get back to this.  And I will get back to it because I know how the story pans out and I'm very excited to see readers' reactions to it. ;)

Succubus Summoning 201
The big one.  The one I really should get done considering Succubus Summoning 101 outsells all my other books put together.  Why aren't I on it?  It didn't get done in November/December last year basically.  That was when I went through a rather drastic life change that involved losing my job and changing countries.  It got put to one side while I got back on my feet (and aside from not being as productive with my writing as I'd like, I am thankfully back on my feet) and now I'm having a little trouble picking up the threads again.  I should be able fix this once I get around to the editing process in assembling the previous chapters into a coherent ebook.  I'll be on that as soon as I've had my fun with Halloween.  The aim is still to get the ebook finished before the end of the year and out as soon as there's an opening in eXcessica's publication schedule.  The final two chapters (of 201) will be posted as soon as they're written though.  I'm not going to let readers wait for them longer than they have to.

Some updates anyway.  It's been a weird 12 months.  Hopefully the next 12 months won't feature quite as many missteps, fumbles and failed experiments.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the free Halloween stories (however many of them there end up being).

Monday, March 16, 2015

Update and another snippet from A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day

Some updates.

First off, thanks to everyone who bought my new collection.  I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Currently I'm still in the middle of the moving house.  I don't have regular internet access at the moment, which means I'm not able to keep as up-to-date with replying to emails/comments and the like.  This should be fixed when I get a phone connected on Thursday.  Not having internet while my first book in around 18 months is out and I need to promote it is not the best timing, but there you go.  (I suspect there will be something else I'll be doing as soon as I get online as well).

On some of the questions I've received about A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day:

I don't know why it hasn't gone up on Smashwords.  I'm checking with my publisher at the moment.  (UPDATE: it's now live on Smashwords)

Also, there will be a print version at some point.  That's another thing I'm checking with my publisher. (It's my fault more than their's.  Once again the deadline snuck on me far faster than I anticipated.)

Mon-Musu Quest: Paradox is out.

Yep, I will own up to cursing a little that they picked this weekend to put it out.  That's definitely one for how to have your book release utterly over-shadowed. :)  Only a minor bit of cursing - I'm as excited to play it as I'm sure eveeryone else is... when I get a damn internet connection again!

As soon as I'm back online I will be doing a let's Play of MQ:P.  I suspect that one might take some time...

As to my own writing.  Next on the todo list is "Sandwiched by Scyllas".  I'm hoping to get that out before the end of March.  After that it's the one I imagine a lot of people have been waiting for - I finally get around to finishing the Succubus Summoning 201 arc.  Also I haven't forgot about that little Twine game I was working on either.  Now I'm not rushed off my feet I'm going to see if I can sneak a few hours on A Night With Ceptophthorié a day.

Plenty to look forward to. ;)

But I'm also supposed to be promoting my brand new collection.  So here's another tease, this time from the title story, "A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day", to entice those of you that haven't yet bought it:

* * *

“Luck of the Irish, eh, Irish” the barman said as he poured Nic a commiserating shot of whisky.

Nic wouldn’t know.  He was born and bred in the home counties.  The closest ties he had with Ireland was a grandmother from Dublin he hadn’t seen in over a decade.  Nic had a knack for accents and after travelling the casinos of Europe he’d noticed everyone loved the Irish and hated the English, especially plummy-voiced Southern boys.

The Irish accent also worked much better on the ladies, not that Nic was in the mood for anything other than getting drunk and moping.  Just to rub it in, this would be the night one of the hottest girls Nic had ever seen came up and sat on the stool next to him.  Nic didn’t know the Ribchester did shows.  The girl was dressed up in bright green top hat and tails like a cabaret dancer.  Vivid red hair spilled out from beneath her top hat and cascaded onto her shoulders in shimmering waves.  She had the delicate elfin face and high cheekbones of a model, but rather than being cold and haughty, her large eyes and warm smile gave her the expressive features of a girl that looked fun to hang out with.  She also looked like she had quite the figure hidden beneath that waistcoat judging by how the material bulged and was stretched taut at the chest.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi?” Nic said.

Normally this would be the point he’d turn on the fake Irish charm and see how far it took him.  He wasn’t really in the mood.  Not after losing his shirt—twice!—in the same night.

Besides, she was probably a working girl and there was no way he could afford her.

on account of losing his shirt—twice!

She was wearing an odd choice of clothes for a hooker, though.  And normally they liked to get their claws into some shmuck on a lucky streak.  There were no mirrors nearby, but Nic suspected he looked like someone who’d just watched their favourite puppy get run over by a lorry.

“I’m your succubus,” the highly attractive girl said while flashing him a smile that’d give a butterfly diabetes.

“My what?” Nic said.

“Succubus,” the girl repeated.  “The stone you have in your jacket pocket is a succubus tablet—my succubus tablet.  Whoever owns a succubus tablet is master of its succubus.  You own the tablet.  That makes you my master.”

Nic shook his head and took a gulp of his whisky.

Hooker, waitress, showgirl, prankster; as hot as she looked, he really didn’t need this nonsense.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Writing Update Feb 2015

Because I’m getting queries on when the next Succubus Summoning chapter will be going up (it’s delayed again, sorry).

The original plan was to finish the Succubus Summoning 201 arc along with some extras for the ebook version in November/December.  This didn’t happen because of some substantial real life disruption.  Now that window is temporarily closed as I’m in a deadline crunch to get the next collection, A Succubus for St Patrick’s Day, finished in time for, well, St Patrick’s Day.  Once that’s done I’ll get back to Succubus Summoning and keep on it until the full 201 arc is finished.  #ChaosWriting is temporarily suspended while I force myself to be disciplined for a change.

Here are some progress reports to give everyone an idea of what’s on the way in 2015.

Sandwiched By

Committing to this seemed a much saner idea when I didn’t know December and November were going to vanish in a black hole.  Oh well, flying by the seat of my pants to maintain a monthly schedule is going to be fun.  I’m halfway through “Sandwiched by Slime Girls”.  The two girls in this one are proving to be very enthusiastic (a little too enthusiastic – they’re distracting me!), so it should be a fun read.  I’m also halfway through another Sandwiched by story that features a character inspired by one of Monster Girl Quest’s weirder monster girls.  It’s a bit voreish so I didn’t want to put it out too early in case I scared everyone away.  March and April are likely to be Scylla and Succubi.  We’ll see.  This is my challenge to me to bring out the speedy pulp writer after all.

A Succubus for St Patrick’s Day and other tales

This was the collection I originally intended to put out last year, but decided to postpone rather than rush it out with sloppy editing.  I wanted it done by the end of January but I suspect it will be mid-February as I still need to give three stories a thorough editing (plus the usual formatting and getting a cover together).  Expect to see teasers and excerpts in a couple of week’s time.  As with the last collection there will be six old stories, six brand new stories and one from an Excessica collection that might have been missed by a lot readers.

Succubus Summoning 201

Should have been finished in November if I hadn’t let such trifling concerns as losing my job and having to move country get to me.  Bah!  This is next in the queue after the editing on A Succubus for St Patrick’s Day is finished.  There are two chapters to come and both will be smallish in comparison to the previous chapters.  I’ll then do some chopping and changing to edit it into ebook form to go into the earliest available slot in Excessica’s release schedule.

With both of those projects out of the way I’ll be free to turn on #ChaosWriting again.  I tend to be much more productive when dealing with fresh ideas and both of the previous projects dragged on far longer than I’d have liked.  One of my aims this year is to really get my teeth into my ideas folder and get them written before they go stale.

A Night with Ceptophthorié

I definitely want to keep playing around with Twine and create some more interactive stories.  I had to put this on hold when I realised I was running behind on the other things.  When things get a little less hectic I’ll be running this alongside my more conventional writing projects.

Jackson in HRPG-World

This has been on hold for too long.  I have some ideas of future games to lampoon, so expect Jackson’s (mis)adventures to start up again later in the year.

And then we get into freer territory.  Other than the ton of short story outlines sitting in my ideas file I have these ideas for longer novellas and novels:

A novel featuring both Nicole and Madam Voluptula.  Also ties in with another short story of mine.  I’ve been wanting to write a novel-length work about Nicole for a while and I think the idea for this one will work.  I’m pretty sure this will become my main focus once Succubus Summoning 201 is out of the way.

Okasare Kenny.  A serial about a protagonist stuck in a Violated Hero-type game/world.  Me trying to out-ick Violated Hero while still keeping it sexy.

A novella with Amanda.  Originally it was a very strong short story idea that gave me an excuse to show off her dominatrix skills.  I think there’s enough in the story for it to go longer.

Slutdroppin’.  Four students play a practical joke on a drunk female student and end up in a weird dimension where something is tracking them.  More of a horror story – for the people that prefer my nastier Bad Ends.

Porno Fighters from Planet Earth.  Another lengthier piece I started a while back.  Has a great manga-esque plot.  Still not sure on the pacing.  Might end up a trilogy of short novels.

A short novel about a soapland run by succubi.  Been wanting to write this a while, but it involves some complex mythology/riddles alongside the usual sexy bits.

Succubus Summoning 301.  Phil’s adventures aren’t done yet.  201 was supposed to be set more in Wargsnouts, but ended up drifting back to the succubi’s castle.  301 might be based more on Earth.  I’m still thinking of what the overall plot arc will be.

The Nicole novel will likely be the first thing I tackle on the list (I’ve already written the first couple of chapters).  After that I’ll probably reorder depending on levels of interest, so let me know what takes your fancy in the comments below.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Many-Eyed Hydra makes a Monster Girl Hentai Game: CYOA with Twine (part 4)

Last time up I put a rough outline up and divided the story into sections based on what sex acts Ceptophthorié was likely to use.

Then the British flu season caught up with me and knocked me on my back for a few days, followed by my usual chaotic tendency to try and work on too many projects simultaneously (a collection due March and something new that will appear next week if I can get the cover finished in time).

It did give me time to think about how to proceed next.  Interactive fiction is a little tricky because of all the branching points and multiple pathways.  As with all writing there is a danger of being stuck in ‘design paralysis’, where the writer gets stuck thinking about what they want to write and how it should fit together instead of just writing it and whacking the plot back into shape with the big editing hammer later.  So I thought I’d throw some sentences at MS Word and see what stuck.

Tentatively I had a three passage introduction – one to set the scene, two to introduce Ceptophthorié, and three to setup the game.  While I was writing passage two I realised the main character (and player!) would likely have questions at this point and I decided to add choices rather than skipping directly to passage three.  This gives a number of advantages.  First off it brings interactivity into the story sooner rather than later.  It also gives the player more control over the intro.  On the first playthrough they have the option of reading the expanded introduction.  For subsequent playthroughs they can skip straight to the sexy.  It’s an obvious thing, and something RPGs do a lot, but didn’t actually click with me until I was going through the design process.

For the first options it made sense to add a couple of background-giving choices.  “What is a succubus?” is a useful one on the off chance the reader is unfamiliar with the mythology.  For the more contrary readers there should also be a “No” option so they don’t feel like they’re being railroaded down a single plan.  This route will probably funnel the reader into an early Game Over.  I’ll flesh it out later with plenty of options to get the reader back on right track and appropriately icky/comedic Bad End if they persist on being contrary.

It’s possible to keep track of whether a player has entered a passage before in Twine.  I could do some clever stuff and remove options that have already been taken or have her reply with a sarky “I’ve already told you this!” if the player’s repeat options already taken.  For now I’ll keep it simple and just repeat the passage.

After moving things around (and deleting a passage that was somehow spawned off-screen for some reason), the layout starts to look like this.

The next step is to fill in the details of Ceptophthorié’s little game and from there provide a seamless link to the smexy stuff.  At this point I’m experimenting in finding the most comfortable way to write these sections.  At first I was typing in MS Word and then transferring the text across.  That felt a little wasteful, so I switched to working directly in Twine.  Then I found it wasn’t as easy to see an overview of the text across multiple passages.  It’s something I’ll play around with.  I suspect the optimal approach will be a bit of both.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Many-Eyed Hydra makes a Monster Girl Hentai Game: CYOA with Twine (part 3)

Last up I threw an introduction together to set the scene.  An introduction on its own isn’t a full story and definitely isn’t interactive.  When I’m writing a short story I normally have an idea of what the ending and set pieces are and then keep writing until I hit an appropriate end point (usually the point when the lucky/unlucky protagonist has had all their juice squeezed out).

I haven’t tried it, but I suspect trying to write an interactive story in a big splurge isn’t the best idea when there are multiple branching points and endings.  Or maybe it is the way to go.  I’m new to these things after all.  What I’ll do instead is map out a rough structure and then fill in the text afterwards.

The simplest structure would look something like this:

Obviously, it’s very basic, but it’s the essence of this type of game – choose naughty & fun stuff or be boring and try and ‘beat’ the game.

At the moment nothing is hooked up.  That’s done through the Twine syntax of
[[Text to display->Name of Passage to goto]]

From the introductory passage we continue to Stuff.

Stuff gives us a simple choice of GoodEnd1 and BadEnd1.  I’ve numbered them because there will probably be multiples of one and probably both and it makes sense to put the numbers in now rather than trying to change the names later.

Connected up, it looks like this.

That’s just to give an idea of the simplest structure.  I’ll want a lot more branching points than this to give the reader a more interactive experience.  A simple structure I’ve seen some of the cheaper monster girl hentai games use is this:

(clicking on these pictures brings up a bigger version that can be read without a magnifying glass)

A neat touch is that if I create the link before the passage Twine will automatically create the passage for me.

This will give me a skeleton of sorts.  One thing I will do is rename and reorganise the passages.  If I want to move things around (which I almost certainly will) TemptationTitWank is a much clearer target to link to than Temptation3.  I’ll also add some more sections to the introduction to give a clearer breakdown of what those passages are going to do.

Unfortunately Twine doesn’t appear to keep track of name changes to passages, but it does at least show passages with broken links as red boxes.

The modified structure looks a little like this:

At the moment the lovely Ceptophthorié isn’t exactly tempting.  I’ll fix that when I start to flesh out the passages.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Many-Eyed Hydra makes a Monster Girl Hentai Game: CYOA with Twine (part 2)

This is posted a little later than planned.  In my defence I was out drinking for New Year’s Eve and didn’t get back until 6 in the morning.

Okay, let’s go into Twine and have a look around.  I downloaded it from the website so I can use it offline if need be.  It opens up in whatever you use as a web browser (Firefox for me).

First step is to create the new story.  The original title was “Ways to Break a Good Man, #1” to tie in thematically with a previous short story ("Ways to Break a Good Man, no.2".  This is a bit abstract and as the focus of the CYOA version is going to be more on Ceptophthorié doing her naughty things rather than the philosophical questions of the original, I’ll change it to the more innocent sounding A Night With Ceptophthorié.

After entering the title and creating the story we’re taken to the story editor.

Stories in Twine are made up of passages that are linked together in ways to make it interactive to the reader.  As of the moment we only have the one passage.  This is going to be the starting point and must be named “Start” according to Twine’s wiki (I’m unsure on this point – it might only apply to an earlier version of Twine).

Now for the text.  This is the introduction from the short story:

Norris King woke up.  His tongue felt dry, swollen, about two sizes too big for his mouth.  His eyelids scraped over his eyeball like sandpaper as he opened his eyes.  The lines of the ceiling swayed and blurred above him, as if he was looking at a projection onto a swirling pool of water rather than solid architecture.  By concentrating he was able to bring the lines and angles back into sharp focus, but only while maintaining concentration.  The moment he stopped focusing, his vision started to blur and shift.

His head felt awful.  He felt like he’d gone on the mother of all benders the night before.  He knew that couldn’t be the case.  He’d never picked up a taste for alcohol and a drunken prank gone wrong during his university days had convinced him drink was not going to feature in his future in any shape or form.

He heard car horns and the sound of traffic.  They sounded a long way down.  Was he in a hotel room?

It looked like a hotel room.  His head felt heavy—slow and sluggish—like someone had poured concrete in his ears.  He moved it enough for the walls to swim murkily into focus.  The wallpaper was a bland print with lines of fleur-de-lis as a pattern.  An equally bland painting of a bowl of fruit was hung on one of the walls.

Definitely a hotel room.

There were two other people in the room.  An attractive girl with long, wavy red hair sat on a chair in the center of the room.  Behind her stood a fat man in an expensive suit with a bloated pale moon of a face.

Regular readers of mine will recognize the fat man with ‘a bloated pale moon of a face’ as Koontz, a recurring character of mine.  For the sake of simplicity I’m going to remove both him and the lengthy discussion that sets up the later challenge.  I might return them later, but to start with I think it’s best to cut the story right down to the bare essentials and then build on that later.

As Ceptophthorié is now getting more focus we need to get straight to a description of her.  For reference here’s the initial description of her in the short story:

Even if she was an attractive floozy, and King had to concede she was very attractive indeed.  She must be one of Koontz’s higher quality escorts.  Wavy red hair cascaded down on either side of a doll-perfect face.  Her face had the perfect, unblemished contours of a fairytale princess . . . combined with eyes and full lips that glimmered with the prospect of less-than-innocent mischief.  He thought it a shame such a pretty face had been squeezed into a ridiculous Vegas-style showgirl costume.  The neckline of her shiny top plunged down to her navel and revealed enough flesh to shame a ten-dollar whore.  He presumed it must be some kind of fancy-dress devil costume as she was also wearing a pair of fake horns.

The introductory passage will combine both these sections and as I’m writing a CYOA the viewpoint will shift from Third Person to First Second Person (classic post-NYE booboo, thanks to anon for spotting).  I’ll also shift the tense from past to present as it’s supposed to represent things that are happening right now.  That gives us an introductory passage that looks like this:

You wake up.  Your tongue feels dry, swollen, about two sizes too big for your mouth.  Your eyelids scrape over your eyeball like sandpaper as you open your eyes.  The lines of the ceiling sway and blur above you, as if you were looking at a projection onto a swirling pool of water rather than solid architecture.

You hear car horns and the sound of traffic.  They sound a long way down.  Is this a hotel room?

It looks like a hotel room.  You move your head enough for the walls to swim murkily into focus.  The wallpaper is a bland print with lines of fleur-de-lis as a pattern.  An equally bland painting of a bowl of fruit hangs on one of the walls.

Definitely a hotel room.

There is another person in the room with you.  A highly attractive young woman is sitting on a chair in the centre of the room.  Wavy red hair cascades on either side of a doll-perfect face.  Her face has the unblemished contours of a fairytale princess . . . combined with eyes and full, sensual lips that glimmer with the promise of less-than-innocent mischief.  She is wearing a revealing red outfit that shows off enough flesh to shame a common street hooker.  The neckline of her shiny top plunges down to her navel and shows off the lush valley of her cleavage to its full extent.  It must be some kind of fancy-dress devil costume as she’s also wearing a pair of fake horns.

She smiles at you.

I could type this directly into the passage box in Twine, but for ease of editing I wrote it in MS Word and then copy’n’pasted it into the dialog box for the passage.  Which looked like this:

One tip for copy’n’pasting text.  Always go through notepad or similar basic text editor as an intermediate.  It might not apply for Twine, but for most web apps/pages pasting directly from MS Word will drag in and add a lot of junk to the resulting HTML.

Now I have an introductory section.  This can seen by hitting either Play or Test on the bottom right.

It’s not quite right.  In the original you’ll notice there was some italicised text.  A quick check of the Twine wiki reveals they have support for various bits of text formatting and to get italics I add // on each side of the section I want italicised.

A further thing I could do is reduce the font size or split the introduction into two to avoid the player needing to scroll to read the whole of it.  It also looks very crude.  I’m not going to worry about that for now.  I can pretty it up later.

I now have a nice introduction that sets the scene.  At the moment the CYOA doesn’t have much in the way of choice or story.  I’ll look to rectify that next time.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Many-Eyed Hydra makes a Monster Girl Hentai Game: CYOA with Twine (part 1)

I’ve been saying for a while I’d like to make a monster girl hentai game.  Rather than just thinking and talking about it I thought I’d finally get my finger out of my ass and get around to creating something.  As I thought it might be an interesting topic to blog about you’re going to get the whole gory process right here.

I do have programming experience, but it’s mainly with generic languages such as Java and C#, and mainly making dull-but-functional desktop applications for manipulating probabilities and other maths.  One of the reasons why I’ve always thought about making games rather than getting down to actually making them is an unfortunate tendency to dream up projects that are stupidly complex and ambitious.  This time I’ll start with something small and simple.

My main strength lies in writing.  I’ve written a lot of stories featuring kinky sex scenes with succubi and other monster girls.  Because of this it makes sense for me to start with a text-heavy game.  Unfortunately text-heavy won’t attract as much attention as games with nice artwork of sexy monster girls, but it will give me something to start with (and I can always source artwork from other sources later).  Examples of popular text-heavy monster girl hentai games can be found over on Fenoxo’s site.  I’m sure most of you out there know of the existence of Corruption of Champions.

I won’t try to make anything as complex as CoC to start with.  First off I’ll start with a simple Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA).  This will allow me to take the type of scene I normally fill my stories with and juice it up with a bit of interaction for the reader.

Next up is to look for tools.  In the past another of my weaknesses was to bang my head against a wall trying to build game engines from scratch.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel if someone else has already put a perfectly decent toolkit together.

Twine is “an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.”  It was created by Chris Klimas in 2009.  I have no real experience of working with it.  People recommended giving it a look on the MGU forums and a quick check of the wiki revealed it has additional functionality should I want to move on to something more complex than a simple CYOA.  This is important as I do have some ideas for adding player stats and other variables.  From what I read, Twine should be more than sufficient in creating gamebooks along the lines of the classic Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf series (Personally I always had a soft spot for J. H. Brennan’s GrailQuest).

That will be the next step.  For now I’ll keep to a vanilla CYOA.

Now I have a toolkit to play around with it’s time to think about what story I want to tell.  As I want to keep it simple this will be a single interactive encounter with a sexy monster girl.  Originally I thought it might be a slime girl similar to the one I wrote about in "Jackson in HRPG-World 3" (Japanese monster girl HRPGs always seem to have a blue slime girl as the first encounter – a nod to Dragon Quest, I think).  Then I remembered thinking about this before and the plan had been to base it on a short story of mine: “Ways to Break a Good Man, #1”.

Unfortunately, that story is exclusive to my last collection, A Succubus for Remembrance and other tales, so I can’t just link to it as I would to any of my other tales up on Literotica.  It’s a good story to use as a template as it has an ontological mystery-esque start and a clearly defined challenge.  In summary, the protagonist wakes up in a hotel room after being drugged and . . . actually, let’s go right to succubus involved.  Here's the gorgeous and charming Ceptophthorié with the full details.


Now Ceptophthorié, you’re a princess of hell?

Yes, that’s correct.

That means you’re an extremely powerful succubus, right?


And you know a lot of sexy tricks?

I know many ways to cause intense sexual pleasure.

Um . . . yes . . . interesting.  *adjusts collar.*  So can you tell us what this game will be?

It’s a really simple game.  The easiest possible.  All the player has to do is go the whole night without choosing to have sex with me.

Hmm.  Are you sure?  That does sound a little eas . . .

. .

. .

. .

Ceptophthorié, please don’t suck the soul out of this human.  We need him to spread our corruption through this world.

Okay.  As you wish.

. .

. .

Um yeah, where was I.  Right, yes.  “Ways to Break a Good Man, #1”.  This will form a nice template for my interactive story.  The player will be placed in a similar predicament to the unfortunate (fortunate?) Norris King.  And obviously we’ll give the lovely Ceptophthorié a few more tricks with which to tempt the reader.

It should be fun.  Keep an eye on this blog!