Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New Erotic Short - Sandwiched by Slimes

Finally (it's only a couple of weeks late) the second short in the Sandwiched by series is up.  It's not exactly short either.  I got a little carried away and there's over 10K words of slimy fun (for the slime girls, not necessarily their prey ;) ) in this one.

It's available for the cheap price of $0.99 from:
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Here's the blurb:

Sandwiched by is a new sexy series of monster girl erotic horror shorts from the master of dark erotica, M.E. Hydra.  This, the second story, “Sandwiched by Slimes”, sees a man engulfed in ecstasy by two sexy slime girls.

Freddy Lamb used to be a normal engineering student like any other.  Now he’s Sir Fredrick of Lamb, a brave adventurer tasked with deposing the villainous sorcerer king of a strange world that resembles a computer role-playing game.  In reality he’d rather escape this crazy computer game world and find a way back home to Earth.  He thinks the exit may lie in an unusual bonus dungeon, but blocking his path are two sexy slime girls, Corybosom and Rubisia.  They intend to envelop him in their gelatinous bodies and melt all his resistance away with pleasure.  They also don’t intend playing by the rules . . .

Sandwiched by.  One dude, two sexy babes.  A perfect fantasy . . . or maybe not . . .

And of course I couldn't leave it there without providing a little snippet to get the blood going:

“Is this a hentai dungeon?” he asked the two slime girls.

They looked as though they didn’t understand his question.  Freddy thought they were pretending.

“I mean, is this a sex dungeon?” he elaborated.

The slime girls’ eyes lit up at the mention of sex.

“We do like sex,” Corybosom said.

“We’re succubus slimes,” Rubisia said.  “It’s what we feed on.”

“Mmm yes.  We like nothing better than slurping all the cum out of a virile man’s body,” Corybosom said.

Freddy blushed.  That confirmed his suspicions at least.  Normal RPGs didn’t go near sex apart from the mildest of innuendo.  But there was a type—a more specialized niche—of RPGs where sex was integral to both the art and gameplay.  Those games were made only in Japan as far as he knew and were most definitely for adults only.

“I know what this is,” he said.  “It’s battlefuck rules.”

The two slime girls pretended not to understand.

“We don’t fight with weapons in here,” Freddy said.  “We fight with sex.”

“This is a sex-themed dungeon,” Rubisia said.

Freddy smiled.  He’d figured it out.  Battlefuck rules.  He didn’t know those games very well, but he’d heard of them.  He thought back to the shop owner who’d sold him the map.  He’d thought the queer leer on the other man’s face was a little odd at the time.  Pervy fucker.  He knew exactly what this dungeon was about.

“So how does this work?  The victor is the one that makes the other come first?” he asked.

“Something like that,” Corybosom said.

She gathered the gelatinous substance of her body together into a big round cushion.  She sat back on it and opened her legs.  Staring directly at Freddy, she reached down between her legs and parted her labia with her fingers.

Freddy took off the armour protecting his legs and removed his undergarments.  His erection popped up and stood out from his crotch.  That’s what no sex at all since arriving on this freaky world did to you, he thought.  Even sentient giant gelatinous blobs started to look sexy after that long.

Corybosom beckoned him on with a finger.  She pouted plump, kissable lips.

Time to see if his theory was correct then, Freddy thought.  He stepped up between her legs.  He put his hands on her hips.  They felt moist and elastic like jelly.  He aimed his cock in the direction of her gaping sex and pushed forwards with his hips.  Corybosom’s head went back and she gave a little “ooh” of pleasure as he entered her.

don’t melt my dick off.  don’t melt my dick off.

She didn’t melt his dick off.  He didn’t feel any acidy burning sensation.  She wasn’t cold and snot-like either.  Instead she felt warm inside and the jellylike substance of her body pressed pleasantly against his erection.  A muscular swell of thicker jelly rolled down his shaft and sucked him deeper into her.

“Mmm, I love the feel of a big hard cock inside me,” Corybosom said.

She crossed her legs behind him.  The rest of her amorphous mass rolled forwards and partially engulfed his legs.  That felt pleasant as well, like dipping his legs in a warm mud bath.  Looking down it was weird to see his cock through her transparent skin.  He could see his foreskin move back and forth as her semi-liquid insides rippled up and down his shaft in gentle tugs.

He lost two health points.

It was another quirk of this strange game world.  In the back of his mind he could see a full status screen representing him, complete with stats and current level.  It had appeared the moment he’d woken up in this universe.

The damage was okay.  Battlefuck rules were the same as normal RPG combat, but with all the normal attacks replaced with sex acts.  Losing two HP was nothing.  He had plenty left.

Now it was time for his ‘attack’.

He powered his hips forwards with his buttocks.  Corybosom sighed in pleasure as his cock sank deeper into her gelatinous form.

He lost two HP.

Huh, wait.  That couldn’t be right.

“How come I took damage?” he said.  “I thought this was a sex battle.  You know, both of us taking it in turns to make a sex attack.”

Corybosom looked up at him and smiled.  Mischief glimmered in her eyes.

“Oh yes, about that . . .”

The malleable jelly of her body rippled up his cock in a teasing suck that left his knees feeling like they’d been replaced by overcooked spaghetti.

“. . . we may have been a teensy bit remiss in not correcting a tiny little misunderstanding.”

“This isn’t a battlefuck dungeon?”

Freddy had that just-fallen-into-a-yawning-pit sensation he’d just made a massive booboo.

If the scenario sounds familiar, yes, this is the same universe as Jackson in HRPG-World.  This one's a little lighter and more fun than my usual stories.  If you like the dark stuff, don't worry, there are plenty of darker tales on the way in the next collection coming out in a couple of weeks.  (oh, so much darkness . . .)

I hope you all find "Sandwiched by Slimes" to be worth a dollar of your hard-earned money.  Please tell me what you think in the comments below.  Do you like Corybosom and Rubisia and would you like to see more of them?

Next up it's tentacle time as a lucky someone gets "Sandwiched by Scyllas".  I'll try to get it out before the end of the month this time!


  1. Hooray for the new story! I liked it (and the concept of the series in general. What's better than monster girls? TWO monster girls!) I have a few comments, though:

    1. I was a bit disappointed by what struck me as a lack of variety in the sex. I thought Jackson in HRPG World 3 was great in this regard (handjobs, blowjobs, titjobs, sex, prostate stimulation, etc.) I appreciate that you were trying to have different things going on inside the slime girls, but it still seemed kind of 'samey' to me.

    2. I thought the 'sandwiched' aspect of the story was under-utilized. It seemed to me that it was mostly one girl at a time while the other girl was kind of idle. I think you've done more exciting 2-on-1 scenes in the past where both girls were more active at the same time (like the SS series, and maybe even your last 'sandwiched by' story.)

    3. This is probably an idiosyncratic preference of mine, but generally speaking I'm not a fan of the virtual-reality/video-game/HRPG setting. Sex by its nature is very physical, so I think the concept of it taking place in something like a videogame (and referencing concepts like HP) kind of dampens the eroticism. That's just me, though. Maybe it's because the idea of being stuck in a videogame always reminds me of 'Tron', which has a very un-sexy environment.

    4. Speaking of the HRPG/videogame setting, I thought the (SPOILERS!) happy ending worked out well, especially given the overall lighter tone of the story. The darker endings pay off when the overall story is darker (like the H-Space stories). But in this case, I don't think having the guy's soul sucked out would have really added anything, and the idea of Freddy going back to the girls over and over again is a lot hotter.

    5. While I liked Corybosom and Rubisia (interesting names, by the way), they didn't strike me as having particularly distinctive personalities or physical characteristics (compared to other slime girl characters you've done.) So I don't have a strong opinion on whether you bring them back or not.

    6. Scyllas are my favorite! I hope you draw some inspiration from the scyllas from the Vanadis games.

    1. Cheers for the detailed feedback.

      1 + 2) Good points. The 2 scyllas (and future monster girls) will be a bit more active rather than taking in turns.

      3) Tron in a game setting like MGQ is the basis of that universe. Tron is fairly sterile. This setting isn't. They are there in the flesh (and so are the succubi). Think of it more like a very odd fantasy world.

      4) I got halfway through and realised Corybosom and Rubisia weren't killers. They had more in common with the dragon girl from HRPG 4 rather than the succubus and slime girl from HRPGs 2 & 3. (how they interact with the latter two might be an interesting future plot point).

      5) No love for Rubisia tantric slime massage? (admittedly, that's something I have to research more)

      6) I remember the maid in the slime girl game, but I didn't get too deep into that one. The vanadis games are fairly daunting to tackle with machine translation.

  2. This one was awesome. I do not usually like the happy end stories but it went well with the tone of the story. Amazing job hydra

    1. Thanks, I was hoping I could twist it to keep everyone happy. The upcoming collection is back to the usual Bad Ends ;)

    2. AWESOME! and let me just say that I really think that it's awesome that you make plot points an actual thing in an otherwise erotic story. As a fan of good storytelling I do appreciate that kind of stuff.

  3. Do you accept donations? I have enjoyed your stories for some time now, especially the Succubus Summoning Series, however those came free on literotica and I would like for there to be a way to show my appreciation.

    1. Paypal email is

      All contributions to "research" funds gratefully accepted. ;)

      I'm still thinking about what to do with setting up something like a donation button/patreon account. I'll make it a full post after new collection craziness is over. The short version is, if I set up a Patreon I want to make sure it's giving donors something back in return.

    2. That would be great idea. I definitely would be interested in funding some money towards a patreon for your stories. Count me in.


    This one's really good. My experiences with self-published authors have been extremely mixed, to put it diplomatically; this, however, is a textbook example of how to do it right.

    A few comments if I may?

    1. I usually rather dislike threesomes and abnormally large breasts; but the "manyeyedhydra" label was enough to make me go for it anyhow (and it is well enough written to make me not mind). That's how strong a brand you are building.

    2. Your efficiency at framing a world in a few, bold brushstrokes has become rather impressive. Even so, I have to say that for a non-gaming-person it was just still possible to fill in the blanks. It worked; it worked well; but any more assumed knowledge and it'd have stopped working for me.

    3. Loved the ending, and all of it - from the stealing to the invitation to come back for more. Fit perfectly with their impish, but definitely not convincingly malevolent character.

    4. You managed the squick pretty well with the sex. Usually you write sex very sexy or very terrifying, but every now and then you totally nail the squick you once professed to be aiming for. You probably got it down the best with SS208, not least because the natural, mild perversion of mixing food and sex is unsurpassable. With this story, however, you also get there several times!

    5. Although "tantra" (and its gurid verbiage) always makes me laugh, I thought its inclusion here a very nice and fitting touch.

  5. Thumbs up to the guys who made it clear if this story has a Good End or Bad End.

  6. Hey Hydra I found a monster girl game that you might like.