Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 5: Navy Headquarters II

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We have a boat, the MS Fish, crewed with some enthusiastic pirates.  This will take us to the next continent and Grand Noah, but before then there are some side quests to tick off.

The fishy pirates had their flag confiscated by the navy.  They’d like it back, and as an extra incentive it’s also stored next to the permit required to unlock both the pirate and marine jobs.

So, no biggie, just an all-out assault on the Navy HQ.

We have two new members of Luka’s “harem”.  On the eve of the battle we should pop in and see them for... ahem... comfort.  I mean, we might not survive tomorrow’s battle.

Both Ashel and Bonnie are Arekishi creations, so – unsurprisingly – their first request scenes involve big bouncing boobies wrapped around Luka’s cock and squeezed...

Squeezed between big boobies

...and squeezed...

Even more boob squeezing

Until we get our balls totally drained.

But not drained enough to miss out on a spot of nookie.

Ashel is fairly business-like about it as you’d expect – In you go.  Squeeeeze.

Luka wisely moves his head to the side to avoid certain death by suffocation

Mermaid pussies are a little more tactile than their human equivalent.  So, that’s no escape for Luka until his balls are completely drained... again.

In contrast to Ashel, Bonnie has a spot of baby fever.  Once Luka is inside her, she pulls him in deep and gushes about all the eggs Luka is currently fertilising.

There may be consequences for this, Luka...

Oops.  Even Luka realises he’s in a spot of responsibility bother, mournfully stating he’ll have to do the right thing and marry Bonnie once the adventure is over.

I don’t think Alice will like that.  Or Sonya.  Or... let’s face it, you’re screwed, Luka.  Better make plans to go into hiding once all this is over.

Anyway, that much needed distraction out of the way (because we might not survive tomorrow’s battle), it’s time to begin the assault on the Navy HQ.

Now that we’ve allied with the pirates, the Navy HQ has become a ‘dungeon’ location, with random attacks from sea horse and sea slug marines.  Despite this, the various merchants will serve the player, so you don’t have to worry about locking out the blacksmith, for example.

On top of the random encounters there are a few fixed encounters blocking our path.  The first is on entering the HQ location, the second is in front of the HQ doors, the third is on entering the HQ building, the 4th is blocking the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the final one is blocking entry to room with the flag and permit.  After clearing the way, you’ll be able to pick up the flag and permit here:

The objective for this quest

Picking up this unlocks both the pirate and marine jobs.

Oh, Admiral Leviathan is on this floor as well.  Can we fight her as a boss?

She doesn't look that hard...

Alice strongly advises against it.  Leviathan’s strength is comparable to a monster girl queen.  Feh, we’ve fought monster girl queens and won before.  She can’t be that hard...

ulp... followed by...

Mistakes were made.  Mistakes were made.

The punishment for Luka’s attempted insurrection is execution... by Leviathan’s vagina.  She draws Luka deeper inside her, the soft walls swell up and enfold him, and then she slowly drains his energy by forcing him to come over and over.


There are worst ways to be executed, I suppose.

But anyway, this was a hypothetical alternate reality where Luka was a real fucking idiot.  Obviously, we follow Alice’s advice and don’t go near the huge fuck-off sea dragon.  Our plunder secured and Bonnie and Ashel happy with the increasing rep for the fishy pirates, we slink off back to the MS Fish.

Future adventures await!

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  1. It may interest you to know that as a type of dragon, Leviathan is vulnerable to pleasure attacks. Also during the plot, someone strong temporally joins the party, if you just keep going with the plot (as you'd probably be inclined to at the time) they will leave very quickly. However, during the period they are in your party, there's nothing actually stopping you from warping to places you've previously been, such as the navy headquarters for example, and using them to help take out strong bosses such as Leviathan.

    1. You know, if you feel like being cheesy.

    2. That's interesting that you can take her around for various things. Personally, I just had my first playthrough on very easy and cheesed it that way. Very Easy: The mode where all you have to do is live through the fight.

  2. I thought these two pirates looked too much like the Imp to be coincidence, even considering the monster a few updates back that was done by an artist whose style resembles Arekeshi's (and fooled me into thinking it was done by that artist, tbh.)

    Things like this just make me more eager to figure out a way to find a credit card that won't give me crap about buying porn. I've got something in my sights, (a pre-paid reloadable that says it does internationals and I've been told has worked at Nutaku, ) but I want to wait until after Xmas, as I want to have plenty of money on hand for gifts.

    And I'm going on a family trip in a week, so between the two I want every bit of money I scrimp up. But damn if it isn't difficult to wait while wanting to buy this series as much as I do. MGQ Paradox hits a lot of my interest points, enough that it will likely get me past the annoying parts of grinding that usually makes me stall in RPGs. I'm always drawn to grinding, but then the tediousness settles in and I wander away. I get a lot of fun out of it until the shine wears off, then I go away until it's all shiny new again. But the incentives here, hooboy...

  3. Did you defeat and recruit Nanabi?

  4. Amusing side note Bonnie can't swim. (this is only learned if you choose the navy route and use talk on Bonnie in the Ashel and Bonnie boss fight)