Saturday, May 20, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Interrogatrix Shell

When LT Stewart Peter Bate woke up to the sound of low, soft murmurs, his first thought was that he was back at home in bed, snuggled up with his darling Erica.  But his lovely Erica—from a good family, maybe a little too prim and proper for her own good—had never sounded so wanton... so in need, sexually.

The bed Bate was lying in was also soft, too soft.  Soft, squishy and moist.  He couldn't move his limbs either.  They felt weighted down and tangled up as if some kind of monstrous python was coiled around each limb.  And the smell...

"Mmm, you're awake."

Bate opened his eyes.  He was lying on, or in, some kind of nightmare.  Raw, oozing flesh squirmed all around him.  Fleshy tubes, pinkish-white in color, surrounded and entangled his limbs like a nest of peeled snakes.  Rising above it all and straddling Bate at the waist was the monster woman.

She had the body of a nude pinup, or maybe even one of those ridiculously busty anime girls made flesh.  Both her bust and hips were pronounced and curvy, but there was not a trace of excess fat anywhere else on her body.

She was also clearly a monster.  Her skin was the wrong shade of pink—pallid, sickly, like squirming invertebrates—and covered in a wet sheen of slime.  She had no hair.  Instead, a mass of tubular tentacles cascaded over her shoulders.  Each terminated in a blind maw.  Similar openings were present on the side of her neck, just below her pointed ears.  They contracted and dilated as if she was breathing through them.  Her face was pretty enough—finely sculpted, with luscious full lips—if you ignored her eyes.  They were yellow and had vertical barbell-shaped pupils like those of an octopus.

He was still in H-space, Bate realized.

And in the clutches of one of the hindigs.

"Mmm, such a nice body," the hindig straddling him said.

She kept making slutty mmm-ing sounds as she caressed his exposed chest with her hand.  It felt as warm and as soft as a loving woman's hand.  The trail of slime it left on Bate's skin, less so.

Bate struggled.  The thick muscular bonds coiled around his limbs, that he'd first taken for snakes until he'd realized they were too soft... too squishy, pulled tighter and tighter until Bate could barely move at all.

"Don't do that," the woman that looked like raw shellfish said.  Her plump lips bunched up in an insouciant pout.  "My flesh is soft and delicate."

What did she mean—her flesh?  Was all this part of her body?  In the dim light he could see she was straddling him, but he couldn't see any legs, or even where her body ended and the fleshy mass he was lying in began.

Where was he?  He felt enclosed.  Looking up he saw some kind of ceiling, so low down it was just above the hindig's head.  It was inlaid with what looked like mother-of-pearl, but wrong in some fashion Bate couldn't quite put his finger on, only that it gave him a queasy feeling in the bottom of his guts.  He saw that the ceiling curved around on either side so that both of them appeared to be inside some kind of pod or shell.  The dim light was provided by glowing bulbs on the end of tubular stalks.  They looked organic in nature.

Bate continued to flex against his bonds.  What he lay in had a similar rubbery strength and texture to viscera.  Or maybe octopi; he remembered some he'd caught while diving.  Maybe it was part of her.  Maybe it was her internals.  Maybe it was delicate.  Maybe he could hurt her.

He gripped and twisted and tugged whatever he could close his hands around.

The only moans the hindig let out were sexual in nature.  She gave a low chuckle.

Delicate, my ass! Bate thought.  Her flesh might have felt soft and squishy, but he couldn't rip or tear it at all.

The hindig laughed at his efforts.  "You squirm so much.  It's ticklish."

Bate had never felt so helpless.

"What do you want?" he demanded.

"Not much, just a little information," the monster girl replied.  Her yellow eyes were bright in the gloom.

"Fuck off," Bate said.

"Oh, you will give it me," she said.  "It's just a case of getting you in the right mood."

Squirming motion started up all around Bate.  He tried to turn his head, and when that motion was denied him, flicked his eyes to the left and right.  Dripping with slime, pink tubes rose up out of the wriggling mass of flesh.  Incongruously, each terminated in part of a human face.  Only part.  The top of the head, from the nose upwards had been neatly sliced off, leaving behind only mouths lined with full, feminine lips.  Despite missing everything else, the lips still turned up in sultry knowing smiles, still pouted as if to kiss, still whispered lewd suggestions to Bate.

"wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup," Bate muttered over and over like a mantra.

This coffin of squirming horrors couldn't be real.  It had to be a nightmare.

"Why would you want to wake from a dream as sweet as this," the monster girl whispered.

The disenfaced mouths dipped down on Bate's body.  He felt their soft lips brush and sigh against his exposed flesh.  He felt stiff little tongues flicking his nipples.  He even felt one wriggle underneath him and use its tongue to probe around the sensitive rim of his anus.

Two mouths reared up on either side of Bate's head.  They puckered full red lips and exhaled clouds of perfumed smoke into his face.  Bate tried holding his breath.  It was useless.  They were in a contained space; the gas—whatever it was—wasn't going anywhere.  He had to take a breath sometime, and when he did it was laced with the drugged gas.

The effect was immediate.  Bate felt a pleasant tingling all over.  His vision went fuzzy... soft focus.  Like one of those old softcore movies where they used to smear Vaseline on the lens.

The form of the monstrous woman straddling him blurred and shifted.  She became the busty pinup teenaged Bate had seen once in a very old skin mag and went on to become the focus of much of his carnal nighttime imaginings.  Now she was sitting astride him... sitting astride his naked form.

She'd also brought friends.  He felt the soft press of their lips—kissing... suckling...  He felt their wet little tongues—licking... tickling...  But he couldn't see them, even the one that pressed warm lips against his and locked tongues in a passionate kiss.

He couldn't see her because the top half of her head wasn't there.

Bate blinked furiously.

Fantasy, don't fall for the fantasy.

Her lips formed a seal around his mouth.  The fleshy tube the faceless mouth had in place of a throat swelled and a sweet-tasting liquid was regurgitated into Bate's mouth.  He had to swallow and the fleshy tube throbbed and pulsed as more of the liquid was pumped down his throat.  The drug flowed into his bloodstream and he felt warm and pleasantly tingly all over.

"Relax" the pinup astride him said.  "We do not use pain to extract information here.  We give our captives love and pleasure, and in turn they offer up—freely—their secrets."

She let her weight settle on Bate's lap.  His burgeoning erection was drawn up into her and enclosed in warm quivering flesh.

He was fucking her...

...fucking this monster.

And it felt good, really good.

The soft walls of her sex undulated against his cock in slow, peristaltic waves.  She added to the sensation with slow, sensual up-and-down movements of her hips.

"You'll tell me everything, won't you?" she asked him sweetly.  She clutched and squeezed her large tits as she rose up and down on him.

No, he mustn't.

"I'll make you feel so good... so nice."  She finished with a low sensual moan.

Her mouth tube continued to pour drugged fluid down Bate's throat.  Other mouths blew warm scented air into his face.  Others were all over his body—kissing, licking.  He felt them gently sucking on his fingers and toes.  One even had a stiff tongue wriggling away in his ass.  He writhed helplessly in the bed of quivering meat as she stroked and licked and sucked him to higher pinnacles of ecstasy.

"You don't have to hold back," she whispered.

Her whole body throbbed in time to the muscular pulses squeezing Bate's cock.  The openings in her neck swelled and contracted.  Her big bust rose up and down.  It felt like she was putting her whole body into sucking on his member.  Chest, hips, stomach—everything moving in and out as if she was taking in deep breaths... deep breaths of him.

"Just let it all out, let everything out into me."

Her soft body flexed and Bate couldn't hold out any longer.  He came with a loud gasp.

"Yessss," she hissed in triumph.  "Give me everything."

Bate felt his cock swell against the pressure of her walls and then the overwhelming bliss of release as he spurted his semen inside her.  On and on it flowed.  Her body kept working, kept throbbing, kept sucking, kept urging.  Enslaved by it, Bate gave her everything.

Then, once the jangling sparkling tremors of orgasmic bliss had subsided enough for him to regain some control of his body, Bate told her everything she wanted to know.

"This is very bad, Stewart, very bad.  We never thought the HSIOs had the capability or even the desire to question the men they've taken like this.  And if they get access to one of the senior research staff here they could...  No.  It doesn't bear thinking about.  Command must be informed of this.  Now tell me again exactly what the lieutenant told her..."

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Sandwiched by Stomachs" is out!

I've been inactive for a while, but now it's time to get the ball rolling again.  If you've been enjoying the H-space monster girl bestiary stories I've been posting recently, I have a treat for you.  "Sandwiched by Stomachs" is more of the same weirdness, but over a much longer length and in greater explicit detail.

You can get it for the low, low price of $0.99/£0.99 from:
(and other retailers through Smashwords)

Here's the blurb:

Sandwiched by is a sexy series of monster girl erotic horror shorts from the master of dark erotica, M. E. Hydra.  The fifth in the series, “Sandwiched by Stomachs”, sees a man ensnared by the stomachs of a very unusual... and hungry... demon girl.

CPL Maynard Mayo is stationed in the alien dimension known as H-space.  While investigating a cry for help he encounters a predatory monster girl with the unusual ability to evert her stomachs and shape them into sexy female form.  These stomachs lure men into their folds and melt away their resistance with sensual ecstasy.  Can Maynard escape this tempting trap or will he be literally digested alive by sex...?

Sandwiched by.  One dude, two (or three!) sexy babes.  A perfect fantasy... or maybe not...

And the cover:

(Yes, I know need to find a proper cover artist.  Working on it...)

If you've enjoyed the various monster girl shorts I've posted here over the past year, please support my writing and pick up a copy of "Sandwiched by Stomachs" from your ebook retailer of choice (if it isn't at your ebook retailer of choice, let me know and I'll try and fix that.)

As for the H-space monster girl bestiary stories, I'm looking to get that restarted next week (finally!)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Excerpt from "Sandwiched by Stomachs"

I finished all the uploading today.  "Sandwiched by Stomachs" should go live either tomorrow or Sunday.  Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite while you're waiting:

She kissed him and Maynard's mouth filled up with a hot liquid that was thick and sticky like syrup.

Maynard opened his eyes.

It wasn't Aldonza.

It wasn't human.

In form it resembled a human woman.  It was featureless.  Or rather, there were features—eyes, nose, mouth—but they were the same color as the rest of her skin, as if she'd been freshly popped from a plastic mold.  It wasn't flesh-tone pink either, but a paler, clammy shade—like viscera exposed to the light.

That's what she looked like—a girl made from viscera.  Whitish-pink fluids oozed up all over her skin.  Greater quantities drooled from her full and surprisingly sensual lips.

Shocked, Maynard tried to pull away.  The girl hugged him tighter.  He heard a low chuckle from the top of the mound.

"It would have been better for you had you not broken my charm, but I can't say I'm disappointed," the woman on top of the mound, who was not a researcher from FOB Lamanche, said.

Maynard looked over at her and wondered how he'd ever mistaken her for human.  A set of red horns, curved and pointed like those of a bull, grew out of the side of her head.  Her hair was long and red and cascaded over her naked shoulders.  It looked wet.  Not wet as if it had been freshly washed, but wet as if it wasn't hair at all and instead some kind of mucus or slime.  She was naked and her skin was pale white in color and had an unnatural sheen—like worms never exposed to the sun.  She had red markings on her midriff and exposed breasts that resembled tribal tattoos.  Her boobs were big and round—the kind prized by the scummy magazines and websites that liked to objectify the female form.

That was the weirdest part.  Even under all the alien crap she still had the face and figure of a stunningly attractive young woman.  Above the waist anyway.  Below the waist... did she even have a 'below the waist'?  Maynard couldn't see legs.  Instead her body broadened out in some kind of glistening trunk that descended into the mound.

Maynard didn't think she had a foot stuck, or even that the mound was a mound.  He suspected it was a part of her in same way the shell was part of the tortoise.

"What are you?" Maynard asked.

And if the shell was part of her, did that mean this pink, floppy thing in his arms was as well?

"And what's this?"

Maynard tried to fend off the blob of wet tissue shaped like a woman.  It had arms around Maynard like a drunken slut.  He couldn't push her—it!—off.  His hands kept slipping off its slimy surface.

"I'm Desquerida," the girl—monster!—on top of the mound said.  "I suppose you could describe that as my stomach."

Stomach?  What the fuck?

Maynard noticed what was happening to his uniform.  Holes appeared where the fabric appeared to be rotting away.

"I can extrude my stomach outside my body to catch and digest prey," Desquerida said.

Maynard redoubled his efforts.  He couldn't break away.  The woman-shaped blob of flesh might have felt light like a balloon, but the surface was rubbery and sprang back from his blows.  It was also covered in a layer of slippery slime that prevented Maynard from getting a good grip.

"Oh but that makes it sound so revoltingly crude.  This is a plane of pleasure.  The consumed must be given pleasure by those that consume them.  That is the rule here.  If you hadn't broken my charm it would have been in the sweet embrace of one you love."

Maynard kept struggling even as his uniform fell away in tatters.

"Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer it this way," the monster added with a girlish giggle.  "It's always so much more enjoyable when the prey is fully aware what's happening to them."

It's icky and vore-y, but there should still be plenty of hot (if weird) monster girl sex for people that are a bit more ambivalent on the vore thing.  It's more a full-length version of the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary profiles I've been posting over the last year (and realising that was the angle I should take with it finally allowed me to finish it and get the Sandwiched by series moving again.)

The full version should be available for you to read from all good ebook retailers at the bargain price of $0.99 in the next day or so.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Sandwiched by on the way - "Sandwiched by Stomachs"

No, I haven't forgotten about that series.

This one is also set in H-space.  It's a little weird... a little vore-y... but that shouldn't be too much of a surprise if you've been following the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary series.  Here's the blurb:

Sandwiched by is a sexy series of monster girl erotic horror shorts from the master of dark erotica, M. E. Hydra.  The fifth in the series, “Sandwiched by Stomachs”, sees a man ensnared by the stomachs of a very unusual... and hungry... demon girl.

CPL Maynard Mayo is stationed in the alien dimension known as H-space.  While investigating a cry for help he encounters a predatory monster girl with the unusual ability to evert her stomachs and shape them into sexy female form.  These stomachs lure men into their folds and melt away their resistance with sensual ecstasy.  Can Maynard escape this tempting trap or will he be literally digested alive by sex...?

Sandwiched by.  One dude, two (or three!) sexy babes.  A perfect fantasy... or maybe not...

It's about four or five times the length of a typical H-space MGB story, so you can expect things to get very graphic and detailed indeed.  I'm still working on the formatting and cover.  The plan is to upload it to Amazon and other retailers tomorrow, which should make it available to buy at some point over the weekend.  I'll post an excerpt as an appetiser some time tomorrow, and then the full puff piece as soon as I see it go live.

As for the H-space MGB stories I post for free here - I'm back to writing them (finally!).  I don't want to get in the way of the Sandwiched by promo stuff, so I'll hold the next one back until that's cleared (probably early next week).

Monday, May 08, 2017

Looking for Artists

Exactly as the title says.

After seeing the marvellous job RaidouZERO made of Nurse Honey and Jude Duval's sterling work in getting other Succubus Summoning 101 characters done, I thought it was time I got in on the art commission game.

For a while I've been regularly allocating X amount of money to one of my hobbies.  After losing a bit of interest in that hobby, I thought about it and realised I could take that $X I'd normally spend anyway and turn it into a budget for art commissions instead.  It's not a purely narcissistic impulse.  Projects like the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary would be 1000x better if the stories and profiles were accompanied by pictures like Yenn-Ash's beautiful Boob-Snake.

So the questions are what, who, when and how much is a fair rate to offer?

One project I have in mind is a series of pin-ups of the succubus characters in the new novel I'm working on.  These are something I want to splash around the internet to promote the book before it comes out.  This is, of course, reliant on me getting a little deeper on that novel (things went a little rocky on the first section for a while, but I think I might have dragged that one back on schedule).  It would be nice to have an artist (or artists) lined up in advance to have the pieces ready.

Another project is book covers.  This is a little bit more dull and prosaic out of necessity as Amazon and other online retailers are very strict on what can be put on a cover.  One thing I'd like to do is juice up the Sandwiched by covers.

Here are the existing ones for reference:

I like the font, layout and the design of a central "man" icon sandwiched by two amorous monster girls.  The monster girl silhouettes could be... better.  A lot better.  So if you can produce good silhouettes of monster girls and can handle weirder concepts such as "stomach girl" or "slug girl" in a relatively fast time frame, or know someone that can, I have some work (and money) I can throw your way (likely 12-13 pieces in total).

Coming back to the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary, I think this is the project that would benefit most from having some nice sexy artwork.  My $X won't be enough to do every monster girl, but it can start things off and if the early results are good, I'll try opening up a Patreon (or something similar) and see if that can keep the funding flowing for additional pieces.

(Also, getting this kind of framework off the ground might open up other possibilities. e.g. hentai games).

Then there's a question of which monster girls to start with.

One thing I was thinking of was to find an artist good at succubus/monster girl work (and also available for commissions) and give them a choice of 3-5 H-space monster girls within their area of speciality and see what they come up with.

Another fun approach might be to throw up regular polls and let you out there decide which one gets done next.

First up, I need to tap up some artists and find out their commission rates (to get an idea of how far I can stretch my $X).

If you know of any that would be a perfect fit and are currently open for commissions, please drop a link to their work (Deviant Art, Hentai Foundry, etc) in the comments and I'll see if I can throw some work their way.

Even better, if you are an artist that loves creating pictures of sexy succubi and monster girls, get in touch with your rates.  (I can be emailed at

The internet could always do with more pictures of sexy succubi and monster girls. ;) 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

"New" Story up on Literotica - "Exile"

Okay, so it's not exactly a "new" story, as "Exile" was the second story in A Succubus Freedom.

I'm not planning on posting the other exclusive stories from the collections anytime soon.  I just like this one and thought it could do with being read by a wider audience.

It was my attempt to write a more literary erotic horror piece like you might find in one of the more upmarket horror anthologies, and I think (caveat: writers are notoriously bad at judging their own work) I pulled it off.

Anyway, read it for yourself.

I like having the odd piece like this around just to prove I can actually write.  I imagine the score and comments on Literotica will remind me why I shouldn't write this type of story too often! :)

It is, however, not a new story, and I know some of you are antsy to see fresh succubus smut.  There is, however, good news on this front.  The writing engines are up and running again.  Last week I rattled off an 8,000 word story I'd been stuck on for over a year.  More info to come next week.

(Hint: Sandwiched by)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's all From Software's fault...

Not dead, but I have been seeing this screen a lot:

(Not my actual screenshot.  I yoinked it off an image search.  But given how many times I ate an axe or a shotgun blast to the face from Papa G, it seems appropriate.  Bloodborne players will know my pain...)

Yup.  I've been spending some time here:

and here:

I'm very late to the party with both, but after picking up a PS4 I knew I had to catch up on both given that both Dark Souls I and II are two of my favourite games.  Both Dark Souls III and Bloodborne are incredible.  I was uncertain on Bloodborne at the start given that playing Dark Souls without a shield is suicide for someone of my poor reflexes and the starting area is remorselessly brutal. (According to the PS trophy stats only 60% of players got past Father Gascoigne.  He's the second boss.)  Now I think Bloodborne might be the best of all the "Souls" games.  It might even be the best horror game ever made (although Silent Hill 2 provides some stiff competition - why the hell they adapted the weaker story lines of 1 and 3 for the Silent Hill movies and not 2 is one of life's eternal mysteries).  The horror aesthetic and atmosphere of Bloodborne is incredible.  Sure, it's a pastiche of Gothic Horror that eventually twists into Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, and in that respect brings nothing new, but the execution is just so damn good.  I'm not sure what From Software has next in the pipeline, but I'd love to see them bring the same aesthetic to a sci-fi game.

Obviously this has cratered my writing productivity somewhat, but to be honest I was getting a bit burnt out anyway and throwing myself into vidyagames for a while is my usual way of recharging and getting the flame going again (obvious Souls pun is obvious Souls pun).

We'll see how it goes.  Currently I'm working on a full novel/novella, trying to resurrect the Sandwiched by Stomachs story, and a couple of H-space stories that might end up being full short stories in their own right (which I'll post both here and on Literotica if they reach fruition).

Mojo is still unfortunately absent, but I haven't given up on recapturing it just yet... ;)