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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 37: Lady Village


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Time to go to the Lady Village, which is full of ladies of refined breeding and elegance.  They absolutely don’t eat any men unfortunate enough to be drawn to their pretty little village...

It’s a lovely place.

I'll give you a hug, she said...

Nothing bad happens here at all.


The Lady Village is north of Succubus Village and has a mountain location to the east of it where I imagine we’ll be doing some quest-type stuff later.

Lady Village, should you be foolish enough to want to go here...

Sonya: “Hey, this village looks nice.”

Alice: “It’s where posh women live.  They are also demons and bad guys that eat any men passing through.”

Asking around reveals there have been some changes.  There’s been some fallout between the “ladies” and the more aggressive ones have buggered off to the nearby mountain.  The rest are still quite happy to suck men, but not to death.  The first house I saw I took to be the battlefucker’s residence given all the collapsed dudes outside it.  Turns out it’s the home of an insect madam and umbrella madam.  They suck men right to the brink and then toss them outside after feeding.

It’s... better... I suppose.

Can we go back to the inn in Succubus Village?

The battlefucker can be found in a house at the top and on the right.  She seems normal.

You seem... normal... for these parts

I wonder what her special technique is...

Geddit off me!  Geddit off!


She uses some kind of... squirmy thing... as a fleshlight.

WTF!  Get that thing away from me, Ophylia.

I told you about this place.  I.  Told.  You.

Next to her house is a fun bit of chaos.  Every village/town has their own priest (you talk to them to set the point you return to should you... ahem... “fall” to a monster girl’s temptations).  This one is currently running around and being chased by two “ladies”.  Kamuro is here, but rather than her usual partner, Kitsu, we have Promestein trying to give her a lesson on the physics of flying.  Kamuro is very unnerved by the whole thing.

The reason we’re here is to find out why the village head, Cassandra, has locked herself away and refuses to accept visitors.

(Yes, that is the same Cassandra we can see melting Luka to mush in the pictures above.  King Grangold, you really should be more aware of who’s running your provincial towns and villages.)

From asking around it sounds like Cassandra got her ass kicked by Neris and has hid herself away in her mansion out of shame.

(We can burn it down.  We’d be doing the world a favour.)

The front door to the mansion is guarded by her maid.

Don't ask to look under her dress...

And that isn’t a joke.  Her maid is a fairly intimidating scylla.

Maid + Bouncer

She likes stuffing Luka in her pussy, if I remember her right from the original series.  And by “Luka”, I mean all of him, not just his penis.  We’re using man-eater in the literal sense here.

So let’s not lose.  Which we don’t.

After overpowering her maid, Cassandra will let you into her mansion.

So where is she...

Cassandra is slightly less intimidating in this universe

Ah.  That would be why they’re reluctant to show their face in public.  (snort)

Neris (Alice 17) did beat them up, but it was another demon, Candy, that stole their powers.  Candy stole their magical power, transmuted it into cakes and sweets, and is busily scoffing them over on the nearby mountain.  Cassandra asks us to go and get them back so her and Emily can be restored to their original forms.

And we’re going to do this, because... why?

At least we get the scylla maid, Ran, as part of the bargain.  I suppose you can’t have too many maids.

Right, so it’s time to head off to the Scenic Mountain to...

Remind me why we’re doing this again?

We’re talking about the woman who did this in the original series:

Are you sure you want her to restore her to this?

She even ate her own child.  Ate.  Her.  Own.  Child!

Sigh.  Shakes head.  Off we go then.

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  1. https://www.lewdgamer.com/2018/01/06/english-translation-succubus-prison-house-of-lewd-demons/

    1. BillyMasakado09/01/2018, 18:39

      Yep...saw that yesterday. Quite amazing :)

    2. BillyMasakado09/01/2018, 18:41

      Cassandra..got owned and this time humiliated once again...oh well. I think this event was set up for recruitment reasons.

    3. Looking forward to playing the English version of that when I get a chance. The succubus scenes in that game are so good.

  2. I would have thought you liked Cassandra considering some of the things you've written.

    1. True, she is a H-space type of gal. :D