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Succubus Summoning 212, part 4

Yep, the posting schedule is still wildly inconsistent, but at least the story is moving along.

This is a continuation of my long-running Succubus Summoning series.  The first arc, Succubus Summoning 101, can be found at your nearest online ebookstore.  Previous chapters in the Succubus Summoning 201 arc can be found here.

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Succubus Summoning 212, part 4

"...this is not the only purpose of the test."

Deprived of his daemonic familiar, Darvill went for his knife.  At the same time, the succubus sitting opposite him tapped the tip of her tail on the floor and an esoteric circle surrounding his chair lit up with spectral white light.  A circle of subdual Darvill realised just as he was slammed back down on the chair as if gravity had increased tenfold around him.  These circles were usually used to detain troublesome warlocks and other practitioners of the dark arts.

To his left the succubus pressed the squirming poly-Oc down into her lap.  She flexed her hips and let out a little erotic sigh as a swirling pink translucent globe swelled up and enveloped the squirming daemon.  A change came over the daemon.  Its eyestalks stopped thrashing about and it floated languidly within the globe of pink light.

The succubus turned cold black eyes to Darvill.  "You need not worry about your little pet."

She pressed her hips up against the ball of energy and her heavy eyelids fluttered as she let out another erotic moan.  The daemon within gave a little shudder of pleasure and its eyes blinked slowly.

The succubus smiled down at the daemon and stroked the sphere of pink light.  "As you can see, they're totally happy within my little bubble of bliss."

"What is going on here?" Darvill demanded.

Had he been too cocky?  Were they trying to scare him as punishment for showing off?

The succubus sitting in front of Darvill glanced up at her companion.  The other succubus loosened her bodice and turned it down to expose the firm pink mounds of her tits.  She plucked a long pink plume from the back of her costume and ran her fingers through the fronds as though she was unsheathing a sword.

"I do believe you challenged me to show you more," she said.

She stepped in front of Darvill and stroked the feather against her body in a slow, sensual dance that showcased her long lissom legs and the firm, inviting curves of her chest and ass to devastating effect.  No human exotic dancer could come anywhere close.  Even though Darvill knew this was part of a spell to mesmerise him, it was still a battle to keep his thoughts clear and unclouded.

She walked around the edge of the circle.  She caressed the side of Darvill's cheek with the tip of the plume.  His skin tingled where the feather brushed against him and he felt a creeping lassitude spread out from the point of contact.

He squirmed ineffectually against the force pinning him to the chair.

"This is pointless," he said.  "It's not a test if she coerces me.  There is no succumbing to temptation if she takes away my free will with her charm magic."

"Test is over," the succubus walking around him said.  She tickled the back of his ear with the plume and the hairs on the back of Darvill's neck stood up as a pleasant tingle ran through them.  "Now it's playtime."

"The warlock world is a dangerous one," the succubus sitting in front of him explained, "full of intrigue and deadly feuds.  Our master gave us two tasks.  The first is to prod novice warlocks down the correct path.  The second is to identify novice warlocks who might one day grow into threats to our master's position."

"Identify and eliminate," the succubus circling him said.  She tickled Darvill's nostrils with her plume and his nose was filled with exotic, soporific perfume.

"You are clever and ambitious," the sitting succubus said.  "Given time you could develop into a warlock powerful enough to challenge our master and others of his cabal."

"Unless we chop you down now, while you're still weak."  The other succubus stroked her plume against Darvill's crotch and he felt a throb in his loins that had nothing to do with his own desires.  "Chop you down before you have a chance to grow into a more troublesome opponent."

Darvill felt vertiginous reeling fear.  Not a test.  Not a hazing.  An execution.

And he was outclassed.  Even had he not been trapped within the circle of subdual, this trio were far beyond his level.

He was also without his daemon.  A glance to his left and he saw the third succubus had both hands on the pink globe in her lap.  She writhed, flexed her hips and pressed her sex to it.  Bubbles rose in the shimmering pink sphere and the poly-Oc trapped within gave a weak, blissed-out shiver.

Darvill attempted to recite the standard emergency dismissal every student was taught.  Rather than taking flight from his tongue, the words flopped, soundless, and were absorbed by the energies of the circle.

Figured.  There would be glyphs in the design that prevented the casting of any spells.

The standing succubus completed her circuit and stood before him again.  Eyes smouldering with lustful fires, she stepped into the circle, pushed his legs apart and went down on her knees between them.  She reached up, popped the buttons of his shirt and then slithered up against him.  The soft fleshy mounds of her tits rubbed against his exposed chest.  Wherever her skin came into contact with his it left behind a pleasant tingly sensation that left his skin craving more.  She slithered up until her face was level with his.

"You don't have to be afraid," she whispered.  "Succubi are the gentlest assassins.  Our victims depart this plane in a haze of unparalleled sensual bliss."

She twisted in his lap and rubbed the swell of her ass against his crotch in a final lap dance.  The wriggling pressure sent blood surging down into his cock and it rose up against the fabric of his underwear.

Darvill was not ready to depart this plane just yet, in a haze of bliss or otherwise.  The circle prevented the casting of new magic, but Darvill still had the protective anti-lust wards he'd carved into his arms after following Rowling's succubi into hell.  Their power had faded as his flesh had healed, but they were still there, waiting to be activated.  All Darvill had to do was bend one finger back to his palm, and...

to be continued...


  1. Wow this a turn for the worst and let's us know you can't trust any of the teachers at the school.

    1. Possible that this is just another test. Warlock Society seems to be very dog-eat-dog, so could be a real execution or a test, either way, with deaths being 'accidental.' So that either way the sleezy teacher wins.

  2. Darvill is so awesome that I hope he dies :D

    1. Civildeviation31/03/2016, 04:10

      lol I don't mind if Darvill dies, but not Phil! Love that guy. Though good authors often get sadistic and masochistic inspiration even for the most beloved characters.:-X

  3. Like how this chapter has been Darvill instead of Phil. Keep up the good work!

  4. No not Darvill, he is the most legitimately interesting male character in your stories(no offense Phil).
    Let his trump card actually trump them and get out of this...
    It's possible that this is still an extreme test. You know, sink(into heavenly succubus nethers) or swim.

  5. Darvill triggers the seal and gets some help from his demon or some unexpected help, someone could be watching.

  6. Could also be a megasetup for the finale of SS2...

    Phil realizes whats going on, gets the help from Verde, NH and so on, they save Darvill and then its NH or Nyte vs the high ups in order to "chop them down".

    Could also be Rosa or Verde who do this... but I don't think so. Phil would most likely say "No, let's talk this out" and both would agree with him in the end.

    But we know Nurse Honey and Nyte. They are like "fuck this, let's kill them". And considering NH had like no screen time in SS2, it would be the perfect moment for her to shine.

  7. For some reason I expect Manyeye to release Part 5 on April 1st and basically all the succubus tell Darvill "April Fools!" that they weren't going to depose of him and were just messing with him. They promptly tell him he already past, kick him out, and call in another student to test and mess with.
    These Succubus are employed by a creepy dean what else can they do to entertain themselves?

  8. I think it's time for Darvill to summon and 'bind' a pretty and dangerous succubus from Hell.

  9. Fascinating, as always.